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27 Best Christmas Laser Lights & Projectors in 2018

27 Best Christmas Laser Lights & Projectors in 2018
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Best Christmas Laser Lights

We all like decorating our house for Christmas and we all hate (most of us, anyway) putting the decorations away for storage.

From the long, way too long wires, to the bulbs that don’t work anymore and always need replacement, Christmas lights can be fun and infuriating, just as well.

This is where laser lights come to the rescue. Apart from the fact they’re so energy efficient, laser lights bring so many good things to the table and it’s quite hard to say “no” when you need Christmas lights.

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Table of the Top 15 Best Selling Laser Projectors


ShiRui Garden Laser Light

• Moving Red, Green & Blue
• 18 Patterns in 3 Models - Christmas, Halloween and Stars
• 1000+ blinking spots
• Smart RF Controller
• Security lock prevents theft
(4.9 / 5)See it on Amazon

GEEKERS Laser Light with 18 Patterns

• 3 colors
• 18 Patterns for Xmas, Holiday, Party, Garden Decoration
• 50 ft Remote controller
(4.7 / 5)See it on Amazon

LaserXplore Red and Green Star Projector

• 2 colors: Red, Green
• 7 modes: Motion, realistic starry sky with blinking stars
• 4000 points, covering up to 1,550 sq ft
(4.9 / 5)See it on Amazon

Imbeang LED Projector Light

• 3 colors: Red, Green, Blue
• 18 Patterns in 3 Models
• 1000+ blinking spots
• 3 Speeds, Flash mode
• Covers up to 50ft x 50ft area
(5 / 5)See it on Amazon

Guluda New 2018 LED Christmas Projector

• 16 LED slide patterns
• Covers a large area
• Resists harsh weather
(5 / 5)See it on Amazon

Greenvida Christmas & Party Laser Light

• 3 colors, 8 patterns
• Covers 2,100 sq ft
• Auto on/off timer, Remote controller
(5 / 5)See it on Amazon

Geekers 2 Color Laser Lights Christmas Projector

• 2 colors, 8 patterns
• Covers up to 2100 sq ft
• Auto timer, Remote controller
(4.9 / 5)See it on Amazon

Demeao 2 Color Star Shower Projector for Garden Decorations

• Red-Green Patterns, Blue Background
• 8 patterns + custom effects
• Up to 2100 sq ft coverage
(4.9 / 5)See it on Amazon

Clustars Christmas Laser Lights

• 3 colors, 7 effects
• Auto timer, Remote controller
• Covers up to 3000 sq. ft.
(4.9 / 5)See it on Amazon

Cheriee 7 Color Laser Christmas Lights

• 7 colors, 8 modes
• Uses holographic technology
• Multiple speeds
• Great for holiday entertainment, parties, landscape decoration, camping, pool decoration, etc
• Covers a large area from up to 100 feet away
(5 / 5)See it on Amazon

Bellar outdoor laser Christmas light, 12 Patterns

• 12 patterns
• Auto timer, Remote controller
• 1000 spots, Covers 900 sq. ft. from 21 feet
(4.9 / 5)See it on Amazon

Poeland Christmas White Laser Lights Star Projector 7 Color

• 7 colors
• Very bright cross star effect
• Great for holiday entertainment, parties, landscape decoration, camping, pool decoration, etc
(4.4 / 5)See it on Amazon

Poeland Garden Laser Lights Projector

• 3 colors, 18 designs
• Very bright cross star effect
• Great for Christmas, Halloween, parties
• For outdoors and indoors
(4.6 / 5)See it on Amazon

SROCKER Garden Laser Light Moving Red, Green & Blue

• 3 colors, multiple modes
• Bright colors
• Great for Christmas, festive events, parties
• For outdoors and indoors
(4.7 / 5)See it on Amazon

Reviews of the Best 27 Christmas Laser Lights and Projectors for the Yard and Indoors

1. Hottly Christmas & Halloween Light Projector – 2017 Version Bright with 16 Slides Dynamic Lighting

Easy to set up and to use, the lights are a great choice for so many occasions, especially if you’re going shopping on a low budget.

The projector lights have a bright light and give no less than 16 pattern LEDs that go so well in different situations. You may use them on Christmas, Halloween or on any party all year long. Here are some of the patterns: Santa, snowman, Christmas tree, snowflake, heart shape, rabbit, ghost, skull, pumpkin and so on.

The build of the lights is good and you can definitely use them both indoors and outdoors. The projection distance is good, the light shines far, up to 16.4ft. The projector lights come with a built-in intelligent IC and a remote control.

You may control the projector lights by using the responsive and easy to use remote control. You get to set the speed and timer for the projector lights, according to your needs.

The cord is long and the projector lights are quite smooth when running. The images are clear and the patterns are great.

Easy to install and waterproof, the lights may serve you well for a good amount of time.

