Guide To Flocked Christmas Trees

Best flocked Christmas treeWhen it comes to Christmas trees, there is no better looking tree, right out of a winter tale, than a flocked Christmas tree. Flocking refers to artificial snow that is applied on a real or artificial Christmas tree. You can either do it at home or buy from a craft store. It’s more difficult to do it on an artificial tree and many nurseries may provide professional services.

There are some safety considerations when it comes to flocking, but typically tree flocking is safe around children and pets and may even protect the trees from fire hazard.

For a natural tree, a nursery would use Christmas tree flocking made from cellulose or cotton fibers, water, spray adhesive and most of the time, a fire retardant. It comes in a variety of colors, often has a sparkly material (glitter or mica), mixed to give a snow-like look to the tree. You can also try to make flocking at home by mixing soap flakes, water and cornstarch or shaving cream and glue.

If you decided to do the flocking yourself, you should begin by placing the tree in a sheltered place and put down a drop cloth. This way the artificial snow will dry as it should and there’s no fuss about cleaning afterwards. You do need to wear safety gear, meaning gloves, mask and goggles- the mixture tends to fly around.

When you’re done preparing the work place, you should wet a small part at the top of the tree with a spraying bottle and then dust the mixing with a sieve or by hand. You should continue like this for the entire tree, from the top down and all around – you do want a natural snowfall look, don’t you? It might take a couple hours to finish and you should let the tree dry completely- it depends on how warm it is in the sheltered place.

You can also find pre-decorated trees at the nurseries, and most of the Christmas tree sellers provide a custom flocking service for their buyers. Some artificial trees come with artificial snow already applied- on the whole tree or only on some branches. If you buy this type of tree, it’s good to know that in time these trees tend to yellow. You can avoid this by storing the tree in a cool, dry place, with low humidity.

If you insist on doing the flocking at home, you should never use flammable materials and to always keep the mixture away from children and pets. The mixture is not poisonous, but it may cause intestinal obstructions when ingested and may also irritate the respiratory tract if inhaled. Always follow the safety instructions if you use a commercial mix and always use low-heat Christmas lights. The high-heat lights may melt the flocking, possibly causing a fire.

Good artificial snow increases the safety of a Christmas tree, depending on the material of the flocking. Latex-based mixtures seal moisture into the tree, preventing it from drying out fast and reducing the risk of fires.

Once the Christmas season is over, use an upright position for your flocked tree when storing it and simply cover it with a plastic or some fabric sheet. You don’t need to unfluff the branches- the flocking stays on when the branches are in an outward position.

Storing may cause some dust on the flocking so you can avoid that by a two-step process. You can clean the flock with a damp, soft cloth and then wipe the branches again using some coconut oil. This way the flock is restored to its full shine.

A natural Christmas tree, flocked or not, should be kept well watered, far from heat sources.

Here goes our selection of the best 10 flocked Christmas trees on the market now- prices vary, along with the height, number of tips, of lights. It’s up to you to decide which tree to go with this Christmas 🙂

If you’re curious, here are some more inexpensive flocked trees.

1. Vickerman 3Ft. Flocked Alaskan Unlite White on Green Christmas Tree

This flocked Alaskan Pine Tree has around 100 tips and is unlit.

It comes with one year seasonal warranty and once assembled is around 35 inches.

Even though when you unpack it it gets a little messy (this is why you should put some packing paper under it), once the tree gets installed you don’t have any other problems.

Some fall in love with the tree the second they fluffy it and hesitated before decorating the tree.

This tree is very easy to assemble and some candle lights make it look awesome.

Its realistic look comes also from the snow that adds the perfect touch.

You come to appreciate this flocked tree since it’s full bodied and has just the right amount of flocking on it, without looking cheap.

2. Vickerman Flocked Slim Utica Tree with Dura-Lit 300 Clear Lights

This pre-lit Christmas tree surprises you by its heavy white flocking on the green tips.

It looks very nice, thanks to its almost 800PVC tips and 300 Dura-lit lights.

If one of the bulbs go missing or broken, the other bulbs remain lit due to the microchips from each socket.

This tree has an on/off switch on cord and a metal hinged branch construction that keep the tree sturdy on the ground. The metal stand adds up when it comes to the stability of the tree.

The delivery of this tree is very fast and in good conditions.

This tree is very easy to assemble and decorate- this might take around an hour. Prepare also the vacuum for cleaning after installing the tree.

The soft lights make this not large tree a sophisticated tree for your Christmas.

3. Perfect Holiday Christmas Tree, 6-Feet, Flocked Snow

If you want the perfect tree for your apartment, this is the tree to go for.

This flocked Christmas tree has around 600 PVC tips and it’s beautifully crafted.

Built with hinged branches for easy storage, this tree includes also heavy duty metal stand, making it sturdy and firm.

