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Christmas Headbands Reviews

For those of you who want to go all the way with the decorations this year, a great way to show your commitment to Christmas is the Christmas headband.

From the elegant, to the pretty and the flashy ones, Christmas headbands are some great accessories to let everybody around you know that nothing is holding you back from getting ready for Christmas.

How to choose?

A good headband has to be rigid enough to stay on your head no matter how much you’re moving, but shouldn’t sacrifice that on the comfort’s expense. If you feel it close to your head, it also has to feel comfortable and not giving you any headaches at the end of the day.

Some padding is good to have on a Christmas headband as it increases the comfort. Don’t go for one that is over padded as it may easily slip away from your head the first time you’re moving your head.

It’s also a good idea to find the right size for your head for a better fit. Last thing you’d want is to end up with a too larger headband that keeps falling onto your eyes on Christmas.

As for the style, you’re free to choose. You may have a blast with some reindeer antlers headband this year, but you may also get a good lough with a fluffy and flashy one. Kids are always going to enjoy the springy ones and we do have to admit that nobody may remain all grumpy when wearing or seeing one!

Bells or not, the Christmas headbands are a great and funny way to spread the word in town that you’re all prep and ready to welcome Santa!

Take a look at our favs!

Small enough to fit a kid but also big so that it’s comfortable to wear by an adult, the Christmas House Springy Snowman Christmas Headband 9 In. – 1/pkg. is one funny option to have on your head this year.

The headband is made with felt, which is able to create a soft comfort for your head when wearing the headband. The grip is good and the headband doesn’t slip away while moving.

The headband features two smiling snowmen on springs. They look very cute with their red bows and pom pom hats and are all smiles.

One size fits most and the headbands are going to complete any Christmas sweater.

Not everybody likes the big, fluffy or lighted headbands for Christmas and if you’re looking for a more subtle head accessory, you should definitely try the Christmas Headband Reindeer Antlers Clips Santa Hats : H5 (Reindeer 3)

The headband fits adults and kids as well, but may be a better fit for the children. The red antlers look pretty and sleek and don’t overdo any Christmas costume.

The headband is slightly sparkly so it’s a go for a night party as well. The antlers have just the right size and the headband stays tight and cozy on your head, with minimal risk for slipping on the back.

For the little ladies out there that want to join the Christmassy feeling, without losing their feminine side, a cute and sparkly option is the Lux Accessories Red Green White Christmas Holiday Floral Chiffon Headband

The festive headband is a stretch one that holds tight on your head, without slipping. It features red, green and white chiffon little flowers that look nice on any girl’s head.

The golden glitter is subtle and adds the right amount of sparkle on the headband. The sparkly beads don’t stand out, but only make the headband pretty enough for a Christmas party at night. They are shining nice, without overdoing your outfit.

The headband is well made and the stitches seem durable.

Bring a jolly feel to any Christmas party with the Christmas House Springy Santa Claus Christmas Headband 9 In. – 1/pkg.

The headband is covered in felt so it feels very comfortable, without losing the good grip. It fits various sizes of heads and looks well on anyone.

The two smiling Santas on springs are cute and happy, whereas the glitter on their hats makes the headbands more festive.

The headband is made to fit both children and adults and may be the last detail on your Christmas outfit. It holds pretty well and it doesn’t leave a flimsy feel.

We’re kind of sitting on the fence with this one, but for the pretty looks, we’d say you should take your chance and give it a go with the Snowflake Boppers Party Accessory (1 count) (1/Pkg)

The headband is all-plastic so it may not be the most comfortable headband after wearing it for hours. It balances things though as it’s all white and looks cute for any dress up.

The springy snowflakes leave a jolly feel and the white feathers help you get into the white holiday spirit even faster. Additionally, the white feathers increase the looks of the headband.

The headband is a tad small and stays tight on your head and it could be better made. Despite the issues, we still like it for its looks and good price.

For the younger women that go for a feminine look this Christmas a pretty and sparkly headband is the Lux Accessories Xmas Holiday Christmas Headband – Green Red Floral Crown

The stretch headband looks amazing and it features beautiful red and green flowers. The silky feel flowers are pretty big and they have white sparkly crystal in the center, for a more festive feel.

One size fits all, but the headband is a bit large for a little girl.

The headband is well made and the seams have a durability feel. The flower wreath helps you fit to any Christmas party, without losing your feminine style.

Any Christmas party needs its angel so why not be you? The Fun Central M923 Light-Up LED Angel Halo Headband is a great accessory for this year’s Christmas party office and turns you into the angel everybody knows you are.

The LED angel halo headband gives an angelic feel to any costumes and one size fits all.

The white headband is made of plastic and features white fur and flashing multicolored LEDs. The batteries are included and the headband is easy to use. You simply go with a click of a button through various lighting setting, from white color to the multicolored setting.

The headband isn’t toxic and may of great help next Christmas too. The plastic grippers on the inner side keep it tight on your head and the comfort isn’t that bad either.

Bring a cute and fun vibe to your Christmas this year with the springy Springy Christmas Headband – Christmas Headbands – by Funny Party Hats

The little red headpiece features a coil Christmas Tree and white Plush trim. It’s decorated with little bells and a white pom-pom.

Even though it has a slim design, the center piece makes a cure impression and puts a smile on many faces around you.