What we like the most about them:

  • The projector lights are easy to install and to use
  • They have 16 pattern LEDs
  • They have a good build and may be used indoor and outdoor
  • The images are clear and the projector lights run quiet

We’d also like to mention the minor downsides:

  • The light intensity could be stronger
  • they give best results on white walls

Like it or lump it, the Hottly star light projector gives nice patterns and is great for holidays and parties all year long, especially considering the money you pay for it.

2. Greenvida Laser Christmas lights, Red, Green, and Blue

Whether you’re on a budget or not, the Greenvida Laser Christmas Lights Projector is both reliable and low-priced and it manages to bring a nice, colorful light over your home or inside of it for the holidays.

The laser projector is very easy to install and has moving stars that look great on any festive occasion, not only on Christmas.

The IP65 waterproof case makes the projector ready for the outdoor use, whereas the linking stars covers 3000sq.ft. projecting up to 300ft. away. The projector comes with a 60in. cord for better mounting.

The auto-off function means the laser light shuts down automatically in 4 hours, saving you a lot of energy.

Here are some of the pros:

  • The projector has a tough build and an IP65 waterproof case
  • It presents nice moving stars
  • It covers a large area
  • It’s easy to mount and to use

We wouldn’t mind to see some improvements:

  • The power cord could be longer

Nevertheless, for the money you pay, we still think the projector is one reliable and fun way to color and light up your residence this year.

3. Syslux LED Snowfall Projector Lights, IP65 Waterproof Sparkling Landscape Projection Light

The wide covering range of the Syslux LED Snowfall Projector Lights is only one of the good things that it presents as the projector comes with a pretty long list of positive features.

The projector lights are very bright and they have a rotating style, giving you the chance to bring a nice snow falling light over your house.

The projector has a good build and may be safely used both indoor and outdoor. It’s IP65 waterproof rated and this means it can take some snow or rain, without putting it underwater or soaking it in the heavy rain though. The waterproof safeguard makes the projector versatile and dependable for use when lighting the outdoors: house, fence or a nice garden. It presents a working temperature from -15 to 95 F degrees.

The remote control makes the use easy peasy and not only the projector is easy to set it up, but it’s also easy to use. the wireless RF controller works from even 50ft. away and you may easily set different modes with it: Flash, strobe or normal. You may also speed up/down and set the projector light on 2/4/6 hours on, 22/10/18 hours off daily cycle.

The versatility of the projector adds up and you may mount it using the base or the long spike for ground mounting. The 180degree adjustable projector head aims nicely, even from a far.

The nice diversity of the rotating white spots, the pretty patterns make the projector a good option for so many situations, all year long.

Here’s what we like the most about it:

  • The projector has a good build and an IP65 waterproof grade
  • You may wall or ground mount it
  • It comes with a remote controller
  • It’s versatile, easy to install and to use

This doesn’t mean we wouldn’t want to see some minor improvements:

  • Some expected it to be a bit smaller, but this isn’t a downside
  • It only has a white color

Nevertheless, for a fair price, you get a versatile, bright, well-made projector that may serve you all year long, no matter the occasion.

4. GEEKERS Christmas/Halloween Laser Lights with Remote, Green and Red Star

This may come as a surprise, but it’s not impossible to get good laser projectors without paying the extra buck for it. The GEEKERS Laser Lights, Laser Christmas Lights Halloween Laser Show is one good example and even the pickiest customer may have problems identifying its flaws.

The projector is an RG star applicable to various occasions and its effects look so nice.

The RF remote control makes the use a breeze and you may go up to 50ft. away from the remote. It’s responsive, fast, and so user-friendly,

The projector comes with built-in lasers and has an IP65 waterproof grade, which means it can take a splash or some snow.

The auto rotating lighting effect is nice and easy to use. You simply need to insert the laser projector into slow, adjusting the mounting bracket for a better lighting angle. This is going to add more fun to any party.

The projector is highly versatile and you may install it in three ways: wall mount, tripod or wall mount.

Here are the main pros:

  • The projector has auto rotating lighting effect
  • You may mount it in three ways
  • It’s tough and waterproof
  • It comes with remote control and is dependable

The cons aren’t major though:

  • It only has two colors
  • Some effects could be improved

Regardless, for the impressive effects and good build that you get for such a good price, you’re definitely not going to end up with a lemon when getting this projector.

5. GEEKERS Christmas/Halloween Laser Show with Remote, 8 Patterns, Green Red Blue

Versatile and fun to use, the GEEKERS Christmas Laser Light Halloween Laser Show with RF Wireless Remote is a great laser projector to use on Christmas or Halloween.

This laser projector gives you 8 different patterns with blue LED background light. The patterns look amazing and here’s what you may use: snowflakes, snowman, Santa Claus, Christmas reindeer, jingle bells, cabin and dots in red and green lights.

