Can DIY Plumbing Affect Your Home Insurance?

is any home owner the right diy plumber

Many people prefer to take on home repairs by themselves rather than hiring a contractor to do it for them, particularly for plumbing projects because repair costs can be pretty costly. If you are confident enough to do DIY plumbing, you need to know how it will¬† impact your home …

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4 Examples of When Do it yourself Plumbing Could End in Disaster

When Do it yourself Plumbing Can go wrong

When it comes to do it yourself plumbing, there are a few no-nos worth knowing about. Learn about these DIY don’ts and avoid plumbing disaster at home! It’s 3:00 am, and your toilet starts overflowing. You’re in your pajamas, plus you don’t want to pay extra for an emergency plumber …

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Energy Savers: How to Improve Your Water Pipe Insulation

insulated pipes

Water pipe insulation is often overlooked, but it makes a big difference over time in energy costs and plumbing maintenance. Here’s how to improve yours. Over 30% of Americans struggle to cover the cost of their energy bills. Thankfully, increasing the efficiency of your energy systems can reduce the financial …

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5 Things You Need to Know About the Plumbing of Your House

housewife getting headaches because of plumbing problems

If you think that you know everything about your house, then think twice. Not everybody knows details that are essential to know when it comes to the construction of their homes. But still, you must have a basic understanding of the structure of your own home. It helps you to …

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