Cheapest Pre Lit Christmas Trees

Pre Lit Christmas Trees

No matter how much you like Christmas, you do have to admit that sometimes, when it tangles into the decorations and the string lights, you feel prlike… getting it done already!

There is an easier and so much simple solution: pre-lit Christmas trees! They are professionally strung to minimize the dangling of wires, first of all 🙂

You can choose from clear and multicolored lights but there are many other configurations when it comes to pre lit tress. Some models even offer you the option to go with either clear or multicolor lights… or even both of them with just a click on a remote control.

Cheapest Pre Lit Christmas TreesWhen it comes to the quality of a pre lit Christmas tree, you need to know that this comes from the number of lights and the quality of the lights. 100 lights per foot of the tree should be the minimum you should go on a pre lit tree. A 7.5 foot tree should have, therefore, at least 750 lights. Some brands go even with more than 100 lights per foot- it depends on how much sparkle you want on your tree.

All the lights of a pre lit Christmas tree should be UL approved and designed to remain lit even if one of them burns out. There are quality rules regarding this also; some pre lit trees let you change/remove a broken bulb while the rest of the bulbs remain lit. Of course, this makes the price of the tree go higher but standard pre lit trees come with bulbs that remain lit if one of them burns out.

The length of the warranty of the lights on a pre lit tree should give you a good hint on the quality of that tree. And you need to check up the company selling the pre lit tree to avoid being thrown to a third party in case that anything goes wrong.

You can also go for LED lights but they do not emit the soft, warm glow of the traditional Christmas lights. There are also premium LED lights on the market that give a warm-white light and multicolored LEDs that provide a warm Christmas sparkle.

Sometimes, troubleshooting may be needed in a pre lit Christmas tree. Most of the times this means the light strings have gone dark.

You can test the light strings by trying to find the faulty bulb or you may simply replace the existing light strings with a working light string.

You can easily use a mini light tester to detect the trouble spot. A broken bulb won’t influence the rest of the strand unless the shunt is broken in the process.

A light failure may also appear because of the lost connection at the base of the socket. You can check if the wires from the socket are in place, remove the socket and fold back the wire up to the left and right of the socket base. In other words, simply realign the wires on each side of the bulb and, if any wire is missing, replace the bulb.

Sometimes the lights go on and off when the branches of the tree are moved around, but this doesn’t mean there is a short in the wire. It’s possible that a bulb is loose and the connection is getting lost. This happens if the tree wasn’t properly stored or because of the handling of the tree.

Worst case scenario…a short has occurred to the lights and this is usually a one way street. This happens when the insulation of wires breaks down- the cutting or damaging of the wire does that.

But, luckily for you, most of the pre lit trees are good quality trees and only when several conditions are met, the unfortunate cases arise 🙂

Scroll down to check our selection for the most affordable pre lit Christmas trees. If you have been sitting on the fence for a pre-lit tree this Christmas…the wait is over now!
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Top 15 Budget Pre-Lit Christmas Trees

1. Vickerman 11261871 Pre-Lit Canadian Pine Artificial Christmas Tree with Clear Lights, 3′

Just because you’re going shopping with just a few bucks, doesn’t mean you have to come back empty handed. The Vickerman 11261871 Pre-Lit Canadian Pine Artificial Christmas Tree with Clear Lights, 3′ may not be the most durable, prettiest pre-lit tree in town but it definitely may be a good choice for many.

The tree present two-tone light and dark green tips so it has quite a realistic look. It includes 146 branch tips and it comes in one piece so there’s no assembly required.

Not only the tree is pre-lit with 35 clear mini lights, but it’s also very reliable since all the bulbs remain lit of one bulb goes out. The lights are UL listed for both indoor and outdoor use. The entire build of the tree makes it though safe to use indoor and outdoor as well.

The tree has a 19” base diameter so makes it a great tabletop tree. It’s small and lightweight and may surprise you with its looks and lighting.

Let’s pinpoint the main features:

  • It has a realistic look
  • It comes with two-tone green tips and is pre-lit with 35 clear mini lights
  • It’s a great table top tree
  • It comes in one piece and it’s easy to display and store

Considering the money you pay, we wouldn’t say the cons are major:

  • The cord is a bit short
  • It’s not the fullest tree out there

Nevertheless, for the realistic looks and nice size, the tree is still a dependable choice as a tabletop pre-lit tree.