Coming with a built-in timer function, the laser projector is easy to install and to use. Its RF remote control is responsive and user-friendly and you may control the lights with remote control, adjusting the lighting effect, the speed or the flashing frequency, as you want.

The light projector has a high-end design and impresses with its brightness and nice patterns.

The IP65 waterproof grade metal housing means the projector handles rain and snow, whereas its power adapter has an IP44 waterproof grade. The power cable is 16ft. long, which is ok for many.

The projector comes with a ground stake, wall-mount stand and tripod stand so it’s easy to install it wherever you want.

On top of everything else, the projector may be used indoor and outdoor as well.

Here are the most important qualities:

  • The projector has 8 different patterns
  • It’s bright and has a large coverage
  • It’s waterproof and durable
  • It’s easy to mount in all sorts of places, indoor and outdoor

Don’t mind the downsides, as they’re minor:

  • The power cable could be longer
  • The remote control could have more functions

Despite the minor problems, for the versatility, nice effects and good build, the laser projector shouldn’t be missed for the holidays.

6. GEEKERS Laser Lights with 18 Patterns for Christmas and Halloween, with Pumpkin, Ghost, Skull Pattern

Almost insanely bright and definitely festive, these GEEKERS Laser Lights, Christmas Laser Lights with 18 Patterns for Halloween are going to light up your home and the trees around it so nicely this year.

The projector has 18 patterns but not all are Christmas related, as you may also use Ghost, skull on Halloween. You may control it through the RF remote control that is sensitive and works from a reasonable distance also (50ft.)

The projector is easy to install and you may safely use it indoor and outdoor. Its IP65 waterproof grade makes it rain and snow resistant and the projector handles extremes temperatures as well (-40F degree to +104F degree).

The metal shell and the efficient heat dissipation extend the life span of the projector that is made to take a beat.

Easy to use and durable, the projector doesn’t disappoint.

Going over the most important features:

  • The projector gives 18 light patterns
  • It’s versatile and easy to use
  • It has an IP65 waterproof grade but you may use it indoor also
  • It comes with an RF remote control

The minor foibles aren’t deal breakers for us:

  • Some may feel it’s a bit too bright
  • You don’t want to place it too close to your home in order for the patterns to look nice

All things considered, for the durable build and bright lights, you should give this one a go.

7. Demeao Christmas/Halloween Laser Light with 3 Colors: Red, Green, Blue

Let the vivid colors flow into your garden and all over your house this Halloween with the Demeao Christmas Laser Light, Halloween Projector Red Green Blue 3 Color.

The projector gives 3 star-spangled colors: red, green, blue, and you may set it on one of the three patterns. The three modes (motion, static and flash) are fun to use and you may play with them for a various appearance on your house.

The wide area coverage of the projector is great (up to 2,100sq.ft) and the projector works even when placed far. It has a 180-degree adjustable angle and you get all around control with a 50ft. radius.

The versatility of the projector is pretty good and you may install it in many ways. The projector comes with a long spike, a holder, and a wall base so you may have the best setting for your needs.

The lighting effects are great and you may easily create a romantic or a magical, or both, atmosphere in your garden with the projector.

The construction of the projector explains and sustains its lifespan. The projector has a waterproof metal housing and you may confidently use it from -15 to 90F degrees. The projector has an IP65 waterproof design, taking rain and snow quite well.

The projector has a well thought out design as it has a built-in Auto-timer so it starts at specific hours, just the way you want it. Additionally, the projector comes with its very own remote control so you get to change the setting from the comfort of your house.

Listing the main good things:

  • The projector gives bright and nicely colored laser lights
  • You may set it with the remote control
  • It has a very wide coverage area
  • It’s durable and waterproof

We wouldn’t worry that much about the negatives:

  • Some would have liked it to be solar powered
  • It’s not quite cheap

All in all, for the good build and nice lights, we wouldn’t miss it next time we’re preparing for Halloween.

8. DEMEAO Laser Lights, Green & Red Star Lights for Holiday, Party, Landscape

Well built and reliable, the Demeao Laser Lights with RF Remote Control is a lifesaver this Christmas, especially if your wallet is a bit empty from all that gift shopping.

The projector gives nice, two color light effects and you may mount it anywhere, indoor or outdoor. The projector has in fact three mounting methods: wall mounting, tripod mounting, and ground mounting.

The metal shell and the effective heat dissipation extend the lifespan of the projector and its IP65waterproof grade makes it rain and snow resistant as well.

The RF remote control is useful and you may easily scroll through the various modes: single green, single red, red green. The pattern may be moving and you may also set the speed or have the lights in stationary mode.

The build-in timer means you get also to set the projector on at dusk and off at dawn. You may also do it through the remote control, setting a time for the light to turn on every day.

