The Cheapest Flocked Christmas Trees

Cheapest flocked Christmas treeIt’s a sure thing that everything you put in your house needs to be to your liking. After all, the house is about you and you need to feel the most comfortable at home 🙂

This goes for the Christmas tree also and finding the right tree for you it’s not that difficult, if you put a little effort into it.

Whether you go with a natural or artificial tree, you should pick that one that’s more special for you. It doesn’t have to have the perfect height, because for instance you can fit a 9 ft tree in a 9 ft or shorter room – simply fold the last strand on the top and…there you go! Your 9 ft Christmas tree just became a 8.5 ft tree 🙂

Setting up your Christmas tree shouldn’t be that tricky, especially if you follow the instructions provided in the box by the manufacturer. Most artificial trees come with a stand and once you assembled the tree you only need to „fluff it”. You’d want to shape the branches and limbs- if necessary. Of course, if your Christmas tree is natural… you don’t have to do anything. Just put it in a stand 🙂

For the lights of your Christmas tree you can either buy a pre-lit Christmas tree (for the obvious reasons) or you can use strings of lights instead. You need to test the lights and simply join the strings together and plug them in. You can replace the burn out bulbs and check for any other damages- if it’s the case. Once the Christmas lights are workings, connect them together and begin decorate your tree from the top down. Leave the socket end of the lights at the top of the tree for the tree top.

As for the number of lights, some like their Christmas very bright and use sets of up to 3100 lights per tree foot. You can even mix and match the lights and you may go creative if you want! It’s better to place the lights „inside” your tree (halfway from the tips of the branches to the trunk of the tree) but also around the perimeter of the tree.

An important piece of the Christmas tree is the tree topper. Find one that captures best the spirit of Christmas. Place the tree topper right on the top. The socket end of the lights has to be plugged in if the tree topper is electric, so make sure to draw one beforehand.

If you decide to use a garland in your tree, start at the top and work your way down in a spiraling way….round and round until you get to the bottom of it. To determine the length of the garland, some say that a rule of thumb is at least 9 feet of garland per each foot of the tree. If you want to be safe, buy more- you can use the extra for wreaths or mantle.

For a nicer look, swag the garland deeply into the tree if the tree is large. You may place the garland vertically, adding some twists and turns, wiring to branches if needed. This goes mostly for ribbons.

Treat your Christmas tree with a beaded garland- you may use it as tinsel to drape over the branches. The beads won’t fall off the string if you cut the garland. You can cut the garland at various lengths for a more sophisticated look – play while decorating if the garland is flexible and easy to fold over the branches.

Start with the most important ornaments. Hang the largest ones, leaving even spaces between them. Fill in the spaces with medium and small sized ornaments to balance out the look of your tree. If you place the decorations deeper into the tree, you give it more depth. Don’t forget about the bottom of your tree either. Use various decorations as they are giving your tree the unique look- just like your house has its own 🙂

Complete the look of your tree with a tree skirt.

If you go for a flocked tree, the same tips for decorating it apply and the most important one is that…it’s your tree and you should decorate it as it pleases you 🙂

When you’re done with this page, you may want to check out some higher-end flocked Christmas trees available this year.

1.  Vickerman 24″ Christmas Tree, Flocked White on Green

If you want an elegant Christmas flocked tree for your small living room, this tree fits your money pocket and your taste at the same time.

It has around 70 PVC tips and Dura-lit lights- each socket contains microchips and if any bulbs falls out or gets broken the other bulbs remain lit.

This tree is beautifully white flocked on its green branches.

It has a metal stand that gives it stability and it’s easy to set it up. In less than half an hour your flocked tree is done.

The tree gets to you well packaged and after assembling you get a pretty, elegant little tree.

There is a one year limited warranty from the manufacturer for this tree- important in case of anything 🙂

2. Perfect Holiday Christmas Tree, 4-Feet, Flocked Snow

This 4 ft flocked snow tree is a great looking one, for sure.

It is built with hinged branches- easy to set it up and store it when Christmas is over 🙂

The stability of this flocked tree comes also from its heavy duty metal stand so you can decorate it with your favorite Christmas ornaments.

Hardly any of the flocking comes off when you set it up and only some chemical smell may appear.

It seems that some find it difficult to assemble the tree as the screws didn’t fit the 3 holes properly- some drill was required.

The flocked white on green give this tree an elegant appearance and silver and gold white ornaments complete this look.

3. 4.5′ Heavily Flocked Pine Medium Artificial Christmas Tree – Unlit

If a perfectly white Christmas is your thing, then this tree fulfills your dreams and more!

The 4.5 ft flocked tree has almost 300 tips and the white flocking on green branches create its magical appearance.

This tree should only be used indoor and it’s flame resistant.

The green metal stand fits its look and gives the tree a good stability.

This tree is unlit so you can creative with the lights- give it some colors or go with clear lights to have it white all the way.

When setting it up, some flocking might shed but it’s easy to clean.

The tree gets to you very well packaged and it’s better to go outside to taking it out of the box.

So, if white winter display, without spending much money, fits your taste this year, go for this tree!

4. Vickerman Flocked Alaskan Unlit White on Green Christmas TreeVickerman 3Ft. Flocked Alaskan Unlite White on Green Christmas Tree

The best thing about this flocked tree is that it looks so amazing without decorations, saving you from the trouble of spending some hours on decorating. Another great part is that it looks great with decorations also- so you can go either way.

The flocked Alaskan Pine tree has a little over 100 tips and it’s unlit. So you can get totally creative when it comes to lights also.

There is a certain natural beauty to this tree, that comes from its natural look 🙂

There is a 1 year seasonal warranty for this 3 ft.flocked tree.

5. 5′ Alpine Christmas Tree with 100 Clear Lights with Flocked and Stand

This 5ft flocked Christmas tree is both elegant and practical. It fits great in a small living room or even in a classroom- we do need to decorate those as well.

This tree has almost 500 PVC branch tips and 100 clear incandescent bulbs- so no fuss about the lights anymore.

The square metal base give this tree a good stability.

The classic look on this tree comes from the pre lit and flocked branches. You can complete the look with some red or golden ribbon bow or by adding some gold and red bulb to give it more colors 🙂

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