What Is The Best Sewing Machine For Denim To Buy Today?

Sewing Machine For Denim Reviews


How to Get the Right Sewing Machine for Denim

Sewing by hand was once extremely popular indeed the only real sewing method available. It was grueling work and while sitting for hours sewing might not seem too tiring, if you did that for seven days a week, your fingers would be worn away! However, when electric sewing machines came into use, they made things far simpler.

When you have an electric sewing machine you can bond together fabrics to make garments such as dresses, t-shirts, pants and even jeans!

Denim is popular because jeans are never going to go out of style, but also because it’s both nice looking and long lasting.

Sewing denim isn’t challenging if you have the right sewing machine and you need to know one or two things about denim before taking in the denim sewing projects.

Denim is made entirely from cotton so it’s thick and strong, which makes its sewing a job for the more experienced seamstress who has the skills and the patience to get the best out of it.

What to look for when buying a sewing machine for denim?

If you know you’re good that way, taking up denim is just the next step for you. Not all sewing machines are strong enough or have to right features for handling denim. And if strength is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of a good sewing machine for denim, it’s important to know that there’s more to it than just strength.

  • It has to be heavy-duty

Yes, a sewing machine for denim has to be long lasting and strong enough to take the tough jobs on denim. It has to have a powerful build and some strength to it. It needs to handle the thick fabrics like denim at ease, but for more than just one project.

This is the first thing to check on your sewing machine and once you got it, you can take a better look at the specific features.

  • It always needs a dedicated denim needle

We’re talking about the needles that are strong enough to go through the tightly woven fabric that is denim. They’re sharper and thicker than most needles out there and their eye is very slim.

In order to get through the thick denim, you may also have to lubricate the needle. Additionally, you should change the needle regularly as it dulls after several jobs.

You may find sewing machines that are feature dedicated denim needles, but you may very well get them separately.

  • It comes with a strong motor and metal frame

A good sewing machine for denim features a metal inferior frame and a powerful motor. The motor has to provide force to the needle so that the needle penetrated denim, without breaking or chewing up the denim. A valid sewing machine for denim also has to take several layers of fabric, without failing.

As for the metal interior frame, it’s an essential feature as it gives support and extends the lifespan of the sewing machine. Metal inner workings and powerful motor are fundamental for the overall strength and durability of your sewing machine.

  • It features stitch length variation

When you’re sewing denim, the longer stitches are always better as the shorter ones cause snapped threads or broken needles.

A sewing machine for denim should come with an option for variable stitch length, so that you set the right stitch for each fabric. A dial to select the stitch length is always a feature to look for on a sewing machine.

  • Take a look at the presser foot

Feeding the thick denim nice and easy through your sewing machine is quite challenging, which is hy the presser foot plays a big role when taking the denim projects.

You can find sewing machines that feature a denim presser foot, but you can also use the walking foot if otherwise. When working with denim, you want the fabric not to stretch or slip around which is why the presser foot is important.

  • Check the high presser foot lifter

Denim is both thick and heavy so you may need both your hands to guide it while you’re sewing it. As you can’t do it without getting tired, you should look for a machine that comes with high presser foot lifter to do it for you. Not only you’re going to have more freedom for sewing several layers of denim, but you’re also to be able to control denim with your hands.

  • It should come with zig-zag stich option too

If you’ve made some denim jobs until now, another thing you know for sure is that denim does fray quite a lot.

You don’t want to spend time and effort stitching some durable seams, which is why a sewing machine with zig zag stitch is always a better option.


Top 3 Sewing Machines for Denim Reviews

Janome MOD-30 Computerized Sewing Machine with 30 Built-In Stitches

Choosing the best sewing machines can seem like a right nightmare especially if you aren’t overly sure which way to turn. However, that decision can be made a little easier with the Janome MOD-30 computerized sewing machine with 30 built-in stitches. This is not only a lovely looking machine but one that really stands out from the crowd.

If you want a reliable tool, the Janome is the way to go and it can in fact handle denim pretty well! You really are going to get a lovely tool here and with the thirty built-in stitches, that makes it far more appealing. Also, there is the one-step buttonhole design that makes it a little easier to use and the overall look is nice.