Highlighting out favorite parts:

  • The projector presents three methods of mounting
  • It has IP65 waterproof grade and it’s well made
  • The RF remote control is responsive and fast
  • The projector is easy to install and to use

The inherent flaws shouldn’t be a deal breaker:

  • It only has two colors
  • Its body is white so you trip in it if it’s placed in the snow

Apart from the minor problems, we still like the projector for its effects, build, mounting and, we have to admit, its very good price.

9. LaserXplore Red and Green Star Projector, Moving with 7 Lighting Modes for Christmas, Holiday, Parties, Landscape and Garden Decoration

If you’re not really into lighting up your house for Christmas, but still kind of want to; take a leap of faith with the LaserXplore Laser Christmas Lights, Red and Green Star Projector.

The laser projector has 7 lighting modes so you get plenty of options to choose from for you home. You may go with the moving/static/blinking with red and green stars, or just go with a simple display of your favorite lighting modes instead. Don’t be shy and try the “Blinking Effect” that is quite new and creates a realistic starry sky effect.

This is one projector easy to use and it comes with a built-in timer. This means it automatically powers off after 6hrs and power on after 18hrs.

The projector covers impressive areas as it has more than 4000 red&green pinpoints, presenting up to 1550sq.ft. coverage at 26.25 ft.

As for use, that’s a breeze: simply stick it in the ground and plug it in.

The build is great for the outdoors and the projector is sun proof, snow proof, rainproof and even dustproof. It has an IP65 lamp body that takes all sorts of weather conditions.

Let’s list the most important pros:

  • The projector has 7 lighting modes
  • It has an impressive coverage
  • Its body takes all sorts of weather conditions, including sun, rain or snow
  • It’s durable and easy to install

The projector isn’t far from being perfect, but we do have some cons:

  • It has a rather abstract design
  • You can only stick it into the ground

For the nice lighting modes and impressive coverage, the laser projector may be a good choice for anyone who doesn’t want to go traditional this Christmas.

10. Starry Full Color Motion Laser Light Star Projector

Very easy to install and offering you so many options to light up you residence, give it a go with the Starry Full Color Motion Laser Light Star Projector.

The laser projector is well made and FDA approved so you may safely use it for your pool, camping, wedding and all sorts of holidays, including Christmas.

You get no less than 7 colors to use on the projector and go with one of the 5 brightness levels and 4 patterns to play with for decoration. The laser projector also presents 3 speed options and you may also set it for the static or the motion mode

Here are the colors to choose from: green, teal, pink, white, blue, yellow, and white. The moving patterns are various and look nice: fade, twinkle, pulse or chasing and the speed is adjustable for a better decoration.

The laser projector comes with 3 Auto Timer modes and you may press the 4/6 or 8H button to set the time when you want it to turn on automatically. Just that you know, the laser projector has a default time mode of 6 hours on and 18hours off.

Don’t worry about using the projector outdoor as its IP65 casing make it safe on rain and snow. It works in temperatures ranging from 5 to 86F degrees. Additionally, the power adapter has an IP44 waterproof grade so it can take a splash. Let’s not forget about the intruders and tell you about the security hole that locks the laser light, minimizing risk for getting stolen.

We also like the wide coverage of the laser projector: up to 1,600 sq.ft. from a 26ft. distance.

The laser projector comes with extension stakes to use if mounting outdoor. You may also use the base though when you want to use it indoor.

The remote control is pretty user friendly and works from a nice distance.

Let’s highlight the strong points:

  • The laser projector uses 7 colors
  • There are several modes and speed you may set for the projector
  • It takes the rain and snow, but you may also use it indoor
  • It comes with a responsive remote control

We’re not that worried about the inherent flaws:

  • This isn’t quite the cheapest laser projector
  • The wall mounting isn’t the best way to go

Regardless of the weaker points, we still think the laser projector is a versatile, durable and reliable option for anyone willing to pay the extra buck.

11. Fiery Youth Laser Light for Christmas & Halloween Projector with RF Remote, RED GREEN BLUE, 8 Patterns

Give your residence a whimsical feel this winter with the Fiery Youth Laser Light Christmas Laser Show Halloween Projector.

The projector gives red and green patterns on a nice blue LED background, creating a magical atmosphere every time.

The RF remote control is responsive and user friendly so you may easily operate the light from your comfortable couch inside your living room. The projector also comes with a built-in timer, so you may customize it on for 2/4/8hours.

The projector covers a pretty wide area, up to 2100sq.ft. and it’s made for the outdoor use. It has an IP65 waterproof grade so it’s waterproof and snow proof. It’s also sun proof, so it takes some strong sunlight.

Not only the metal body is waterproof, but its power adapter also with its IP44 waterproof grade.

The projector has a tough metal shell with improved heat dissipation, which extends the lifespan of the projector.

Last but not least, the projector comes with a multi-mount stand and it’s multi-directional adjustable from any angle you like.

