Elegant Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

elegant-christmas-tree-decoratingChristmas is right around the corner and you still don’t know which style to go with, which path to walk this winter.

If the idea of an elegant Christmas is appealing to you, there are several things to do to get the elegant, stylish look for the holiday that you want to get for your family.

First of all, if you go for a natural tree, know that there are various species, each with its own qualities and flaws. If someone in the family is allergic, it’s better to go with a spruce tree or a fake one.

Get a well-shaped tree, evenly-spaced branches and a symmetric shape that tapers toward the top. Use a tree stand and a skirt and use a tree stand with a deep water reservoir if you bought a natural tree. The pre-lit tree is always a good looking (and even very elegant) option.

It’s better to pick a color scheme for your Christmas tree. „Less means more” even here, so go for one color that goes with the other colors in the room. Along with the color scheme goes the theme also. You can go for angels, nutcrackers or snowflake themes, for instance. The theme can help you with decorating and not overdo it with your Christmas tree.

You can combine matte with shiny and this mix can actually add diversity and interest to your tree. Use silver and gold as neutral colors and don’t be afraid to add new colors or new ornaments with the, let’s say, two colors of your selection.

If you go for only one color in your tree, try to mix shades, hues, and tints of the color. You can choose all shiny balls of that color and spice up the display with some elegant ribbons of a totally different texture. Monochrome doesn’t necessarily mean elegant and may become dull if you’re not careful.

It’s a good tip to categorize your ornaments before placing them. You can go by color, size, themes or any other criteria that comes to your mind.

Do some good planning on the lights of your tree. Small basic lights are often the best option. Stay away from the lights that play music or flash, and stick to a color that works with your theme/scheme. The fail-safe choice? Go for the white or off-white lights.

Hang the lights first since this is the most labor-intensive part of decorating the tree. Begin at the top and go toward the bottom, hiding the cord (elegant look, remember?). Space out the lights evenly- from time to time step 10 feet away from the tree, squint your eyes and check what you just did.

When you’re done with the lights, wrap your tree with the ornaments. Avoid fluffy tinsel, plastic icicles –the glass version is far more elegant. Note to self: you never go wrong with the metallic or plastic beaded garlands 🙂

Even though it seems weird, it’s better to put on the topper before the ornaments. You have various options: star, artificial bird/flower, angel, large snowflake.

Add ornaments last since they are the most delicate and movable decorations and work from top to bottom. Place some a few inches back into the tree to give some depth to your tree. Don’t place the precious ornaments on the bottom if you have children or small pets. For obvious reasons 🙂

Also, dispose the larger ornaments deep inside the tree, closer to the trunk to give dimension. The smaller ones should go on the outer parts of the branches. Use the solid heavy sturdy looking ornaments for the bottom and deep inside the tree, while the lacy, lighter ornaments should be placed further out the branches to give balance.

Final tips? Place the tree close to a window, replace the traditional glass ornaments with pine cones or crochet ornaments. You don’t have to use all your Christmas ornaments… less is more, remember?

Spend some time in a bookstore to have a look at older Christmas Decor books- those older charming ornaments will never go out of style!

As you can see, some general rules apply for en elegant Christmas look in your house. For instance, keep your pairing (wreath and trio of candlesticks) minimal. Go for one or two colors and choose a wreath that really makes a statement. For instance, this Silver Christmas Ball Ornaments with Tinsel 45 Inch Festive Holiday Wreath tells your guest that elegance has found a comfortable place in your home this winter holiday season.

Finished with plating and luster spray, this 45”H decoration can go on your door or window.

It has oversized Plastic Ball Ornaments and it’s gonna impress the eye, for sure.

If you want a stylish tree for Christmas, but don’t have the patience to decorate it, you can try a pre-lit Christmas tree like this gorgeous National Tree 7 1/2′ Carolina Hinged Pine Tree with 86 Flocked Cones and 750 Clear Lights. It is 7.5ft tall, 59” in diameter and as bright as the sun with its 750 Ul listed clear lights.

The flocked pine cones and almost 1400 branch tips give a natural look to this tree that is both flame resistant and non-allergic.

This pre-lit Christmas tree comes with bulb-lock (no bulbs will fall out) and spare bulbs and fuses.

When Christmas is over, you can simply put it back in its reusable storage carton.