However, there is a lot to this machine that tells you you’re getting a great quality item. This isn’t just one machine that handles a few basic repairs but so much more. That is why more and more people enjoy these tools and the Janome is a great option to consider also.


The Juki F400 Quilt Pro Computerized Sewing Machine

Don’t be fooled by the name, this can handle denim as well as many more fabrics. That is something you want to remember when buying the Juki F400 quilt pro computerized sewing machine. It is not only very appealing but quite versatile and that’s great. You are getting a wonderful tool and one that really stands out for many reasons, considering it’s fit for sewing quilts and hard denim as well.

However, learning to use a computerized machine might be a little challenging at first but once you have a few goes, it’ll be easy. The speed of the needle can be reduced if you feel it’s a little fast for your liking and it’s nicely priced too.

There are over seventy patterns to choose from and you can choose the automatic tread trimming feature too. The foot control trimming is a lovely addition and the F400 is really very nice in terms of style and appeal.


Juki HZL-G210 Computer Controlled Sewing Machine

For the most part, the Juki HZL-G210 computer controlled sewing machine is very nice and appealing. You are not just getting a basic sewing machine but a very advanced and easy to use machine as well. Now, for most, they really struggle to know whether or not the sewing machine they use is the very best and with the Juki, it’s very close to it.

The computer controls are amazing and super easy to learn too. A lot of people will be put off by this feature but in all honesty once you’ve had a few goes, it’s incredibly simple! You are going to adore the look and while it’s very simple, it’s nice. Also, you’re getting a fairly good price for this so it’s a decent machine.

You are able to switch from lightweight to heavyweight materials in little time and you can easily use this no matter what you want to sew. That is the beauty of this machine and it’s really quite appealing too from all angles.


The Best Sewing Machine for Denim and Leather

Tackling leather and denim can be a nightmare for sewers because these aren’t the easiest or simplest materials to try and sew. That is why you need to find a robust machine than can handle both. One of the very best is the Toyota super jeans J34 sewing machine.

The Toyota comes with a gliding foot panel and there is the blind hem foot as well which are very impressive to say the least. The design is quite lovely and it is very easy to use as well which makes this a perfect machine. Getting used to the sewing machine is extremely simple as after a few times, it will be a lot easier. However, the overall costs are good and very appealing.

The Toyota is able to handle jeans and denim with ease and you can enjoy the free arm feature as well. The sewing machine comes with an excellent price and you are going to truly love what this has to offer as well. The quality of the machine is top notch too.


The Heavy Duty Machine

The Sailrite heavy-duty Ultra feed LSZ-1 premium walking foot sewing machine is a beautiful machine and one you are going to love! This is not only going to offer a subtle look but it truly offers all the quality you will ever need. That is why this is the best heavy duty sewing machine for denim and it’s quite appealing.

However, you are getting a fairly impressive sewing machine and while it might look very imposing, it’s really easy to use. This is quite a quality item and it’s one to enjoy time and time again. You are not going to have a lot of trouble with the machine and it’s very affordable as well. The machine is also very easy to setup.

The zigzag and straight stitch walking foot allows you to deal with a variety of materials including upholstery and denim. This is not only impressive but helps to make the sewing machine versatile and very appealing too. You shouldn’t have too much trouble using the sewing machine either.


For Denim and Canvas

The Brother ST371HD strong and tough sewing machine with 37 stitches is truly the best sewing machine for denim and canvas. The machine isn’t just good looking but extremely versatile and very appealing as well. You shouldn’t have too much trouble with this machine as it’s easy to setup and use. Since the sewing machine is easy to setup, it will make it extremely easy to handle any sewing task.

However, the six quick change sewing feet addition is quite appealing. The built in needle thread is a lovely feature too and you can easily program your settings too. You are going to just love the quality of the machine and it’s quite affordable too. The look is quite appealing and it should attract most buyers too.

The Brother is quite versatile and it’s very strong too so that is an appealing trait as well. However, the machine can handle a variety of sewing tasks even adding buttonholes! You are going to get a beautiful tool and one that offers a lot of quality too. However, it does come with a great price and that’s what most people will want as well.