Listing our favs:

  • The projector gives red and green patterns on blue LED background
  • It’s tough and waterproof
  • It’s easy to install in various ways
  • It comes with remote control and has a wide coverage

Don’t let the minor problems bother you:

  • Some expected better patterns for Halloween
  • It could use more patterns for the static mode

Given the list of pros and the price you’re paying, we’d say you shouldn’t sit on the fence when shopping.

12. SROCKER Garden Laser Light Moving Red & Green & Blue Waterproof with Remote Control for Holiday, Party, Wedding, Disco

The great build and the amazing moving lighting effects on the Srocker Garden Laser Light Moving Red & Green & Blue recommend it as a nice choice for anyone looking to give their home a colorful appearance on Christmas.

The laser projector comes with a built-in professional laser (Class2), which is brighter and better than a typical laser module. The projector has a tough build and its IP65 waterproof grade makes it safe to use outdoors. Additionally, you may use the projector in difficult weather conditions too.

The RF remote control of the projector lets you control it from a distance, setting up the modes and the effects you want. You may set the projector from 40ft. away without dead angle. The power cord is 20ft. long, which is enough for most of us.

The projector comes with a stake and it’s very easy to install. You may cover a wide coverage with the projector also and you only need to enjoy the colorful lights.

The internal 24 hours circularly timer means you may choose a mode for 2/4/6/8 hours ON and 22/20/18/16 hours off, according to your very own needs. Moreover, you can make these setting by the remote control.

Let’s highlight the main qualities:

  • The projector is easy to install and to use
  • The lighting effects are colorful and bright
  • The projector is well-made and waterproof
  • It comes with built-in timer and remote control

Don’t stress over the inherent flaws:

  • Some would have liked the projector to also have white lights
  • The green beam is the brightest and not all may like that

Nevertheless, for the good build and nice lighting effects, the laser projector stands out as a reliable tool for improving your holidays.

13. Cheriee Star Laser Laser Show, Blue & Red & Green, Bronze Aluminum

The more you’re paying for your laser projector, the more you may expect from it when it comes to its performances or build. It’s the case of the Cheriee Laser Christmas Lights Outdoor Projector Light that isn’t going to let you down for a good amount of time.

The laser projector stands out with its build and body as it’s made with high quality materials, handling well challenging weather conditions. It works even in snow, rain or intense sun. Its IP65 degree makes it functional even on a light rainy day.

It uses laser holographic technology and covers more than 800 sq.ft., projecting up to 300ft. away. It displays thousands of green, red and blue star combination, but you may also try the red/green/blue stars static.

You may use the projector both indoor and outdoor, on any special occasion, not only on Christmas time.

Its remote control is fast and responsive even from 49 ft. away. The power cord is 4.5ft. long and the projector works well.

The projector is easy to install and energy efficient.

Pinpointing the most important pros:

  • The projector takes the weather challenges and has an IP65 waterproof grade
  • It’s safe to use and approved
  • It gives impressive lighting effects
  • It has a good coverage and the colors are vivid and bright

Sure enough, we do have some small problems to state:

  • Some didn’t like much the shape
  • It’s not the cheapest projector out there

Never minding the flaws, the projector is still a good investment into celebrating the winter holidays.

14. Cheriee Laser Christmas Lights with RF Remote

If you’re looking for a bright and cheerful laser projector for the winter holidays, put your money at stake with the Cheriee Laser Christmas Lights with RF Remote.

The lights give single green and red displays, but you may also use the combination of the two colors. You mays set various patterns for the lights: flashing, rotates or simply Static.

As the projector comes with a remote controls, you also get to set the flash and rotating speed according to your needs. You may choose from slow, medium, fast or static, for different atmosphere.

The remote control is sensitive and fast and has an 8-15M range wireless power. You may sync even 4 Laser Christmas lights with just one remote control. As for the lights, they may cover up to 5000sq.ft. , which is quite impressive.

The lights are easy to use and they also come with an automatic timer. This means they turn on automatically at dusk and stop at dawn. Additionally, you may set a timing mode with the remote control so that the lights turn on at the same time every night and turn off automatically 2,4, 6 or 8 hours later.

The build of the lights is great for the outdoor use. Made with aluminum housing case, the lights also present an IP65 waterproof grade, which means they also work in the snow.

Summing up the most important features:

  • The lights are rust protected and have an IP65 waterproof grade
  • They are highly adjustable and versatile
  • The lights have automatic timer
  • The range is great and the lights are so bright

Here are some downsides:

  • The body is colored so it’s not quite subtle
  • The body is a tad smaller than expected

Well-made and versatile, the lights are worth every single penny.

15. Imbeang 8 Pattern Garden Laser Light, Moving Red, Green and Blue with RF Remote Control and Security Lock

Festive and bright, the Imbeang 8 Pattern Garden Laser Light, Moving Red,Green and Blue Light is going to let everyone in your neighborhood know you’re ready for Christmas.

