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How to Find Top Roofing Contractors in Portland Oregon

Your roof is an essential part of the fabric of your building. It is your protection against the elements and as such it should be carefully maintained. Your gutters have to remain free of debris and any pointing or loose slates should be attended to before the problem worsens. If …

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Roof Contractor Marketing Tips That Work

Succeeding as a roofing contractor entails more than just acquiring a building and employing people to work for you. Without a good marketing tool, you would soon declare bankruptcy and the business will fold up. There is a list of things you should do to succeed in the business. Following …

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5 Tips to Buying Solar Panels

installation of solar panels on roof

The cost of electricity is slowly becoming unbearable to many. Today, many homeowners are looking for alternative ways to power their everyday activities while keeping their power bills down. If you guessed right, renewable energy is one of the most convenient alternatives, which is not only safe but also more …

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Various Kinds of Flat Roofs and Their Pros/Cons

garage flat roof

Thanks to the increase in innovation, we now have different kinds of flat roofs built with better and more reliable materials to offer homeowners the maximum utility that they require from their roofs. Depending on your region and the size of the your roof, with as low as $250 to …

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