For Hemming Denim

One of the finest sewing machines available today has to be the Juki HZL-G210 computer controlled sewing machine. This is the best sewing machine for hemming denim and it’s going to offer so much. Using the machine is going to be extremely simple and you are going to love using it as it’s quite easy.

However, whether you are dealing with a big or small budget you are going to get a perfect machine with the Juki. This isn’t too costly and there is a lot of quality as well. The computerized controls are perfect and you can easily choose whichever program you want to use. The construction is very strong and durable so that is an appealing trait.

The box feed is a great addition and it comes with an industrial sewing machine technology too! However, you are getting a simple feeding feature and it can handle denim with ease. Hemming denim with the machine is amazingly simple. You shouldn’t have too much trouble with this machine either.


The Industrial Machine for Denim

The Tech Sew 20U43 zigzag & straight stitch industrial sewing machine is truly one of the very best available today. This sewing machine has a lot to offer and you are getting a quality item without paying out too much at one time. It not only looks good but it really quite affordable!

The zigzag and straight stitch features are nice and easy to use but it’s quite easy to use as well. Most people are not always sure whether or not an industrial machine is right for them but it can be. If you need a strong tool and one that is going to help them deal with a variety of tough sewing machines then this is the one. The Tech Sew is a great machine and the reverse feed is lovely as well.

However, the adjustable speed is great and really easy to use as well. You are going to find the Tech Sew is able to handle a variety of sewing tasks and in very little time too. This is going to be one tool you enjoy time and time again.


For Denim Jeans

One of the very best machines available today for sewers is the Toyota super jeans J17XL sewing machine is a true quality piece. This is going to be one that stands shoulders above the rest. You are just going to love how easy the sewing machine is and it works so easily too.

One of the best features is the extendable arm which is nice. When you use this, you can actually get more room to work. However, you’re getting a true quality item and it’s something you will enjoy to use time and time again. The overall costs are actually good and that is certainly something you want to think about if you’re working with a budget.

However, Toyota is a big name and it can handle denim jeans with ease. You are not going to have any trouble with this and it’s easy to program as well so you will enjoy using it. Though, this is a strong machine and the construction is perfect. The overall finish to the sewing machine is perfect and very alluring.


For Best Value

The Singer 8060 600-stitch computerized sewing machine is truly one of the very top machines available today. It’s also fit for denim and delivers lots of value for the price with its fine build and performance. The overall look is nice and while it’s subtle, it’s still quite appealing and that is the standout feature.

The simple finishing is great and it’s going to offer a lot of appeal to those who have been sewing for quite a while. If you want great value then the Singer is it and it truly does have quite a few impressive features to offer. You have a great price and with six hundred built-in stitches you know this is fully versatile.

However, you are getting a one touch automatic thread with a cutter trim too. This will make it an incredibly easy to sew and you will be able to handle a variety of tasks as well which is appealing. The machine is quite easy to use as well.


The Cheap/Budget Machine

If you want to find the very best cheap sewing machine for denim then the Toyota super jeans J34 sewing machine has to be it. This not only looks good but is incredibly easy for beginners and experienced sewers. The overall look is quite nice and there is something special about it too. However, it’s very simple in terms of design or style and that’s good because it’s appealing.

In terms of costs, you’re getting a fairly impressive deal here. You are getting a lot of quality whether you plan to use this everyday or only once every few days. Also, there is no real need to pay a fortune as this is quite affordable.

There are thirty four different stitches available and the lovely finish is superb. This is certainly going to be something that appeals to most buyers and it can handle soft denim or hard (thick) denim so that again is perfect. You should be able to handle almost any denim sewing project with ease. Yet more lower budget machine reviews are available here and here.


Working with Denim Is Tough When You Don’t Have the Right Tools

Have you ever tried to sew denim? If not, you will not find it to be a pleasant challenge. When you’re trying to repair jeans for example you will find them to be extremely difficult to work with and it’s all because of the materials. Denim is a hard fabric and while it’s strong and very good for general use, you really do need the right tools.

Once your denim garment is ready, you will need to iron it. Head on to our ironing board line-up and see what’s good on the market.

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