How to use a tracksaw

Whether you are crafting closets, ripping out plywood or remodeling your sweet home, you need a versatile saw to get optimal outputs. As a DIY specialist or a service provider, having the right tools for the right job is the foremost priority. In all case, you can certainly put your …

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How to Give Your Home a Little Refreshing Paint

For those who are looking for a way to update the look of their home, one of the recommended solutions is to touch up the walls and refresh the indoor paint. By refreshing, you don’t need to add several layers of paint or repaint your whole house, you can just …

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How to Create an Awesome Coffee Station in Your Home

coffee station at home

If you drink coffee, odds are that it is an important ritual, as well as a pick-me-up. Don’t hunt for coffee cups and struggle to make coffee every morning. Set up a coffee station that rivals what you’d find in an upscale workplace. This will eliminate the temptation to hit …

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4 Home Renovations Project You Should Never DIY – And 4 You Can

plumbing diy

The DIY movement has been gaining a lot of steam over the last few years, and there are many benefits to performing some repairs and renovations yourself. It’s also true that there are more things that you can DIY than many might imagine. On the other hand, some things demand …

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Resin Epoxy Mixing Guide

Optimal storage of the original containers  Storage / Shelf life: In unopened original containers, dark and above 15 °C / at least 2-3 years Especially immediately before application, resin/hardener should be stored at room temperature (20 – 25 °C) for at least 12 hours. Only use resin/hardener as long as …

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How to Build a DIY Built-In Wardrobe

man building a diy closet

If you have a small home or a big family (or just a spouse who enjoys shopping a little too much), you know the struggle that comes with not having enough closet space. A built-in wardrobe is a great way of solving that problem while also gaining some construction experience. …

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Top 8 Reasons Why You Should Waterproof Your Basement

outside basement waterproofing sheet

As a responsible homeowner, there are a lot of things you need to accomplish to keep your residence in tip-top shape. You need to maintain your roofs to avoid leaks during the rainy season. You should also trim your yard regularly and paint your walls when they deteriorate. One of …

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How to Do an Epoxy Table Yourself

do it yourself epoxy river table

Epoxy resin is a versatile material that is currently very much in vogue. Not only is it being used more and more frequently in boat building, model making, jewellery creation or in studios, for example, but furniture makers and manufacturers also no longer want to do without this synthetic resin …

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9 Cool Methods for Getting Your Kids Outside to Play

Kids Play

How many times have you heard “I’m bored” from the kids?  You’ve bought them cell phones, tablets, and just about everything else one can imagine. Still, it never seems to be enough to keep them entertained.  With the summer months fast approaching, parents are going to want to get the …

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Advantages of Purchasing Original Paintings

Painting Work

Buying original art has its own set of benefits. It brings great satisfaction to own original artwork. People who love artworks and look for them often know how important it is to go for the original paintings. Going for anything other than original does not provide satisfaction but you only …

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