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Cheapest Pre Lit Christmas Trees

Cheapest Pre Lit Christmas TreesNo matter how much you like Christmas, you do have to admit that sometimes, when it tangles into the decorations and the string lights, you feel like… getting it done already!

There is an easier and so much simple solution: the pre-lit Christmas trees! They are professionally strung to minimize the dangling wires, first of all 🙂

You can choose from clear and multicolored lights but there are many other configurations when it comes to pre lit tress. Some models even offer you the option to go with either clear or multicolor lights… or even both of them with just a click on a remote control.

When it comes to the quality of a pre lit Christmas tree, you need to know that this comes from the number of lights and the quality of the lights. 100 lights per foot of the tree should be the minimum you should go on a pre lit tree. A 7.5 foot tree should have, therefore, at least 750 lights. Some brands go even with more than 100 lights per foot- it depends on how much sparkle you want on your tree.

All the lights of a pre lit Christmas tree should be UL approved and designed to remain lit even if one of them burns out. There are quality rules regarding this also; some pre lit trees let you change/remove a broken bulb while the rest of the bulbs remain lit. Of course, this makes the price of the tree go higher but standard pre lit trees come with bulbs that remain lit if one of them burns out.

The length of the warranty of the lights on a pre lit tree should give you a good hint on the quality of that tree. And you need to check up the company selling the pre lit tree to avoid being thrown to a third party in case that anything goes wrong.

You can also go for LED lights but they do not emit the soft, warm glow of the traditional Christmas lights. There are also premium LED lights on the market that give a warm-white light and multicolored LEDs that provide a warm Christmas sparkle.

Sometimes, troubleshooting may be needed in a pre lit Christmas tree. Most of the times this means the light strings have gone dark.

You can test the light strings by trying to find the faulty bulb or you may simply replace the existing light strings with a working light string.

You can easily use a mini light tester to detect the trouble spot. A broken bulb won’t influence the rest of the strand unless the shunt is broken in the process.

A light failure may also appear because of the lost connection at the base of the socket. You can check if the wires from the socket are in place, remove the socket and fold back the wire up to the left and right of the socket base. In other words, simply realign the wires on each side of the bulb and, if any wire is missing, replace the bulb.

Sometimes the lights go on and off when the branches of the tree are moved around, but this doesn’t mean there is a short in the wire. It’s possible that a bulb is loose and the connection is getting lost. This happens if the tree wasn’t properly stored or because of the handling of the tree.

Worst case scenario…a short has occurred to the lights and this is usually a one way street. This happens when the insulation of wires breaks down- the cutting or damaging of the wire does that.

But, luckily for you, most of the pre lit trees are good quality trees and only when several conditions are met, the unfortunate cases arise 🙂

Scroll down to check our selection for the most affordable pre lit Christmas trees. If you have been sitting on the fence for a pre-lit tree this Christmas…the wait is over now!

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1. National Tree Kingswood Fir Wrapped Pencil Tree with 50 Clear Lights, 3-Feet

This cute Pencil Tree is only 3 ft tall and welcomes Christmas wherever it might be placed.

It features 50 UL listed lights that are pre-strung and clear.

The folding metal stand gives it stability so you can display your favorite Christmas ornaments.

The light string features „bulb –lock” so that no bulbs fall out.

This tree is both fire-resistant and non-allergenic.

Some found the stand to be different than expected,

The base is wired and the branches may be bent in order to get the natural look on your tree.

The lights of this tree go on and off and have no twinkling/blinking setting.

It’s better not to give this as a gift since its box is see-through. 🙂

2. 4 Ft. Pre-Lit Clear White Indiana Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree

If you have always dreamed of a white Christmas, then this tree fills up your hopes and more.

4ft Tall, this tree comes with 150 clear pre-strung lights and a little more than 200 tips.

You don’t have to worry about the bulbs burning out- the others remain lit.

The branches are hinged and pre-attached. This gives stability to the tree. Also, the tree becomes very easy to set up.

The tree stand is included- no fuss on that either. Furthermore, the tree is flame retardant also.

Quickly delivered, with lots of lights and easy to put together this tree meets your budget and your preferences for Christmas trees 🙂

3. National Tree North Valley Spruce Hinged Tree with 200 Clear Lights, 4-1/2-Feet

The more lights you get on your pre lit tree, the more the price rises.

This 4.5 ft tall tree comes with 200 UL listed clear lights and has almost 400 branch tips.

The branches are attached to center pole sections and all hinged construction is made of metal.

Actually, the tree stand is also made of sturdy folding metal- so get creative when decorating the tree 🙂

The bulbs have a lock feature that keeps them from falling out. As in matter of fact, if any of them burns out, other remains lit.

This tree is both non-allergenic and fire-resistant.

The spare bulbs and fuses may become handy in case anything goes wrong.

The reusable storage carton means a lot when Christmas is over and you want to put away for 11 months the pre lit tree.

It takes only 10 minutes to assemble this tree and you only need to wiggle the heavy middle part. 🙂

4. National Tree Crestwood Spruce Entrance Tree with 100 Clear UL-Lights, 4-Feet

If you want a pre lit Christmas tree for your office or your desk , this is a cute option.

4ft tall, this tree features 100 UL listed, pre-strung clear lights.

This tree comes in a decorative urn base- so no worries about covering its stand.

The tree comes already decorated- so one worry gone away.

Silver bristle, pine cones, red berries and some glitter give this tree the cuteness of a traditionally colored Christmas tree. You can add up some more if you feel like it, though 🙂

You can use this tree both outdoor and indoor.

5. National Tree 4-1/2-Foot Prelit Artificial Kingswood Fir Pencil Tree

As it figures, once you open up a little bit your pocket, the features of your Christmas tree multiply.

For instance, this 4.5 ft tall tree comes with a 5 year warranty for the tree whereas its lights have a 2 years warranty.

The tree features 150 UL pre-strung multicolor lights with bulb-lock; should any of them burns out, the other are still lit.

This tree is sturdy for sure since it has a folding metal tree stand and the construction is also all metal hinged. The branches go attached to center pole sections, giving an easy set up for the tree but also stability.

Around 350 branches go in this tree so its quite full and nice looking.

The manufacturer also gives you spare bulbs and fuses.

The tree is non-allergenic and also flame resistant.

When Christmas is over, simply put the tree back in its reusable storage carton for a better storage over the year.

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