Best Christmas Gnomes

Christmas Gnomes

Born in the Nordic folklore, gnomes are related to the winter solstice and the Christmas season, hence their name.

A Christmas gnome is typically no taller than 35 in and has a long beard and a conical or knit cap. The cap is either red or other bright color.

Christmas gnomes do look a lot like to the garden gnomes, but their clothing and long beard are the big differences.

What to look for on a Christmas gnome

A Christmas gnome is a fun decorative item to use on Christmas so this is why you want it to have a good stability, more than anything else does.

If you’re going to use it outside, you want your little guy to be made of weatherproof materials so it can take the snow fairly easy.

A good Christmas gnome has good colors and shouldn’t be tall. You may also find models for hanging, but most of them stand on their own.

Despite their size, Christmas gnomes had an amazing strength, which is why yours should leave this feeling too. Norwegian folklore talks about the four fingers of the gnomes and his pointed ears, so check for that too. As for the eyes reflecting in the dark, we’re not very sure. After all, it’s not Halloween.

The conclusion

Cute with their knit caps covering their eyes, the Christmas gnomes bring a fun feel to any place and may be the little detail that was missing to your home this year. Stay on the safe side and don’t overdo it, though. Less is more, remember?

Here are our favorites

If you like Christmas gnomes a lot and want to bring them all over your house, you’re going to need the pillow cover Nunubee Square Christmas Pillowcase Home Car Decor Sofa Cushion Cover Pattern

The pillow cover is made with cotton linen and the seams are well sewn, for more durability. The cushion cover features an invisible zipper so it’s very easy to remove for cleaning.

The pattern is great and the three little gnomes are simply adorable. They make a great gang that brings a joyful feel to any space.

Well made, colored so pretty in white, grey and red, the pillow cover is for those who want to take the Christmas decoration to the next level.

Easy for a child to hold and to carry around, the Aurora World Twistdwadle Gnome Plush, 7.5″ is one pretty gnome that you may use to add a little fun feeling to any Christmas display.

The gnome is 7.5” tall and has the specific tall fabric hat and the long fluffy beard. It’s made of soft plush and high quality materials. The stitching is good and the gnome has a durability feel.

The pointed hat, the matching jacket and the nice colors make the gnome very cute. The lock-washer eyes and the double-bagged bean filling make the little guy safe around children too. As for the price, that’s great too considering the quality you get.

Cute and funny looking, the Aurora World Reindoor Gnomlin Plush is a great little décor that any kid would love to have in his/her bedroom.

The little guy is 7.5” and has perfect oversized nose and a long, white beard, just as he should. The colorful pointed hat and the lock-wash eyes peeking out from under the hat make him adorable and fun to see around the house.

The gnome is part of a great gnomlins collection and is made with high quality materials. It’s a soft plush gnome and any kid would fall in love with it. In addition, grownups just as well.

Make a nice surprise to someone you love or add some cute details to your Christmas tree this year with the Holiday Traditions “Gnome in Your Home” Holiday Traditions Ornament with a Verse, 4.5-Inch.

The holiday tradition ornament is gift boxed which is why makes it as a nice present when in need. It also comes with a verse: “Hide this Gnome in your home to spread good cheer through out the year.” Therefore, it’s impossible not to like it.

The gnome is 4.5in tall and it’s versatile since you may either hang it or let it sit on its own.

The little details, the nice bright colors make the gnome a cute decoration for Christmas. He’s very crafted and bigger than you’d expect.

For those of you who want to add a cute little detail to their Christmas tree, a nice option is the Set of 4 Plush Red Gray and Beige Decorative Gnome Hanging Christmas Ornaments 8″.

The decorative ornaments are ready to hang and are simply adorable. They are all different so would make a pretty gift for the little ones as well.

The long, white beard and the round nose make them look so cute. They are dressed in grey, white and red, whereas the tall hats complete the pretty looks. The striped leggings and the dangling feet make them funny, yet nice to look at.

