9 Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Dryer in Top Condition

clothes hung to dry

Your tumble dryer is one of the most essential appliances in your home, and most people use their dryer on a regular basis. Whether you have just invested in a new dryer or want to make sure that your existing one lasts for as long as possible, there are several …

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Experts Say Clothes Can Stay Up To Twelve Hours in Washing Machines before Developing an Odor

laundry forgotten in the washing nachine

Forgetting one’s laundry in the washing machine overnight has happened to several people. Clothes when left in the water after a certain period of time develop a smelly odor. According to specialists, damp clothes can sleep in the washing machine for a considerable number of hours before they develop a …

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Looking for a Top loader or a Front Loader Washing Machine?

The first washing automatic machine was invented in 1851 & as time progressed modification in these machines made it simple for us. nowadays these washing machines are found to be in a lot of variety depending on size, shape or color. Front- loader washing machine has proven to be more …

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Top 5 Most Common Washing Machine Faults

Washing Machine Faults

  Laundry is an integral part of household chores. While it’s unavoidable, it takes up most of the time. For this reason, washing machines become invaluable appliances. There are so many tips on how to best use your washing machine. They are even more efficient when they function ideally. If …

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Best Clothes Drying Rack

Have you tried lately to spare more space when drying your clothes and couldn’t manage that, in the end? Have you searched high and low not only for a space saving laundry drying rack, but also for a long lasting one? You kind of bought a lemon the last time …

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