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Guide to Laser Christmas Lighting in the 2017 Season

christmas-laser-lightsThe LED vs. Laser Lights Battle

We can already hear the Christmas bells and some even started to shop for the perfect gift. Some even started decorating their house but do find themselves short on the lights.

When it comes to preparing your house for Christmas, it all starts with a happy, fun decorated yard that brings smiles on everyone’s faces.

The key to a successful holiday lighting plan is strings of lights that go wherever you want. You can find light strings with 25 bulbs and, if you really want to spice things up, you can go for the 200 bulb strings. There are clips for these strings to make the hanging easier. The clips are based on the size of the bulbs and you can position the bulbs upright, hanging down or horizontally.

The Top 14 Christmas Laser Lights and Projectors for the Yard

1. Magtimes Laser Christmas Light with RF Wireless Remote Controller

This laser light can be used on trees and lawn and house, and offers you the traditional red and green lighting that we all like. There are more than 1000 static points that can be used for lighting up a yard, garden, park, or a Christmas tree.

The laser lights are waterproof and dust resistant which is so helpful on winter, but they may also be used indoor. The laser lights are pretty versatile and are safe to use around children just as well.

The matching stake is easy to position and has a nice, stainless steel body. You can use the lights to cover a large space.

You only need batteries for the remote control and green lights need around 15-20 minutes to warm-up as it is related to temperature and humidity.

The lights look elegant and the price is good. The motion sensor detection is useful and the light is clear and bright. The patterns are various and the lights are a good, traditional option for your Christmas this year.

Even though they cover a big area, the lights are easy to store and are efficient on energy saving.


2. Lsika-Z Laser Christmas Lights Aluminum Alloy RGB

Very bright and covering a big deal of space, these lights cover more than 600 square feet. They are red, green and blue and the built-in laser is more efficient than any traditional laser module. The lights have an aluminum, very well made build. They are very easy to install and the use is highly user-friendly.

The lights only need 1 minute to charge before outdoor use on cold weather. The remote control works from the inside and the lights are working in -20 C degrees and 30 C degrees also.

The lights are IP68 waterproof and can take difficult weather conditions also. The automatic timer is efficient. You can set a mode for 2/4/8 hours ON and 22/20/18/16 hours off automatically.

These are lights that may be used all year round. They have a strong build and even though the power cord is thick, it’s quite flexible.


3. Starry Laser Lights Projection Christmas Lights Moving Laser

If you would like to add some blue into your Christmas decorations this year, don’t hesitate to get these lights. They give you green and blue light, which is both nice and refreshing also.

The lights take less than 2 minutes to install and are waterproof. They give you several patterns to choose from. The patterns are moving and you can set the moving mode or the stationary one simply using the remote.

The lights also come with automatic timers so this is great when it comes to energy saving. You can set the lights to turn on the same time each day or night and turn off again 2, 4, 6, 8 hours later. The lights may cover almost 3900 square feet, 25 feet away and you can set several modes: twinkle, simple or stationary.

The lights have a good built and the price is good for the quality you get. You can place the lights anywhere you like, with no stress about tangling in wires or challenges to reach the hard places. You don’t need to hang it or a ladder to climb. Each unit is independent so you can have as many as you like.


4. Christmas Laser Lights Halloween Outdoor Projector Waterproof Star

The more you are willing to pay for your Christmas lights, the better quality you get and these lights are the proof of that. The lights are for the heavy duty use and the high quality of the aluminum stake is a reason for it.

The laser lights are waterproof and may be used in cold temperatures also. the lights are red, green, blue and you can set various combinations of these colors for the lights. You can choose moving pattern or the stationary mode with the remote control.

You can set the lights to turn on at dawn/dusk and having it turn off 2, 4, 6 or 8 hours later. The lights are efficient on energy saving also.

You can cover almost 3900 square feet from 25 feet away and the lights may be used on Christmas, but on various occasions just as well.

The lights are easy to install, wherever you want. The lights are made of aluminum, just as the stake and are long lasting.

As they give you so many color combinations, various modes to choose from, the lights make a reliable and fun option for many Christmases, not just for this year.


5. Escolite Landscape Lights Laser Spotlights RGB Patio Christmas Light Waterproof

The lights are a solid, fun option for your Christmas any year. There are many settings for the lights, going from simple colors (red/green/blue), to RGB, moving, flash or static mode.

The lights cover a big space and can create more than 1000 points. They are big enough to replace 4-6 standard landscape lights or hundreds of feet of rope lighting.

