When Do AC Repair Services Matter Most?

AC Repair

AC repairs are a useful service to have if your unit breaks, especially when it puts you at risk of serious health hazards – but when else does it become important? More importantly, how can you decide when you need a full repair job over some small inspection work? Damaged …

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5 Water Heater Maintenance Checklist 

Water Heater Maintenance

Your water heater is one of the most essential yet ignored devices in your home. A water heater maintenance checklist ready is significant for extending its lifespan- while securing your family from unnecessary plumbing emergencies. Even though water heaters are overlooked demands for washing dishes, cleaning clothes, and showering, many …

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When to Know if You Need a New Tankless Water Heater Installation

New Tankless Water Heater Installation

Water heaters have a predictable lifespan. They start well, quickly and reliably providing the house with a supply of hot water for a long time. Eventually, little problems start appearing as the tankless system starts wearing down due to using and maintenance is done every few months. As the years …

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Ten Questions to Ask Your HVAC Repair Service Tech

HVAC Repair Service Tech

Before hiring an HVAC company to repair, replace, or completely refurbish your HVAC system, you need to be assured that you are working with the very best HVAC contractor for your needs. And this will involve you asking your HVAC contractor a whole host of crucial questions. You will also …

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Home Heating Maintenance Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

Home Heating Maintenance tips

Are you wondering what maintenance you should do on your home heating? There are some things that homeowners can do to make sure their heating system is working correctly that do not take much time, but that can make a lot of difference. In some cases, one should call for …

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What To Look For In A New HVAC System

What To Look For In A New HVAC System

A reliable  HVAC system should last you between 10 to 15 years. Once this period elapses, your air conditioning unit might start having numerous issues such as the inability to cool down or heat your home properly and frequent breakdowns. If this happens, HVAC experts at superiorhvacstl.com/  suggest it’s time …

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What is considered emergency AC service?

what is AC service

If you have had your AC turned off for a while, possibly because the winter months have just ended, you may find that it does not start when you finally need it to start cooling. Or maybe it was working fine just this morning, and as soon as you returned …

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How to Choose a Filter Frame

how to Choose a Filter Frame

The filter is one of the most important parts of an HVAC system. If an HVAC systems filter is not held in place properly, the air in a home or business will not be clean and the system may not be able to cool properly. An air filter cannot work …

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Can you fix a leaking AC coil?

fix leaking AC coil

You certainly don’t want your AC to stop working. Much less in the middle of the summer when the temperatures are at their highest. That is why it is important to inspect it periodically and maintain it regularly. This way, you may not only make the unit last longer, but …

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How to Maintain Your Air Conditioning System

how to do air conditioner maintenance

Your air conditioning system is a key part of your home as it helps you regulate the temperature of your home to keep you comfortable and relaxed regardless of the weather outside. However, a lot of homeowners see their air conditioning systems as a “set it and forget it” home …

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