2. Cordless LED Pre-lit Walkway Tree

Add a little sparkle to your walkways with the Cordless LED Pre-lit Walkway Tree.

The Christmas walkways trees are cute and look quite real. They’re pre-lit and feature 35 bright and pretty durable LEDs. The trees are battery powered and are very easy to use.

The cute little trees have built-in timers: 6 hours on and 18 hours off (during day time that is). You may place them wherever you want as they are cord-less so highly versatile and portable.

You need 3D batteries for powering the Christmas trees, but, on the other hand, you don’t have to worry about the power cord not being long or subtle enough.

The LED lights are pretty colored and also safe to use. They don’t overheat after hours of use therefore are cool-to-the touch even after hours of use.

The branches are quite flexible so you may play a bit with them for the best looks of the trees. They also feature pinecones so the appearance is closer to reality.

Here are the pros:

  • The trees are decorated with pinecones
  • They are pre-lit with 35 colorful LEDs
  • The trees are cord-less so versatile and easy to display anywhere
  • They’re cute and nice looking

The cons shouldn’t bother you much:

  • Don’t expect but small size for the trees
  • Some doubt the durability of the trees

All things considered, for the cute looks and portability, the little pre-lit walkaways trees are a low-priced option you shouldn’t miss on this year.

3. Vickerman Pre-Lit Natural Alpine Tree with 150 Clear Mini Lights, 5-Feet, Green

If you’re looking for a slim Christmas tree to decorate a corner in your home, don’t sit on the fence and get right down to it with the Vickerman Pre-Lit Natural Alpine Tree with 150 Clear Mini Lights.

The Christmas tree has a nice looking appearance and it features 475 PVC tips. It has a good build and it’s made of 4 parts that aren’t that difficult to put together.

The metal base gives stability to the tree and you may use the tree for a good amount of time.

The tree is pre-lit with 150 clear mini lights that give a nice, warm light. They are made with Dura-Lit technology so the bulbs remain lit even if some other bulbs get missing or broken, thanks to the microchips in each socket.

The tree is also easy to decorate thanks to the floral wire that is looped through a drilled cap.

The color of the tree isn’t going to fade very soon as the tree is made with Tru-UV technology that protects against color fading.

The tree is well made and to decorate and its slim shape looks elegant in any corner of a space-challenged home.

Highlighting the main pros:

  • The tree comes pre-lit with 150 mini lights
  • It’s made with 475 PVC tips
  • It’s easy to assemble and to decorate
  • It has Dura-Lit technology and a slim profile

The downsides aren’t that big:

  • Its look isn’t that natural
  • Some may feel it’s too thin

For what it’s worth, if ever in need for a slim, nice looking and pre-lit Christmas tree, this one is going to be a good choice.

4. Goplus 6 Ft Pre-Lit Fiber Optic Artificial Christmas Tree Green with LED Multicolor Lights & Metal Stand

For those out there who go for the big bright lights on their Christmas tree, a fairly priced option is the Goplus 6 Ft Pre-Lit Fiber Optic Artificial Christmas Tree Green.

The 6ft. tall tree comes with 30 clear LED lights that are pre-strung so you don’t have to stress at all about installing the lights.

The tree is nicely decorated with 5 different lampshades that look so nice and give a festive feel to the tree. The star-shaped lighting accessory on top is pretty and combines so well with the  rest of the LED lights.

Additionally, the tree is made with so many luminescent optical fiber Pine leaves so it’s all glowing and festive. If one bulb burns out, the other ones remain lit so the tree is made with good technology.

It’s easy to out the tree together, even though some stumbled a bit at the base.

Colorful and easy to use, the tree is one constant glowing option for any home.

Here are some of the best things about it:

  • The tree comes 30 pre-strung LED lights
  • It’s made with luminescent optical fiber Pine leaves
  • It has a star-shaped lighting accessory on top
  • It’s easy to use and dependable

Don’t mind the flaws too much:

  • The base is a bit more difficult to set it up
  • You can’t really tone down the flashing

No matter how we put it, for the flashy lights and merry feel it leaves, the tree is a cute and bright option for the winter holidays.