Each of the ornaments comes ready to hang and the red strings fit any Christmas theme. They are well made with various materials (faux fur, fabric and felt).

The ornaments look cute on a medium to large Christmas tree.

Handcrafted and artist designed, the ITOMTE Handmade 16in Swedish Scandinavian Gnome is a cute little gnome to use for decorating your home.

The gnome is handmade, even though there’s no label on it to tell you. It’s a great detail to use for decorating your tabletop and makes it as a great gift for any gnome collector.

16in tall from bottom to top of hat, the gnome is easy to use and to clean with a damp cloth when in need. The top of the cap is bendable and the gnome has the right weight, for not tipping over. There’s a wire all the way through it, so you know it’s very well made and durable.

The gnome is made from fiber fur and wire and looks simply adorable. The weighted bottom helps him stand on his own.

If the size doesn’t fit your needs, pay the extra buck and get the taller model. The Large Handmade Swedish Tomte, Gnome Door Stopper- Holiday Home Decoration Christmas Gifts 2.5 foot Inch Red is 2.5 foot tall and you can find it here. It’s a private order so you’re going to have to be a bit more patient than typically.

Handcrafted in old tradition and using techniques originated in the 1800’s, the Old World Christmas Gnome Glass Blown Ornament is a pretty looking decoration to use in your Christmas tree this year.

The molten glass is mouth-blown in the carved mold and it’s made only for Old World Christmas. The ornament is hand-painted entirely and glittered through several complicated steps. The final result is impressive and the ornament brings a cute and everlasting feel to your Christmas tree.

Attractive, with its red and green colors, the ornament has a pretty face and a small size that fits perfectly into any classic Christmas tree.

Elegant, though cute, the Handmade Swedish Gnome Clock With Battery – Desk Quartz Analog Clock Home Decoration – The Ideal Gift Clock warms up the looks of any desk with its appearance. The mini vintage quartz table clock fits perfectly the gnome and is both functional and pretty looking.

The clock is very quiet and you don’t hear it ticking as the insulation of noise is amazing. It’s button battery operated and easy to take out from the gnome for setting. The silver frame and the white face of little iTomte are nice features. The clock lies perfectly on the back of the gnome.

The gnome is made from grey soft felt and his nose is made with wool. The beard is long and made from fiber fur, whereas the tall hat features a long wire to give its perfect weight. The weighted bottom increases its stability and the gnome stands on his own.

Even though some find it a bit tricky to set it up since the crown is very small, the gnome is great and doesn’t give just pretty looks, but also a reliable watch.

Designed by artist and beautifully handmade, the Handmade Swedish Tomte,Santa – Scandinavian Gnome Plush-Christmas Gift Birthday Present – Home Ornaments Christmas Decoration Table Decor,White is a great piece to complete an elegant, classically looking Christmas table.

The gnome is 10” tall and the white color brings an elegant, luxurious feel. The long white beard, the bendable hat bring a cute vibe and the gnome stands on his own. He is soft and fluffy, but doesn’t tip over due to its good weight.

Made with soft felt, a resin nose and a fiber fur white beard, the gnome is adorable, just like from a fairytale.

Handmade with 80% wool and 20% tangled wool, the Handmade Christmas Gnome Ornaments For Men, Women & Kids are a great item to complete your Christmas decoration.

The green/red soft felt and the wool nose look nice, whereas the white/grey beard is made of fiber fur.

The gnome has a good stability and stands on his own as it has a good weight on it. You may chose the size, colors and shapes, just the way you want it.

The wire in the arms allow you to find the perfect display of the gnome and it’s impossible not to fall in love with his nice facial expression. The good stitching leaves a durability feel and the gnome is one sturdy decoration to get this Christmas.

Decorate your home with this funny looking merry gang. The Northlight Set of 3 Decorative Red White and Gray Santa Gnome Christmas Ornament Decorations 10″ includes three little gnomes that are nicely colored in white, grey and red.

The red legs, the cute different hats, with white stripes or white dots, make the little gang a cute detail on any Christmas décor. Let’s not forget the traditions white, long beards and the bulbous nose that bring a fun vibe wherever you’d place them.

