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Best tips for buying a condo in 2020

Buying condo

A condominium or simply condo is a building or even a number of buildings containing several individually owned houses. Although they have not been very common to all parts of the world, they are the best ways of living in big cities with little expenses. The demand for these types …

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10 Reasons why Condo Living is right for you

Condo living

If you read books or even blogs from time to time, you will have already discovered that different people have different ways of living. If you are here today, I bet you have already came across condo living and wanted to know whether there are any benefits of it. So, …

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What You Should Know Before Renting an Office Space

Renting an Office Space

If the business you are trying to start will require you to rent an office space, you have to look at your options before sealing the deal. You must arm yourself with the necessary knowledge that will allow you to maximize the contract and have it work to your advantage. …

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Real Estate in Kentucky – 10 Places to Have Your Home In

Finding the best place to live isn’t easy, especially when you don’t know much about your next location. Therefore, it’s better to hand the problem to the professionals. Paying attention to their advice is going to give you an idea about places and provide you information that it’s trickier to …

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Everything you need to know about Mortgages in 2019

Money is always a problem no matter what age we are. There are so many different things that we have to pay for on an almost daily basis; food to feed everyone, clothes to wear, insurance on whatever vehicle you drive and other small things. Even seemingly meaningless things like …

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Should I Commission A Land Or Building Survey?

birds eye view blue sky clouds

5 / 5 ( 1 vote ) The world of real estate can be very complex, with many terms that refer to services and conditions, and many potential homeowners are confused, specifically regarding building and land surveys. This article examines both of these services in more detail to help the …

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Millennials are Redefining Luxury Real Estate. Here’s How!

Currently, millennials comprise the largest segment of home buyers at 35%, with Generation X behind them at 26%. Predictions are that this number is going to increase in the coming years, with millennials coming out of the renting phase and entering the buying one. This generation has a strikingly different …

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Beginner’s Guide to Buy a Property in Sydney, Australia

Beginner's Guide to Buy a Property in Sydney, Australia

5 / 5 ( 1 vote )   Beginner’s Guide to Buy a Property in Sydney, Australia Buying property can be a frustrating yet straightforward endeavor for the most. Even experienced buyers need some guidance. Though it is worse if you’re an inexperienced property buyer, the market can be full …

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How to set up an apartment for sale?


The process of styling, setting and showing your home for sale can be easier and smoother if you have everything ready. How do you get it ready? What are you supposed to do to attract more money? What tips should you be versed with to set it right for sale …

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Rental Agreement vs. Lease Agreement Discussed

Rental agreement vs lease agreement

Besides car, property is one of the greatest yet costliest investment one can have in a lifetime. Hence, if you own one and you are to put it for lease or rent, a simple verbal agreement shall absolutely deem insufficient and unsecured; everything has to be put in writing. If …

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