5. Best Choice Products 7.5′ Ft Prelit Premium Spruce Hinged Artificial Christmas Tree W/ 550 Clear Lights And Stand

Beautiful and quite easy to put together, the Best Choice Products 7.5′ Ft Prelit Premium Spruce Hinged Artificial Christmas Tree is a great option for many.

The 7.5 ft. tall, Christmas tree is pretty and full and changes for the good the appearance in any room. It’s a spruce style full-body shape tree and its 1346 branch tips give you enough space for all your Christmas decorations.

The tree comes pre-decorated with 550UL certified clear-lights that give the glow you were looking for during Christmas. The tree is safe to use even when kids around are.

The setup isn’t that difficult and the tree has 3 distinct metal-hinged sections that aren’t just easy to put together, but also to store once Christmas is over. Either way, the Christmas tree does come with instructions that are quite easy to follow. Just to give you a tip, it’s easier to start from top to bottom when spreading the branches in a spiral and outward motion. This may take a while, though.

The tree is made with PVC and metal and it’s flame-retardant. You don’t have to worry about taking care of it as it’s maintenance free, just fluff it carefully and patiently for the best appearance.

Here are the most important features:

  • The tree has a good build and it’s safe to use around kids
  • It’s easy to put it together
  • It has a beautiful body shape and looks pretty
  • It comes pre-decorated with 550Ul-certified clear lights

The cons aren’t deal breakers for us:

  • You need an hour or so to fluff it up
  • Some expected to be even fuller

For the nice shape and appearance, the Christmas tree is worth to try this year.

6. 5′ Slim Fir Quick-Shape Christmas Tree with 400 Multi Color Lights-UL with Power-Pole System Includes Rotating Stand

Slim and delicately looking, the 5′ Slim Fir Quick-Shape Christmas Tree with 400 Multi Color Lights is well made and reliable when in need.

The 5’ tall tree has a real appearance and it’s 34” wide. It comes with 400 incandescent pre-strung Lights that are UL certified. The lights are bright and colorful, creating a nice, playful atmosphere in your home.

If one lights burns out, the other ones remain lit and the tree also comes with replaceable bulbs.

The metal tree stand ensures stability to the tree and the rotating feature lets you enjoy all your Christmas ornaments in the tree.

The Quick-Shape tips lets you set it up nice and easy, whereas the fact it’s flame retardant means it’s safe to use.

The Power-Pole System is reliable and the tree looks so nice all lit up.

Let’s list the features we appreciate the most:

  • The tree has a slim profile and it’s 34” wide
  • It comes with 400 incandescent pre-strung multi-color lights
  • It’s easy to set it up
  • It has a rotating stand

The downsides aren’t that bad:

  • If you’re looking for a wider tree, this isn’t your best choice
  • Some expected the quality to be better

Despite the minor issues, for the big number of lights and realistic looks, you should give the tree a chance this year.

7. Vickerman 36″ Flocked Alaskan Pine Artificial Christmas Tree with 100 Multi-colored lights

You may get a chilling feel after installing the Vickerman 55′ Flocked Alaskan Pine Artificial Christmas Tree with 450 Warm White LED Lights as it looks just in a winter movie.

The Christmas tree looks impressive and magical and its flocking combines so pretty with all the lights.

The 5.5’ tall tree features 631 PVC tips that have a realistic feel and the locking looks so natural on the branches.

It’s not difficult at all to shape the tree out of the box, but some feel that the straightening and all the fluffing take a bit more than expected. Therefore, it’s a personal take on the time also.

The tree is made with Dura-Lit Technology, which means that if one light loses its connection, all the other ones stay lit.

The drilled and looped ornament feature means the tree comes with floral wire looped through a dripped cap, which makes decorating fast and easy to do.

The color of the tree isn’t going to fade away as the tree has a UV-resistant finish that protects against fading.

As for the lights, they are clear and leave a warm, white light.