They come ready to hang as they come with matching strings. You may also use them as tabletop decoration as the feet are weighted. The bendable wire in the arms let you play a bit for better stability.

Made with resin, felt, fabric and faux fur, the little gang is a merry detail to complete your Christmas decoration.

If you’re looking for a centerpiece for your dining table, a cute and funny option is the 7 Piece Gnome Nativity Christmas Scene.

The Gnome Nativity set is a merry choice for the iconic religious scene and is both whimsical and fun, without being offensive.

The set includes the three wise men, Joseph, Mary, baby Jesus and an angel as well. Baby Jesus comes in a nice mushroom manger.

The gnomes may be a bit bigger than expected, as they are 4”-6” tall. The paint job is great and the gnomes are so pretty colored.

They are lightweight, yet sturdy and come well packaged. The nice colors, all the little details and their sweet looks make them a great option for decorating your home.

Christmas is also about being together with your friends so you can definitely have a help on that when adding as a final touch these two little guys. The Handmade Swedish Tomte,Santa – Scandinavian Gnome Plush-Christmas Gift Birthday Present make a perfect match for each other and fit any Christmas theme.

They are subtle, yet so impressive and nice to look at. They come with a black soft wool body and a long grey beard that gives them the one-of-a-kind appearance. The beards are made from genuine sheepskins and the tall hat is wired so you can have a little fun with it.

The weighted bottom gives them stability and the gnomes do stand on their own. They’re 18” tall and look so nice in any home.

The adorable and whimsical looks make the gnome a merry decoration any Christmas.

The Handmade Swedish Tomte,Santa – Scandinavian Gnome Plush-Christmas Gift Birthday Present – Home Ornaments Christmas Decoration Table Decor,Yellow-Red is a great choice to display at your entrance, for welcoming this year’s Christmas guests.

You actually get two best friends for just one price and they look so cute together. One of them comes in red and white stripes, whereas the other one is a cream color with light brown stripes. Either way, they make a great companionship that brings a happy vibe in any place.

A bit larger than expected (they’re 24” tall), the gnomes stand straight up and their weighted bottom gives them stability.

Their bodies and the cute boots are made with red soft felt, but the hats and legs match great as they’re crafted from soft knitted cotton. The noses are made with resin and the long white beards are made of fiber fur.

The steel wire in their legs allow you to play a bit with their shapes, for a whimsical effect on your décor.

Cute and bringing a smile to everyone who looks at him or her, the gnomes are a great choice for this Christmas.

When you’re sitting on the fence and don’t know how to combine your Christmas decorations, get down and put your money at stake with the Handmade Christmas Gnome Ornaments For Men, Women & Kids | Well Crafted Luxury Figurines Set For Home Décor, New Year’s Eve Parties, Personalized Gifts, Table Centerpieces, Garden (Family Set)

The family set is cute and looks amazing and includes 6 gnomes: the tall red (18”), 4 mini gnomes (red and green), and a grey sitting gnome (10”).

All of the gnomes are handmade with green/red soft felt and the noses are made with real wool. The white/grey beards are long and made of fiber fur.

The gnomes have just the right weight and stand tall due to their sturdy bottom (except for the one sitting down). They don’t tip over and are lightweight, yet sturdy. The gnomes have an ergonomic and compact shape and are highly portable.

The lovely colors, the impressive craftsmanship and their cute appearance complete and Christmas display.

For those of you who planned a natural and subtle Christmas theme this year, a nice décor item is the German christmas pyramid with gnomes, 1-tier, height 18 cm / 7 inch, natural, original Erzgebirge by Seiffener Volkskunst SV 16254

The décor item is made of wood and presents three little gnomes, 7” tall. They are different, but nicely colored with natural colors that match the color of the wood.

The 1-tier décor looks nice and the craftsmanship is amazing. The 2 candles at the base are made with glass and have a warm, golden color.

Subtle, warm and functional as well, the decoration looks nice wherever you’d place it.


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