Covered with a soft fabric, the headband feels comfortable and sits tight on your head. It doesn’t slip no matter how much you’re moving and one size fits most.

The headband is well made and has a festive look.

When you want some funny looking antlers on your Christmas party, put your trust and faith into the popular Pagreberya Reindeer Antlers Headband Christmas and Easter Party Headbands.

The headband has a good elasticity which is why fits both kids and grownups as well. It’s easy to adjust for better positioning and stay on pretty well, even though you may be moving.

The antlers may feel a bit too long and the top a bit heavy, but this fades when you’re enjoying the loughs and the nice reactions around you.

The headband comes with a plush and soft cover so they feel comfortable, without slipping. It sure looks well-made and presents high quality.

The headband truly looks cute and the little tinkle bell is the final touch of the cute headband.

If you want to dress up for Christmas but don’t really go for the goofy style, try to stay elegant, with a sparkle of fun with the Lux Accessories Red Fabric Headband Christmas Xmas Coil Jingle Bell Headband.

The festive head accessory has a cheerful feel and looks very stylish at the same time. It’s made with a red fabric that is comfortable, without adding the fluffiness.

The coil Christmas tree fascinator tree features few multi colored jingle bells that are subtle, yet able to create a festive feel to the headband.

The headband is a stretch fit and is going to look great on any fancy lady. The red feathers are a nice detail and the springy coil adds a bit of fun to any outfit.


For anyone looking for the last detail for this year’s Ugly Christmas party a great option is the Christmas Tree Coil Spring Hat.

The green-coiled spring Christmas tree hat has it all: bulbs, presents, and ornaments. On top of everything else, it also has a gold star so the decoration is complete.

As if all of this wasn’t enough, the headband’s centerpiece features also five matching colored presents with bows. Don’t worry; the presents are only 1 inch big. They are well attached to the trim but you may want to avoid going for the Olympics while wearing the headband.

Despite all the decorations, the headband feels lightweight on the head. The stability may present some issues so it’s better not to get your best dance skills at work.

The centerpiece has plenty of bounce and merry feel, so it’s definitely effective.

Whimsical and funny, the headband is a great choice when you want to complete your ugly Christmas outfit.

Are you a late shopper? If you’re on the run and already late for your Christmas party at the office, take a leap of faith with the Amscan Fun-Filled Christmas & Holiday Party Santa’s Reindeer Pack Headbands, Multicolor, 8″ x 7 7/8″

Even though they may not hold for the next year, the headbands make a great impression and give a few good loughs also. They feature reindeer antlers and fit both children and adults.

The package of 8 is great and what better way to learn the names of Santa’s reindeers but to wear a cardboard with the name written on it?

The headband sure may seem flimsy, but they’re way too effective and you shouldn’t skip on them especially if you’re late for the Christmas party.

Sometimes you only need a couple of sparkly antlers to stand out on a Christmas party and the Anna Belen “Blitzen” Glitter Antlers Christmas Headband O/S Gold on Gold sure fit the description.

The puffy glitter antlers look amazing on the satin ribbon-wrapped thin headband and help you fit the festive atmosphere in an easy and cute looking way.

The headband fits both adults and children and gives a tight fit, without getting uncomfortable. They are very well made and are worth every single penny- as they sure are some.

The color looks even better than pictured and the antlers are really sparkly, without getting tacky at all. The gold ribbon is high quality and the headband is a great little investment of your money.

Whether you’re going to a big party or preparing for a nice family Christmas dinner, you may be the center of attention when wearing the Amscan Girls Fun-Filled Christmas & Holiday Party Headband with Bow (1 Piece), Red/Green, 8″ x 6″


The headband features an impressive and giant red gift bow that makes a nice contrast with the green headband. The green headband has a silky fabric so feels nice on the head, but it doesn’t slip.

As for the big red bow, it’s surely made with a good quality material that has a slight and subtle sating feel.

The bow is sturdy on the headband and you may move as much as you need without having the headband moving one way or another.

Well-made and cute, the headband fits most adults and is fun to wear.

If you’re going for the big reactions this Christmas, put all your money in the Amscan Fun-Filled Christmas and Holiday Party Gift Fascinator (1 Piece), 8″ x 5″, Multicolor

The headband looks amazing and manages to catch everyone’s eyes with its pretty look. It’s fabric covered in red and it’s topped with a sparkly present and a cute red tulle.

The sparkly sequin golden star makes a nice detail, whereas the green present contrasts to nice with the red tulle.

The headband topper is perfectly centered and the headband isn’t heavy. It doesn’t dig on the sides and it’s comfy to wear for a long time.

It fits most adults and is very well made. Its festive look and cute details are worth all the money.

You may be feeling like paying the extra buck for the elope Reindeer Antlers Headband, but the headband is worth every single penny.


The headband makes you fit perfectly not only for Christmas party, but also for a Frozen-themed one. It’s made with a soft, yet firm flexible wire so you may bend it and shape it for the best fit.

The headband comes with a soft fabric all over it so it’s comfortable, yet sturdy on your head. It fits both kids and grownups.

The light grey/brown Sven antlers combine so cute with the furry brown reindeer ears and the light brown reindeer forelock. Everybody is going to notice you this Christmas at the party. The furry brown headband is held securely to your head, even though the antlers are quite tall. Note to self: duck when going through the doors if you don’t want to end up stuck!

The headband is officially licensed by Disney so it’s very well made and durable.

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