The laser projector gives you 8 patterns to use: moving green, blue and red light and 3 speed models (static, slow and fast). The patterns may change quite fast and there are more than 1000+ to decorate your home in a colorful and bright way.

The smart RF controller saves you the trouble of going outside for setting the projector. You may set the colors and the speed using the remote control.

The projector covers a pretty wide area and the power cable is 20ft. long.

The aluminum metal case and the IP65 waterproof grade make it for the outdoor use, but you may confidently use it indoor as well. Additionally, the projector handles the extreme temperatures also.

Let’s not forget about the security lock that prevents it from being stolen by some intruder.

Going over the main good parts:

  • The laser projector gives you 8 types of patterns, in three colors
  • You may also set the speed for the effects
  • The RF controller is fast and easy to use
  • You may use it in difficult weather conditions, but also indoor

The downsides aren’t major:

  • You could use an extension cord
  • There aren’t enough threads for the screw so you need to get creative when installing it

For the multiple good things though, don’t be afraid to put your money on this laser projector this year.

16. Imbeang 18 Patterns Laser Light in 3 Modes

When it comes to the Imbeang 18 Patterns Garden Laser Light in 3 Modes, many can’t really decide why do you like it better: for the lights, the quality or the price?

The laser projector gives you no less than 18 patterns in 3 modes and each model has 6 patterns. The patterns are dynamic and the laser has 1000+ blinking spots to decorate your home on celebrations.

The smart RF remote controller helps you get easy through the 3 models and 18 patterns. You may also select the speed and the timer function.

The laser projector has a wide coverage and its power cable is 20ft. long. It also comes with security lock so no intruder can leave your home with the projector.

Presenting an IP65 waterproof grade and an aluminum metal case, the projector handles very well the extreme temperatures and the snowy or rainy weather.

Let’s make a short list of good things:

  • The projector gives 18 patterns in 3 models
  • The lights are red, green and blue
  • It has a tough build and it’s waterproof
  • It comes with smart RF remote controller

The downsides are worth to mention:

  • Some would like the power cord to be even longer
  • It doesn’t have white lights

All in all, for the amazing lighting effects and great build, this laser projector isn’t going to let you down for years to come.

17. Star Night Laser Shower Christmas Lights

Lighting up your home when your budget is short is no fun, but you may have a good shot with the Star Night Laser Shower Christmas Lights.

The lights are colorful and the red and green dancing 3D holographic light is so whimsical on Christmas.

The setup is very easy to do and you only have to use the mounting stake system. The lights come with power adapter and they are safe to use.

The waterproof build recommends them for the outdoor use and the nice landscape lighting may be used all year round.

There are 7 color modes on the lights and you may go from the motion modes to the static ones, in all sorts of color combinations. There’s a single button to operate so that you may go through the lighting modes.

The lights also turn on/off automatically so you don’t have to do it every single night/morning.

The unit is compact and leaves a durability feel. The cord has a good length and the lights sure deliver many good things, especially considering the price.

Here’s a very short list of pros:

  • The lights have 7 color modes
  • They’re waterproof and take the indoor and outdoor use
  • The dancing modes are nice and the lights are colorful
  • They’re quite cheap, considering their performance

The cons aren’t that big of a deal:

  • Switching between modes is a bit tricky
  • Some doubt their durability

All in all, for the money you pay, you get some colorful, waterproof lights that create a nice lighting for your outdoors on Christmas.

18. 1byone Magical Laser Light with Green Christmas Tree

Giving precise and sharp lights, the 1byone Magical Laser Light with Green Christmas Tree and Red Star Patterns are a great option on Christmas on years to come.

The lights are designed and made for the indoor and outdoor use, being versatile and reliable. You simply place them in the ground outside or on your floor inside and enjoy the show.

They are able to cover up to 2,100 sq. ft. from a distance of 20ft and come with many useful features. The lights turn on/off automatically depending on the light intensity, but also present an Automatic Timers function. This means they automatically turn off after 6H and on after 18H.

The lights have 2 colors, 2 patterns and go through 10 lighting effects. They have one all-purpose single button control and the built-in light sensor is sensitive and fast.

The lights rotate and move, creating nice lighting effects for your outdoors.

We also like the lights as they have an adjustable angle function.

Here are the best things about the lights:

  • They’re easy to install and to use
  • The lights present an adjustable angle function
  • They have a built-in light sensor and timer
  • You may use them both indoor and outdoor

The cons aren’t major:

  • They don’t have music
  • Some reported the lights don’t perform great below zero

Precise, sharp and easy to operate, the lights are a great choice for the winter holidays.

19. PinPle Projector Lights Garden Laser Light with 16 Patterns

Take a leap of faith and put your money at stake with the PinPle Projector Lights Garden Laser Light with 16 Patterns.