Going over the main features shortly:

  • The tree has a natural feel and look
  • It presents Dura-Lit technology
  • It’s easy to decorate thanks to the drilled and looped ornament feature
  • It’s durable and easy to install

The cons aren’t deal breakers:

  • You may only use it indoor
  • Some feel it takes a lot to straighten it

For the amazing and real appearance and the reliable technology used on the tree, you should definitely give it a go if ever in need.

8. National Tree 7.5 Foot Carolina Pine Tree with Flocked Cones and 750 Clear Lights, Hinged (CAP3-306-75)

If you’re not only looking for a pre-lit Christmas tree, but also for one that features some beautiful pine cones, put your money at stake with the National Tree 7.5 Foot Carolina Pine Tree with Flocked Cones.

The tree is 7.5ft. tall and has a nice 59” diameter. It’s made with three different types of needles, which gives it a realistic appearance.

Furthermore, the tree has 1393 branch tips so it looks full and pretty altogether. It features beautiful flocked pinecones that definitely increase its realistic vibe.

The Christmas tree also comes with 750Ul listed clear lights that aren’t just safe to use indoor, but also pre-strung so you don’t need to worry about installing anything. You don’t have to worry about the bulbs falling out either as they present a Bulb-Lock feature that keeps them from falling.

The tree presents an all-metal hinged build so the branches are attached to center pole sections. The stability is good and the tree stays in place.

No worries when it comes to safety as the tree is non-allergenic and also flame-resistant.

As for the storage, it’s good to know the tree comes with its own reusable storage carton so when Christmas is all gone all you need is a couple of minutes to take it all down.

Let’s list the good things:

  • The tree has 750Ul clear lights that are pre-hung
  • It’s made with three different types of needles for a realistic look
  • It features flocked pinecones
  • It has a metal hinged construction

Let’s mention the downsides:

  • The pinecones aren’t removable
  • Some may not go for the gold glow of the pinecones.

Despite the minor flaws, the tree is still beautiful and has an whimsical feel to it.

9. KING OF CHRISTMAS 9 Foot King Fraser Fir Quick-Shape Artificial Christmas Tree Unlit

As long as you’re willing to pay the extra buck for one of the most beautiful pre-lit trees you ever had, you’re good to go for many Christmas to come with the King of Christmas 9 Foot King Fraser Fir Quick-Shape Tree.

The 9ft. tall tree looks stunning and it doesn’t disappoint on so many levels. It’s 62in. wide and looks so full from any angle you’d look at it.

The 1220 LED lights help it look so magical and their warm white light is so pretty. Additionally, if one light burns out, all the other ones remain lit.

The tree comes with its own metal tree stand that is sturdy, providing stability even after the tree is all decorated. The set up is easy and the tree has a Quick-Shape design so you don’t spend a whole afternoon on the assembly.

The PE-PVC material used on the tips and branches gives the tree its sharp and amazing looks. The tree has a real feet to it and its elegant appearance is to die for.

The tree comes with its own storage bag so you may easily store it when Christmas is over.

Elegant, impressive looking and heavy-duty build, the tree is one high-end choice for many.

Highlighting the most important qualities:

  • The tree has 1200 warm white LED lights
  • It has an impressive and realistic appearance
  • It’s very well made and very stable
  • It’s full and easy to set it up

Bells and whistles aside, here are the cons:

  • The tree isn’t quite cheap
  • You may need a bit of patience to fluff it all up

For the amazing and realistic look, we’d say you do get not only a high-end tree, but also a high quality one as well.

10. Balsam Hill Vermont White Spruce Premium Prelit Artificial Christmas Tree, 9 Feet, Clear Lights

The full shape of the Balsam Hill Vermont White Spruce Premium Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Tree is one of its best assets, but the tree brings several good things to the table.

The 9ft. tall tree (with stand) has an impressive 70in. diameter and is made with PE True Needle tips (80%) for a beautiful realistic look. The rest of 20% is made with PVC Classic Needles so that the tree looks full and nice.

The tree is made with 3,926 branch tips and it’s not difficult to assemble. It comes with its very own gloves so you don’t injure yourself while putting it together.

The 1,500 clear UL approved lights are looking amazing in the tree and are safe to use. The lights are professionally hand-strung so the wires barely look.

The tree stand has a good build and the tree also comes with storage bags for the tree and tree stand. You also get some extra bulbs and fuses, in case of emergency.

