About Me

amanda cross editor of verycozyhomeHey, I’m Amanda. So, what makes up your home? It is all the little things that work in harmony and create something as magical as your beloved home. When the little elements of magic combine, they formulate something larger than life. I am here to make sure all those elements are in place to make your home perfectly balanced and lovely.

My website is dedicated to reviewing home based products which everyone requires. I have been wondering about how the little things in life change the way we live. One thing that startled me was the way our houses have been set. To my surprise, I started paying attention to every detail of my house. While most of the things boggled my mind, the rest settled it at ease. I knew I had to share my knowledge with people who feel alike, and what better way than launching my website?

Through my website, I shall be reviewing different home products which are used on a daily basis. These products may include your everyday bed sheets, your kitchen utensils, shampoos, bathroom kits and anything else that contributes to a healthy and happy home. My mission is to offer my attention to detail to everyone who wants to bring a change in their lifestyle. The one thing that can positively influence your lifestyle is your house. When your house is properly set with professionally reviewed products, your lifestyle will be happy and easy. Who doesn’t want a worry-free mind when he/she gets back home?