How Does “Joint Tenancy” Affect a Will?

How Does Joint Tenancy Affect a Will

When a person passes away, they usually leave behind a will that states who should receive all the assets they had when they were alive. This is a legal and formal method of determining the recipients and how the assets are to be distributed after someone’s death. In some cases, …

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What are The “Must Have” Points for Employing ADA Members?

Must Have Points for Employing ADA Members

As a business owner, it is of utmost importance that your establishment is considered ADA-compliant. Not only is it mandated by both Federal Law and State Law, but it should be a given that anyone should be able to enjoy your goods and services or the space that you provide …

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5 Affordable Tips To Designing Business Signage

tips to design business signage

A business that wants to increase its visibility must invest in signage.  If the signage is well done, it could be used in advertising the brand at a road intersection or any other strategic places. It is an affordable means of advertising that could be used to target people in …

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