You can use the lights on various special occasions, not only for Christmas. The wireless remote controller is useful and easy to use.  You can also use the control timer with pressing 2/4/6/8 hours on.

The lights are safe to use (spotlight classification is class 2). They have a waterproof design and may be used on heavy rain, snow or on intense sun just as well. The unit may create safety light points, each point less than 1mw.

The lights have a good, metal build and are made to last for quite some time. They give you many options of colors combinations and setting modes, which makes them easy to use and highly versatile.


6. Elite Holiday Decor Christmas Laser Light Red/Green/Blue

If you want very easy installation, but also great coverage and power for your Christmas lights, go with this set of lights. The unit and yard stake has a metal (aluminum) build and housing which means longer life span on the lights. The lights are waterproof and can take the most challenging weather conditions and work even in -13 degrees.

The remote control helps with the easy operation of the lights. You can choose red/blue/green laser only or you can get creative and try combinations of all three colors.

The lights come with a moving laser pattern and you can set fast/slow or static (non-moving) display.

The lights feature automatic photocell on or off setting with sunrise/sunset on. You can turn them off automatically after 1/2/4 hours also.

The lights are very bright and the colors are intense. They are very easy to install all year round wherever suits you the most.  You can turn off specific colors so the lights are versatile and usable in so many different situations.


7. Star Shower Outdoor Laser Christmas Lights

When it comes to decorating your house, this is a very easy and fast-to-install outdoor Christmas lighting solution. You don’t have to measure anything twice, you don’t have to hang anything, see how it fits, how many string do you need and so on. You simply install this star projector that covers more than 600 square feet.

Of course it is weather resistant and, no matter how cold it gets outside, your house will look pretty.

Some found that one projector was fine, but two of them made a huge difference and were more than excited to have two in the garden. You can go also for a red and green star combination, which is a fantastic light display. With this projector, thousands of green stars will be “sprayed” all over your house.

It’s common sense that the surroundings have a word on how great the projector will light up your house so a less illuminated neighborhood will accentuate the effect of this projector.

If you decided to go shopping for some lighting strings for this Christmas…. scratch that and go with this Star Shower Laser Light instead!


8. Laser Christmas Lights, SeresRoad® Red and Green Outdoor Waterproof Star Projector

You don’t have to climb up on the roof of your house, measure anything- this projector covers everything, from trees to garden and stage.

It’s made from solid-state aluminum, is waterproof and works even when it snows (and we do want that in the winter 🙂 )

This projector has only red and green lights, in four patterns and you can choose the one you want.

You might feel a little bit out of this century with that big antenna remote control, but you will forget about that after installing the projector and seeing it in action.

The package includes 1 laser projector, 1 yard stake, 1 remote control, 2 AAA batteries, hardware for the stake, 1 Allen wrench and the instruction sheet.

It’s safer not to look directly into the laser lights, and make sure to remove the warning sticker from the lens before using the projector.

Keep this product away from children and don’t try to fix it yourself in case that something goes wrong.

You can set this projector for 2 up to 8 hours’ runs, so you won’t be waking up in the middle of the night to turn it off.

Small, lightweight, easy to set up, this projector will make you and your neighbors happier this Christmas!


9. Pepnice Red and Green Firefly Laser Light Sparkling Landscape Projector with Remote Control

When you’re looking to get that Chrysler building look for your house on Christmas, this is the thing to shop for! It creates a nice sparkling effect in your trees and bushes and you can decorate any surface in a kaleidoscope of bright colors.

It’s made of die-cast aluminum, it’s lightweight and waterproof. Please keep in mind that the remote control of this product doesn’t come with batteries (2 x AAA required), but it comes with a very long power cord so you can plug it in from inside the house.

The projector changes color, has a flash function and a 24H circular timer setting.

You can find this useful for inside and outside, and the remote can control two or more lights at the same time.

A 25ft*25ft portion of your garden can be covered with this projector and your eyes will be protected since each point contains soft laser lights.

Low priced and long lasting, this projector is a great option for your Christmas lights!


10. Moving RED and Green 2 Color Laser Landscape Projector Light w/ Remote

No matter how huge your garden might be, the trees and the bushes will get a magical vibe thanks to this green and red laser lights all in one.

It contains 2 built-in lasers and you can either use them separately or together. The multi-function remote control will make things far easier.

The timer has an 8 hour cycle during which the laser beams move automatically.

Made of weatherproof aluminum, this laser projector may be used both outside and inside. There are many mounting options so you can never get bored with it.