Made from three sections, this tree is very easy to set up and has an elegant look thanks to the flocked white on its green branches.

You get impressed by the good quality of the flocking- none to very little comes off on assembly of the tree.

The appearance of this tree gets completed by the white stand and the thick branches make this tree the center of attention in any room.

4. Vickerman Pre-Lit Flocked Spruce Alpine Tree with 250 Clear Dura-Lit Lights, 5-Feet, Flocked White on Green

For those of you who want a nice, creamy white on their Christmas trees, this is the right tree this year.

This tree comes with 250 dura-lit lights that have microchips that keep the bulbs lit even when one of them gets broken or falls out.

The metal base gives stability to this flocked tree.

This beautiful tree is easy to shape right out of the box and some planned not to stuffing it back into the box and store it in a tree bag instead. Some shed may have appeared when touch.

This tree fits anywhere and looks exactly like a tree after a wonderful winter snow.

5. Vickerman Flocked Utica with Dura-Lit 850 Clear Lights, 7.5-Feet by 65-Inch

When it comes to big numbers on tips and lights, this tree sure seems to be high up. It has more than 1500 PVC tips and almost 900 clear lights.

No broken lights will ruin this tree since each socket features microchips that make the bulbs remain lit even if one of them gets burned or missing.

This tree comes in two boxes and the metal stand gives your tree good stability. It’s very easy to set up this tree and you only need to read the instructions carefully. The three sections of the tree are a bit heavy so you may need some help getting them out of the box and stacking them on top of each other.

Some of the lights are covered by the flocking material so the tree is not seen from the outer space 🙂 When all is assembled and done, the tree has a soft, warm and glowing light.

When it comes to the ratio of price and quality, it’s a sure win with this tree.

And, if any of your neighbors asks…no, it’s not real 🙂

6. Perfect Holiday Christmas Tree, 8-Feet, PVC Crystal White

If a tall tree is the one you want for this Christmas, wait no more and buy this flocked tree.

8feet tall, this tree is very nicely crafted and has almost 1000 PVC tips!

The hinged branches make easy the set up but also the storage of this flocked tree.

The heavy duty metal stand make the tree sturdy while the flocked white on green make it elegant throughout the entire Christmas.

This tree gets delivered in just one medium-size box and it’s easy to set up. You only need some time to pull all the branches apart- the flocking is very thick, but that’s the price of snow 🙂

Very little flocking comes off in the process and only some from the interior metal stems of the branches .

The lights and decorations cover any holes, no worries.

7. Vickerman Flocked Alaskan Tree with Dura-Lit 300, 4.5-Feet by 44-Inch, Multicolored

When colors mean a happy Christmas for you, a multicolored tree is the right one for you 🙂

This one has almost 400 PVC tips and 300 dura-lit lights. This means that the microchips inside each socket help the bulbs remain lit even if a bulb falls down or gets broken.

The heavy metal stand gives this tree great stability.

Easy to set up, the flocking of this tree doesn’t fall off when you assemble it.

The nice arrangements of lights make this tree a great option for this year’s Christmas.

8. 6′ x 20″ Flocked Traditional Green Pine Pencil Artificial Christmas Tree – Clear Lights


If your room is quite narrow but you still want a nice, lovely Christmas tree, you can go with this pencil artificial tree.

It’s pre-lit and comes with clear Dura-lit lights. The bulbs are small sized and you can actually pull the bulbs right out of their sockets and all the other lights on the string remain lit.

This tree has almost 400 tips and should be used only indoor.

The three pieces of this tree make it easy to assembly and the black metal stand makes it sturdy (and elegant :)).

9. 4.5 ft. Flocked Alaskan Full Pre-lit Christmas Tree

For your intimate apartment this 4.5 inches tall tree is the perfect choice.

It has almost 400 tips and 300 mini lights.

The branches and tips are flocked while its light makes the job easier easier for you when decorating. Not to mention it glows beautifully when it’s done. 🙂

The 10 year warranty make a statement when it comes to the quality of this tree. Just like its look does.

10. Vickerman Flocked Upside Down Clear Pre-lit Christmas Tree

For those of you out there who really like being different…this is the tree for you! Ever tried an upside down tree?

The unique shape of this tree gets completed by the thick tips and the Dura-lit lights.

The white stylish flocking is available in your choices of sizes.

300 bulbs and more than 600 tips make this tree not only unique, but also amazingly looking.

Start at the top and work in a spiral motion down the tree when fluffing the tres. Touch every branch so you can obtain the natural, full look.

The metal stand gives this tree stability- even though it’s upside down.

A handy on/off foot switch make it easy turning it on/off.

The 10 years warranty for the tree and the 5-year warranty on lights will make you click through instantly 🙂


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