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The Process of Repainting Old Kitchen Cabinets in Historic Wellesley Homes

Repainting Old Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets are often the statement-maker in any kitchen and it is no different in historic Wellesley homes.  Most of these older homes were originally outfitted with wooden kitchen cabinets that have been painted over the years and now are coated with old paint prone to chipping. When renovating a kitchen, …

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9 Pro Tips to Reorganize Your Kitchen for Easier Usage

9 Simple Tricks to Help You Reorganize Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the hub of almost every home – and to make it functional, you have to keep it organized. Maybe you’re a gourmet chef who cooks a three-course meal every night. Or maybe you only use your kitchen to make your morning coffee and heat up microwave pizzas. …

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Tips on Choosing the Best Laminate Flooring for Kitchens

kitchen laminate floor

Homeowners who want the look of hardwood without the high price often consider laminate as an alternative. This material looks very much like natural wood, but you can expect to pay much less to have it installed in your kitchen. Before you make a purchase, however, you need to know …

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The Pros and Cons of Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Kitchen Cabinet

Is your kitchen on the older side but you cringe at the thought of how much a kitchen renovation must cost? If so, you’ve probably wondered about the economic alternative to replacing your cabinets. Cabinet painting. If you’re like most people you’ve probably wondered what exactly it entails. Is it …

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Questions to ask a Kitchen Designer Before Hiring

Kitchen Design

Many homeowners feel intimidated by the amount of work involved in a kitchen remodel. Anyone in this situation anticipates the many choices they need to make, which can greatly affect the final look of their kitchen. With the help of an expert in kitchen designing, you’re bound to have less …

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Moen versus Delta Kitchen Faucets

Kitchen Faucets

According to research a little over 60% of your time spent in the kitchen is used standing in front of the kitchen sink. Having a great kitchen faucet not only adds to the functionality but if chosen right, it adds to the character of the kitchen itself. But this can …

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How To Feng-Shui Your Kitchen

When it comes to cooking nice, creative meals it’s a sure thing that you need to feel comfortable and relaxed in your kitchen. You did choose nice colors for your cabinets, you even put nice memories on the walls and yet… something’s still missing from your cooking. It may be …

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How to Start a Kitchen Remodeling Project in your Pittsburgh Home

kitchen image

How to Start a Kitchen Remodeling Project? Starting the right kitchen remodeling project in your Pittsburgh home might seem quite the chore and a huge challenge. But the reality is that with enough patience and commitment you will be able to get some really nice results. With that in mind, …

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What to Look While Buying Frying Pans for Eggs

Frying Pans for Eggs

Frying pan has been a must have kitchen appliance, especially for frying eggs. Nothing can be the alternative of it for frying eggs. But a faulty or inappropriate frying pan can bring disaster also! Then what to do? Believe me, choosing a frying pan for eggs is not as hard …

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Clean Your Kitchen Knives to Prevent Damage and Dulling

Cleaning Kitchen Knives

Kitchen knives are the tool we use most in the kitchen – if you’re making two meals a day, you’re probably pulling your knives out at least twice a day if not more. However, most people don’t really have any idea how to clean their knives properly. When it comes …

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