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What you need to know about termites if you’re building or buying a home


5.0 01 Termites have a dreadful reputation. However, we need them. They devour dead wood and play an essential part in the ecosystem to help decompose brush and trees. Of all the species of termites, only 10 percent are harmful to homes and properties. The others consume dead vegetation or …

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Tips to Get Rid of Insects with Little Effort

How to Get Rid of Pantry Pests Guaranteed

5.0 01 We all know pests are harmful to our homes. In the rainy season, they find shelter inside our homes. These insects are not just annoying, but they cause many diseases. They make their own places to live inside the house. Sometimes you find different kinds of mites, spiders, …

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Bed Bug Traps – How Effective Are They?

bed bug trap

0.0 00 Bed bugs are a real problem and have been affecting hundreds of thousands of American citizens. Weirdly enough, the scientists are working as we speak on new methods to trap the annoying bloodsucking creatures. Are the homemade traps more efficient? Do some of the traps out there work …

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