The lights present no less then 16-pattern slides with red and blue laser. They are great for many occasions, not only for Christmas as they display not only Christmas patterns, but also Halloween, Birthday themes and so on.

The construction of the lights makes them reliable to use both indoor and outdoor with lawn stake and base. They present an IP65 waterproof grade, taking a few splashes.

The remote control eases up the use, whereas the automatic built-in timer saves you the trouble of constantly remembering when to turn on/off the lights. You may also set an working time for the lights or simply set them to turn on/off at dusk/dawn.

The power cable is 16.4 ft. long and the lights have a 180-degree rotation for better setting.

The lights are heavy duty and have a compact body. Additionally, they fold flat for easier storage over the year.

Here are some of the things we like the most about the lights:

  • The lights have 16 pattern slides
  • The build is heavy-duty and the lights have IP65 waterproof grade
  • You may use them indoor and outdoor
  • They fold small and flat for easier storage

The downsides aren’t deal breakers for us:

  • They’re not the cheapest lights out there
  • Some may want a longer power cable

Easy to use and great with their patterns, the lights are a great investment to make for your Christmas.

20. Starry Laser Lights Projection Christmas Lights Moving Laser

If you would like to add some blue into your Christmas decorations this year, don’t hesitate to get these lights. They give you green and blue light, which is both nice and refreshing also.

The lights take less than 2 minutes to install and are waterproof. They give you several patterns to choose from. The patterns are moving and you can set the moving mode or the stationary one simply using the remote.

The lights also come with automatic timers so this is great when it comes to energy saving. You can set the lights to turn on the same time each day or night and turn off again 2, 4, 6, 8 hours later. The lights may cover almost 3900 square feet, 25 feet away and you can set several modes: twinkle, simple or stationary.

The lights have a good built and the price is good for the quality you get. You can place the lights anywhere you like, with no stress about tangling in wires or challenges to reach the hard places. You don’t need to hang it or a ladder to climb. Each unit is independent so you can have as many as you like.

21. Christmas Laser Lights Halloween Outdoor Projector Waterproof Star

The more you are willing to pay for your Christmas lights, the better quality you get and these lights are the proof of that. The lights are for the heavy duty use and the high quality of the aluminum stake is a reason for it.

The laser lights are waterproof and may be used in cold temperatures also. the lights are red, green, blue and you can set various combinations of these colors for the lights. You can choose moving pattern or the stationary mode with the remote control.

You can set the lights to turn on at dawn/dusk and having it turn off 2, 4, 6 or 8 hours later. The lights are efficient on energy saving also.

You can cover almost 3900 square feet from 25 feet away and the lights may be used on Christmas, but on various occasions just as well.

The lights are easy to install, wherever you want. The lights are made of aluminum, just as the stake and are long lasting.

As they give you so many color combinations, various modes to choose from, the lights make a reliable and fun option for many Christmases, not just for this year.

22. Escolite Landscape Lights Laser Spotlights RGB Patio Christmas Light Waterproof

The lights are a solid, fun option for your Christmas any year. There are many settings for the lights, going from simple colors (red/green/blue), to RGB, moving, flash or static mode.

The lights cover a big space and can create more than 1000 points. They are big enough to replace 4-6 standard landscape lights or hundreds of feet of rope lighting.

You can use the lights on various special occasions, not only for Christmas. The wireless remote controller is useful and easy to use. You can also use the control timer with pressing 2/4/6/8 hours on.

The lights are safe to use (spotlight classification is class 2). They have a waterproof design and may be used on heavy rain, snow or on intense sun just as well. The unit may create safety light points, each point less than 1mw.

The lights have a good, metal build and are made to last for quite some time. They give you many options of colors combinations and setting modes, which makes them easy to use and highly versatile.

23. BAXIA TECHNOLOGY Waterproof Garden Laser Christmas Light

Easy to use and versatile, the BAXIA TECHNOLOGY Waterproof Garden Laser Christmas Light are a popular option that you shouldn’t skip on if ever in need.

You don’t need any instruction for installing and using the lights as you only have to plug them in and play them.

Even though they’re not the brightest lights out there, they are a cozy light stationary red and green laser light. You don’t get too dizzy because of the lights as they have no blinking points.

Covering a distance of 40ft. and including a 2224-in cord, the lights are easy to mount and have a nice range.

The build of the lights doesn’t disappoint either as they have a high-quality aluminum casing, but the stake and the stand are also made with aluminum alloy. The tempered glass lens is good quality and gives a nice light.

The lights are versatile and you may adjust the angle when installing them, for better lighting.

Going over the positives briefly:

  • The lights have a good build
  • They’re easy to install and to use
  • They give a soothing light, with no blinking points
  • The lights are versatile and nice

Don’t stress about the negatives:

  • They don’t come with a remote
  • If you’re looking for the brightest lights for Christmas, these aren’t the ones for you

Soothing and nice, the lights are a nice option for many out there.

