Easy Beginner Tips to Help You Make Your Own Clothes

sew your own clothes

Making your own clothes is one of the best hobbies to have and comes with many advantages. Not only are you able to design unique pieces that nobody else has, but you can also save money that you would typically be spending in retail stores. However, before you begin, you’ll …

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Best Embroidery Machine in 2022

Embroidery Machine Reviews

You can’t go shopping for an embroidery machine thinking that only a specific brand is good. Many manufacturers out there create and make high quality embroidery machines, and with an applique embroidery design. Obviously, when it comes to actually deciding what the best embroidery machine out there is, there is no …

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Choosing the Best Sewing Machines for Beginners in 2022

Sewing Machines for Beginners Reviews

The moment you’re sewing more than just one button a year, and want to make some changes to your clothes, may be the moment you realize you’re in need for a sewing machine. A good sewing machine isn’t just going to give you speed on any job, but also precision, …

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How to Choose a Sewing Machine for Home

sewing machine that quilts

Over the centuries, a sewing machine has been helping out women who are trying to beautifully dress themselves and their entire family at minimal cost, and at times brought a good income. Even with the current clothing and brand abundance, the presence of almost every corner of sewing salons, ateliers …

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Singer vs Brother Sewing Machine (What Is The Best For Beginners?)

Singer vs Brother

You don’t really have to be a professional or expert at sewing to know that Brother and Singer are two very well-known sewing machine manufacturers. But as a beginner, maybe you don’t know the comparison of Singer vs Brother. And that’s normal just by the way. In that case, let …

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How to Make Sewing Easier and Faster

When starting a new project, every needlewoman, whether professional or amateur, often has the question – how to sew faster. Of course, much depends on the level of skill, knowledge and experience. And also from the selected machine. There are many tips on how to choose a sewing machine. Bellow, we …

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7 Basic Sewing Tips for Beginners 

Learning how to sew comes with a lot of excitement. It is one of the most creative and rewarding skills you can ever learn. That feeling of joining two pieces of fabric to create an end product that is useful and catchy is just fulfilling. In this article today, we …

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Common Sewing Mistakes Beginners Should Avoid

sewing machine

Sewing can be a rewarding pastime for your whole life long. Whether it’s for making garments, quilts, or cross stitched patterns, these pieces can bring you personal joy for years to come. Plus, there is nothing quite as pleasing as a perfectly fitted shirt. However, like with any hobby, there …

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Best Iron for Quilting

Iron for Quilting Reviews

When you’re on a hunt for a good iron for quilting, the things are pretty simple (or, at least they ought to be): amazing steam power and no leak is what you’re looking for on your quilting iron. Putting your trust and faith in one single iron for your quilting …

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Best Dress Form

Best Dress Form Reviews

It doesn’t matter how experienced or not you are, but when you’re into sewing dresses, it’s a matter of time until you face the reality: you do need a dress form. Sure, some may raise an eyebrow, as they don’t really see the use of the dress form. We think …

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