How Do You Maintain a Cigar Humidor?

How to Maintain a Cigar Humidor

So you have purchased your humidor. You painstakingly adhered to the valuable instructions. And now, you are filling it with your beloved cigars. Possibly, you have even been given a couple of cigars as gifts because your loved ones know how you love them. Now that your humidor is set …

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8 Unconventional Gifts to Buy Your Loved Ones

Unconventional Gifts to Buy Your Loved Ones

If your loved one has an upcoming birthday or anniversary, you might have already started thinking about what to get them. It takes time thinking of unique gifts for your friends and family. You want to give them something that they’ll love, but you want your gift to be extra …

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Ultimate Style Guide for City Living

the city lifestyle

City living is cool and exciting, and you only need to look back to the famous Samuel Johnson quote from 1777, “when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life”. Living in the city gives the choice of culture, entertainment, and cuisine. The social possibilities are endless …

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A Guide to Living Your Life in a More Eco-friendly Way

eco decor

We’re all aware of the fact that we need to make a conscious decision to try and live our lives in a way that is better for the planet. Global warming and other situations are causing too much strain on our earth and it’s our responsibility to try and reverse …

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How to Make Black Coffee that Tastes Good

coffee beans

We are used to enjoying coffee with a variety of flavors and additives. If nothing else, we’ll often add milk, sugar, or creamer. We can skip that and choose to stick with the classic black coffee. It takes some time getting used to, but the authentic taste of black coffee …

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10 Common Interior Design Mistakes To Avoid

Designing a perfect house is not a simple task, there are a lot of things that need to be taken care of, if you want your guests to be in awe of your interiors. Interior design is not just about curating an aesthetic house, it involves careful planning along with …

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How to Maintain Elevator Shoes for Men

Whether you wear them every day to the office or a few times a year when attending a formal event, you need to maintain and care for your elevator shoe. These tips will ensure your elevator shoes are kept in better shape, lasts longer, and look good. Proper care for …

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Productive Ways to De-clutter Your Home

The minimalistic lifestyle is becoming more popular these days, especially in urban areas. Maybe people living in tiny condos have less space to store stuff they don’t really use, or maybe living amid less clutter genuinely encourages greater feelings of serenity. Whatever reason you have for wanting to live with …

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4 Cozy Things to Do On a Winter Day

winter night socks in feet by fireplace

The beautiful spring might just be around the corner but the cold grip of winter is still upon us. For the past couple of years, the polar vortex has never forgotten to take a visit to the Land of the Free. Throw a bucket of boiling hot water and it …

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7 Ways To Make Your Garden Comfortable And Relaxing

Most people living in gardenless apartments or condos often dream of having their own where they can relax and breathe some fresh air. It is really easy to succumb to claustrophobia when you are living within the confines of an office cubicle or a small rental. In fact, studies have …

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