The 5 year warranty for the tree and the 2 years warranty for the lights make this pre-lit tree a great buy for an elegant Christmas.

Even though a pre-lit Christmas tree looks great even without any decorations, you can bring some more elegance to it with this Winterland 7.8 ft. Tall Fiberglass And Polyresin Nutcraker

This giant nutcracker is big enough to stand guard by your Christmas tree and can bring your Christmas to another level. He is holding his drum front and center and the faux fur gives him an elegant look.

You can take it apart quite easily and you don’t have to worry about putting it back together next year, as it’s easily done. And it’s easy to store also!

Made of fiberglass and polyresin, this nutcracker might be the only thing missing from your Christmas decor to make it become more elegant.

For those of you who think that elegance comes in glitter, the 150 Yards Swarovski Crystal Garland should work its magic on your Christmas this year.

The metal connectors of this chain are strong and the bead will not separate from the crystal prisms. If you want more technical info, you should know that the fine crystals have been fire polished just like bohemian crystals have been for centuries.

The clear crystal and the gold connectors make a wonderful, elegant choice for a Christmas tree decoration.

If you want even more glitter and sparkle, but you want it for less money, go for the 500 Yards of High Grade Crystal Garland with Chandelier Prisms.

Your Christmas tree will glow and abound in elegance since this crystal garland has high quality sparkly crystals.

Even though it may look sleek and fragile, the metal connectors are strong and the bead will not separate from the crystal prism.

Each bead has 14mm crystals and the crystals are clear, while the connectors are a gold color. Hence, the elegant look.

So, if you want your Christmas to wear a coat of elegant sparkle, go for this set of crystal beads.

Nothing says „elegant” more than a custom made Christmas ornament. You can give your tree a final elegant touch with the June Zimonick Swarovski Crystals Cameo Christmas Ornament.

The old-fashioned pearls and the vintage cameo of this elegant ornament can transform your Christmas tree for good into one that stays elegant, no matter how many years go by.

The Austrian crystals, the German/Czech rhinestones, pearls and gold metal fittings embelish this 3” blue satin ball which dangles an aurora borealis pendant.

This ornament comes from the private collection of June Zimonick ornament artist.

For some people, elegance comes from pearls and rhinestones. While for others, a natural garland puts the elegant touch on the Christmas tree. The 6 Ft. Noelle Christmas Garland with 60 SoftWhite LED Battery Operated Lights does that and more.

Non-allergenic and fire resistant, this garland is battery operated and includes a 6 hours on/18 hours off timer. Using LED lights, this ornament is energy-efficient and long lasting.

It measures 6 feet long and features mixed branch tips with pine cones and this is why it gives an elegant vibe to your Christmas tree.

We simply can’t say why, but when it comes to elegance, it’s always a sure thing to go with crystal clear color for everything. This Case of 288 – 90mm Clear Plastic Acrylic Fillable Star Ornaments will do the job to put the elegant look on your Christmas tree. All you need is to take some time to place it nicely in the tree.

You can simply snap open the two halves and fill it with your favorite candy, small gifts or any other sparkling ideas 🙂

No Christmas tree can be elegant without an elegant tree topper. The Patience Brewster Krinkles Star Fairy Tree Topper is 17 inch tall and is made of stone resin.

The gorgeous flowing white gown and silver wings catch the eye and make it the perfect center of attention for your winter holiday.

It comes with tags and gift box, so you can surprise your loved ones with an inspired present.

As we mentioned before, vintage ornaments bring elegance to any Christmas tree and on that note you can try the Club Pack of 36 Sequined Christmas Nutcracker Ornaments 4″.

The nutcracker will always remind you of Christmas and each nutcracker ornament is vibrantly colored and painted, with great attention to detail.

These ornaments come ready-to-hang on gold cords- you simply hang them for the right elegant look of your tree.

They are made of wood and are 4” high.

Elegance always comes from hand made collections. The David Strand Kurt Adler Glass High Rise Pattern Santa Ornament is hand made by European artisans who used the finest materials and time-honored techniques.

The glass ornaments are mouth blown and lined with silver to give them more radiance. They are also hand-painted and embellished with glitter.

Each ornament is one of a kind and you can even sense the emotion of its artisan.

This 8.7” ornament features a Santa Claus standing in the basket of a hot air balloon suspended by four gold chains. The balloon comes in a beautiful red with gold glitter design of intricate hand-painted details.

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