The on/off foot pedal makes the tree easy to use, not only easy to install. The tree features Easy Plug design that makes setup a breeze.

The branches look sturdy and the tree has no chemical smell.

Here are the most important good things:

  • The tree has a realistic look
  • It features 1,500 clear UL lights
  • It comes with bags, cotton gloves and tree stand
  • It’s easy to assemble and to store

The cons don’t matter much to us:

  • It may take a while to fluffy it up
  • It’s not quite the cheapest out there

For the amazing realistic look, the great build and impressive lights, the tree is a good investment to make on your Christmas, for years to come.

11. National Tree Kingswood Fir Wrapped Pencil Tree with 50 Clear Lights, 3-Feet

This cute Pencil Tree is only 3 ft tall and welcomes Christmas wherever it might be placed.

It features 50 UL listed lights that are pre-strung and clear.

The folding metal stand gives it stability so you can display your favorite Christmas ornaments.

The light string features „bulb –lock” so that no bulbs fall out.

This tree is both fire-resistant and non-allergenic.

Some found the stand to be different than expected,

The base is wired and the branches may be bent in order to get the natural look on your tree.

The lights of this tree go on and off and have no twinkling/blinking setting.

It’s better not to give this as a gift since its box is see-through. 🙂

12. 4 Ft. Pre-Lit Clear White Indiana Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree

If you have always dreamed of a white Christmas, then this tree fills up your hopes and more.

4ft Tall, this tree comes with 150 clear pre-strung lights and a little more than 200 tips.

You don’t have to worry about the bulbs burning out- the others remain lit.

The branches are hinged and pre-attached. This gives stability to the tree. Also, the tree becomes very easy to set up.

The tree stand is included- no fuss on that either. Furthermore, the tree is flame retardant also.

Quickly delivered, with lots of lights and easy to put together this tree meets your budget and your preferences for Christmas trees 🙂

13. National Tree North Valley Spruce Hinged Tree with 200 Clear Lights, 4-1/2-Feet

The more lights you get on your pre lit tree, the more the price rises.

This 4.5 ft tall tree comes with 200 UL listed clear lights and has almost 400 branch tips.

The branches are attached to center pole sections and all hinged construction is made of metal.

Actually, the tree stand is also made of sturdy folding metal- so get creative when decorating the tree 🙂

The bulbs have a lock feature that keeps them from falling out. As in matter of fact, if any of them burns out, other remains lit.

This tree is both non-allergenic and fire-resistant.

The spare bulbs and fuses may become handy in case anything goes wrong.

The reusable storage carton means a lot when Christmas is over and you want to put away for 11 months the pre lit tree.

It takes only 10 minutes to assemble this tree and you only need to wiggle the heavy middle part. 🙂

14. National Tree Crestwood Spruce Entrance Tree with 100 Clear UL-Lights, 4-Feet

If you want a pre lit Christmas tree for your office or your desk , this is a cute option.

4ft tall, this tree features 100 UL listed, pre-strung clear lights.

This tree comes in a decorative urn base- so no worries about covering its stand.

The tree comes already decorated- so one worry gone away.

Silver bristle, pine cones, red berries and some glitter give this tree the cuteness of a traditionally colored Christmas tree. You can add up some more if you feel like it, though 🙂

You can use this tree both outdoor and indoor.

15. National Tree 4-1/2-Foot Prelit Artificial Kingswood Fir Pencil Tree

As it figures, once you open up a little bit your pocket, the features of your Christmas tree multiply.

For instance, this 4.5 ft tall tree comes with a 5 year warranty for the tree whereas its lights have a 2 years warranty.

The tree features 150 UL pre-strung multicolor lights with bulb-lock; should any of them burns out, the other are still lit.

This tree is sturdy for sure since it has a folding metal tree stand and the construction is also all metal hinged. The branches go attached to center pole sections, giving an easy set up for the tree but also stability.

Around 350 branches go in this tree so its quite full and nice looking.

The manufacturer also gives you spare bulbs and fuses.

The tree is non-allergenic and also flame resistant.

When Christmas is over, simply put the tree back in its reusable storage carton for a better storage over the year.

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