If you encounter technical issues when installing it and the instruction manual seems useless, don’t hesitate to contact the manufacturer. Their support team will be more than happy to give you a hand!


11. Remote Controllable RGB Laser Outdoor Garden Landscape Light Red, Green and Blue By Ledmall

For those of you who don’t look in their wallet when Christmas shopping, this is a great option for decoration.

Apart from the price, this projector will impress you with the power of its lights and the combination of colors: single green, single red, single blur. And, if you really want a colorful Christmas, you can go for the combinations of these colors and also change the mode from flash to static, whenever you feel like it.

This product comes with a timer and you can set it for 2, 4, 6 or 8 hours cycles.

This laser is made of all metal and it’s waterproof. The 25 feet long power cord will let you install it from the corner of the house, from the back, from the front… well, knock yourself out with the possibilities.

You’d better read and apply the instructions before plugging it in, so that you enable the remote to sync.

Your Christmas lighting might be easier and brighter with this laser installation. Just give it a try!


12. Laser Christmas Lights, eLander™ Red and Green Outdoor Waterproof IP65 Star Projector

You know how some people are men of few words? This goes also for these laser lights.

Easy to install, this light is waterproof and made of solid aluminum. It can snow for days and this projector will still do its job on your yard and house.

The remote of this laser light lets you choose from 4 modes: static red, static green, static green and red, and flashing.

It covers a 25ft*25ft area with 1000 laser points of various sizes.

You can make this a Christmas gift as it comes also gift wrapped and you can use it on any other holiday as well!


13. RED and Green 2 Color Laser Landscape Projector Light w/ Remote. Holiday Lighting, Christmas Lights

To obtain the traditional red&green look on your yard and house, go for this laser projector light. You can choose from 3 modes and the remote will allow you to do that without going outside.

This laser projector has a 6 hour timer and it’s made of sturdy waterproof aluminum.

You may use it both indoor and outdoor and the 1000 points of light cover a huge area. You can also mount it in various ways, so you can get creative when decorating the house and the yard!

This product comes well packaged and the instructions are clear and concise.


14. Waterproof Red & Green Laser Light Landscape Spotlights for Christmas Decoration and Outdoor Garden

Safe and environment-friendly, this laser light has all the required certificates to make it perfectly safe for handling.

You can either use it outside or inside the house and the 1000+ dots of red and green light cover the entire room, house or garden. The magic will descend on your house … 🙂

With a waterproof design, these lights are easy and fast to install and can be remote controlled, which is very convenient when using it outdoor.


More things to know about laser lights

It’s a good thing to draw a plan before installing the lighting strings and make sure that they are especially fit for the space you decorate (inside lighting strings differ from the outside ones). The strings may be plugged into each other for a longer run, but never use more than three strings for that.

Avoid mixing the light type and the length of the strings since the wires are rated for different amp values.

It might sound boring, but measure the distance twice and write everything down- you don’t want to go to the store twice. A great tip is to use a string to measure and then lay it on the ground and measure it.

If in the past you wondered which light was better (incandescent or LED), now it’s an obvious choice: LED wins almost all the time. It only loses in the price game, since an LED string is twice more expensive than a same-sized incandescent bulbs string. On the other hand, LEDs are much more long-lasting, so you do win in the end.

LEDs use only 10% of the electricity consumed by incandescent bulbs and are made of a lightweight plastic- hence, are less likely to break. Needless to say, incandescent bulbs are made of glass…

Some might feel that incandescent bulbs are brighter, but since LED light strings feature more bulbs per string, your worries may go away.

And, let’s not forget about laser lights. No, they’re not the same thing as LEDs. LED stands for Light-emitting diode and LASER stands for light amplification by stimulation of emitted radiation. In plain English? With lasers, a source of light is amplified within a gain medium and emitted in a certain way.

Lasers are monochromatic and there are technical explanations on how you get, in the end, colors but I don’t want to get you bored. If a while ago the lasers were true lasers, nowadays laser light is produced by diode and all modern lasers are diode lasers.

LED light is quite diffuse and even at high power it doesn’t penetrate very deeply. Lasers concentrate the light so well that they penetrate much deeper.

When it comes to safety, lasers are FDA approved- you will most likely blink or look away before your eyes get hurt. So you don’t really need safety glasses.

So, this year go modern and choose some laser Christmas lights for your house and garden. It will bring smiles in your neighborhood and a new sense of style to your Christmas.

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