24. Ucharge Snowflake Led Spotlight Landscape Projector

Colorful and merry, the Christmas Laser Light, [Newest Version] Ucharge Snowflake Led Spotlight Landscape Projector put a nice colorful light onto your home and garden on Christmas.

The lase spotlight has 10 pcs slides and gives you the chance to choose one of the three modes, with laser lighting up around 5 seconds or so. You may also go for the snowflake that lights up 3 seconds or the laser and snowflake lights up 5 seconds.

The lights have thousands of dots displaying snowman, snowflakes, stars, and Christmas tree. You may use the lights on Halloween also as they display also ghost, pumpkin, and skull.

The construction of the lights recommends them for the outdoors and they are waterproof.

The built in timer makes the use easy and the lights automatically turn on and off.

The moving patterns and the versatility of the lights make them a reliable choice for many occasions, not only for Christmas.

Summing up the good things:

  • The lights display so many patterns
  • They are very colorful
  • The lights are waterproof and great for outdoor and indoor use
  • They come with built in timer

The flaws are minor:

  • The cable length is a tad short
  • They could be brighter

Nevertheless, for the versatility and multiple patterns, these lights are a great option all year round.

25. Remote Controllable RGB Laser Outdoor Garden Landscape Light Red, Green and Blue By Ledmall

For those of you who don’t look in their wallet when Christmas shopping, this is a great option for decoration.

Apart from the price, this projector will impress you with the power of its lights and the combination of colors: single green, single red, single blur. And, if you really want a colorful Christmas, you can go for the combinations of these colors and also change the mode from flash to static, whenever you feel like it.

This product comes with a timer and you can set it for 2, 4, 6 or 8 hours cycles.

This laser is made of all metal and it’s waterproof. The 25 feet long power cord will let you install it from the corner of the house, from the back, from the front… well, knock yourself out with the possibilities.

You’d better read and apply the instructions before plugging it in, so that you enable the remote to sync.

Your Christmas lighting will be easier and brighter with this laser installation. Just give it a try!

26. Laser Christmas Lights, eLander™ Red and Green Outdoor Waterproof IP65 Star Projector

You know how some people are men of few words? This goes also for these laser lights.

Easy to install, this light is waterproof and made of solid aluminum. It can snow for days and this projector will still do its job on your yard and house.

The remote of this laser light lets you choose from 4 modes: static red, static green, static green and red, and flashing.

It covers a 25ft*25ft area with 1000 laser points of various sizes.

You can make this a Christmas gift as it comes also gift wrapped and you can use it on any other holiday as well!

27. Starry RED and Green 2 Color Laser Landscape Projector Light w/ Remote. Holiday Lighting, Christmas Lights

To obtain the traditional red&green look on your yard and house, go for this laser projector light. You can choose from 3 modes and the remote will allow you to do that without going outside.

This laser projector has a 6 hour timer and it’s made of sturdy waterproof aluminum.

You may use it both indoor and outdoor and the 1000 points of light cover a huge area. You can also mount it in various ways, so you can get creative when decorating the house and the yard!

This product comes well packaged and the instructions are clear and concise.


More things to know about laser lights

Laser lights are easy to install and to put back in storage once Christmas is over. They give amazing lighting effects and come with so many colorful lights. You can get so creative decorating your residence with the laser lights.

Unlike the traditional bulbs, laser lights are very safe to use around kids also. They don’t overheat after hours of use and are safe to touch at all time.

Manufacturers got it why laser lights are so popular nowadays and they’re constantly improving them, adding more features and making them more durable.

In case you’re not sold just yet…

Laser lights are durable and not only they don’t break that easily, but they also present a high waterproof grade (IP44 at least). They are designed and build to withstand not only a light rain, but also a heavy storm or some snow. In addition, as if it wasn’t enough, many laser lights are sun proof as well, taking intense sunlight.

The best thing about laser lights these days are the laser light projectors that take all the qualities of this type of lights to a completely new level. If string laser lights were easy to hang, when it comes to the laser light projectors, you may be blown away.

Laser light projectors

This type of projectors are saving you tons of trouble, effort and time when it comes to decorating your house, inside and outside.

Typically, they come with the hardware you need for the installation. That is if you consider a ground stick as hardware.

You simply stick the projector into the ground, plug it in and…enjoy the show. The patterns you may get from the laser light projectors are impressive and you may get models that go for a specific theme, or pay the extra buck for something more sophisticated that is going to save you on any occasion over the year.

However, wait, the best this is still ahead. Many laser light projectors out there come with remote control so you may change the modes (static, flashing, moving- your call) from the comfortable couch in your home.

Needless to say, many laser lights projectors are waterproof and may be used indoor as well.

Easy to use, energy efficient and giving amazing lighting effects, all laser lights are a great way to let every neighbor know you’re good to go this Christmas. Or Halloween. Or any other festive day of the year.


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