Best Christmas Picture Frames

Best Christmas Picture Frames

Christmas is the time of the year when we gather around our loved ones and we all want to keep the memories close to us over the year. We may very well do it with some pictures and some nice Christmas picture frames may be the best way to highlight those nice moments.

What are the choices out there?

If you want the fun, cute frames, you may easily find Christmas picture frames that are colorful decorated. Whether they are with some cute Christmas characters or some other brightly colored Christmas ornaments, this type of frames suits any space you want to give a playful and young vibe.

Some like better the elegant, subtle picture frames and sometimes you only need some subtle glitter or a simple detail to make it a Christmas picture frame. A few golden bells or a simple traditional red hat may be the hints on a Christmas picture frame.

Don’t forget about the picture frames that you may hang in your Christmas tree! Typically they’re small so you need to have the right size for the pictures you’re going to use.

Colorful, playful or elegant and subtle, the Christmas picture frames keep your precious memories close and bring a smile on your face every time you’re looking at them.

A Selection of the Prettiest Christmas Picture Frames

Sweet and round, the C.R. Gibson Ceramic Tabletop Photo Frame, Gibby and Libby/Santa and Me is a great option, especially if you’re going shopping on a fixed budget.

The picture frame is made with ceramic and it features small red dots on a white frame. We can see a bit of a naughty Santa who’s secretly hiding behind the top of the frame.

The colors are bright and the picture frame is going to look so pretty on your desk. It fits a 4”x6” photo and has an easel back for an easier tabletop display.

Colorful and pretty, the picture frame is a nice little option to display in a special corner around the house.

Give your Christmas tree a personal feel with some cute picture frame ornaments like the Fun Express Peppermint Candy Red White Striped Snowman Christmas Tree Photo Picture Frame Ornaments – 3 Pieces.

You get three candy canes photo frames that look simply adorable. Each ornament is different from the other ones. The two little snowmen are merry and they wear pretty scarves and cute little mittens, but they differ as pattern and ornaments. Santa fits the little gang just fine and he’s as happy as the Snowmen.

The round pictures are easy to use and have the right weight for a nice hang in the Christmas tree.

Colorful and merry, the picture frames make a great gift for the grandparents as well.

Pick a happy memory from the last Christmas and highlight it with a cute and simple picture frame like the Concepts Holiday Collection “This is What Jolly Looks Like” Standard-Size 6″ x 4″ Christmas Photo Frame

The loveable frame displays a 6”x4”picture and it’s all red. It has a nice message written in white in front “This is What Jolly Looks Like”.

The picture frame is made from real wood and has real glass cover. It’s well made and passes the durability test. It features an easel back stand so you may display it on your desk.

Simple, yet effective, the picture frame is a nice, low-priced choice for many.

Keep your family treasure close to you with the Hallmark Keepsake 2017 Our Family Greatest Gifts Picture Frame Dated Christmas Ornament.

The picture frame is a nice way to highlight your beloved memories on Christmas. The frame is made of plastic and is colorful and nicely decorated.

It features the words “Our family” on top and “The season’s greatest gift” on the bottom. The sides are decorated with sparkly and colorful details that make the picture pop out in any décor.

The picture frame is lead-free and has a durability feel to it. It comes in a gift-ready box so it may become a great present on this winter’s special occasion.

Well-made and very colorful, the picture frame is one touch of color and love in any décor.

Even though the Hallmark Disney Mickey Mouse Peppermint Photo Holder 2017 Christmas Ornament is going to look amazing and cute in your Christmas tree, you may very well use it to decorate a wall somewhere around your home.

The year-dated picture frame is a Mickey Mouse frame, with candy canes frames. The frame is glittery and the little ears round and so easy to recognize anywhere.

The picture frame is easy to use and comes in a gift-ready box, becoming an inspired present as well.

Made of polyresin, the picture frame is cute and durable. The ribbon hanger is good and the ornament isn’t too heavyweight.

Lead-free as well, the picture frame is a cute little detail to use for your home’s décor.

Small and yet a cute reminder for your favorite memory on Christmas, the Personalized 2017 Photo Frame is one merry option you shouldn’t miss.

The round picture is brightly colored and has all the things a frame would need for a festive feel. The design includes the pretty candy cane stripes, a big gold bow on top, a little green Christmas tree and a smaller red bow to balance the things. The frame represents in fact the year 2017 and looks very cute.

It’s well made and quite versatile as you may hang it in your Christmas tree or display it on your desk.

Colorful and festive, the picture frame is a cute little choice to use.

Made of wood and painted red so nicely, the Red Wood Christmas Picture Frame works for one 4×5 or 5×6 photo.

The frame has a rustic, worn finish so it has a vintage, bohemian feel. The design is artistic and features a silhouette of Santa’s village, Santa and his reindeer, along with the famous sleigh on a beautiful red background. The stars, the North Pole send you away; in Santa’s far away land. The snow is a nice detail, completing the picture.

Made out of natural distressed wood, the picture frame is beautiful and each one may differ as it’s made with natural wood.

Whether you use it for your home or as gift, the picture frame is a nice option for this Christmas.

Holding a vertical 4”x6” or a 5”x7” photo, the Holly Jolly Christmas Slate Picture Frame is a pretty picture frame to use for the display of your Christmas memories.

You need to remove the red mat if you’re using a 5”x7” photo, but you can leave the mat if you go with the smaller picture.

The festive frame features candy canes stripes, red and green Christmas trees and looks very festive and traditional. The message “Have a Holly Jolly Christmas” increases the festive feel.

The easel on the back is long lasting and you may display the picture frame on your fireplace mantle or in a special area in your home.

The picture frame has a good weight and has a sturdy build.

Keep the memory of your little one with Santa close to your heart with the Mud Pie Santa and Me Vertical Frame.

The picture frame has a nice, bohemian feel and its romantic vibe is so pretty and subtle. The frame is made with distressed wood and it has a frame-on-frame design.

The romantic feel of the frame comes from the nice burlap bow with a wood button. The red stitches look nice and the old-feel of white colors makes a great match with the red accents. The words “Santa &Me” on the bottom are red and make the frame so special.

Romantic and pretty, the picture frame is a vintage option for sure.

If you’re going for the lit up picture frames, don’t hesitate to give it a go with the Light Up Shadow Box Christmas Picture Frame.

The picture frame holds a 5”x7” picture and features backlit LEDs that put the picture under some nice, bright lights.

You need 3 AA batteries for the frame and you may also connect it to a power outlet for a continuous light as it comes with a USB cord. The frame is easy to use and an on/off button activates the LEDs.

The stand is removable so you may use the picture frame both horizontal and vertical.

The frame features candy cane stripes, but you may also notice some Christmas ball ornaments and white snowflakes printed as well.

Bright, well made and versatile, the picture frame is a great piece of décor to use.

Make a nice present to someone in the family with a special set like the Holiday Special!!! Christmas Picture Frame Gift Set, Great Gift for Family, Dad, Mom, Grandpa, Grandma, Friends, Black Friday Sale.

The set includes three different picture frames that are made of aluminum and look so festive. They all come in traditional Christmas colors, making a nice décor wherever you’d place them.

The large frame is red and fits a 4”x6” picture. It has “Merry Christmas” written on top and beautiful, intricate details on the bottom, for a more festive feel.

One of the small picture is green and has pretty, variously sized stars on it. The other one is silver and features a cute Santa in his sleigh full of presents, rushing his reindeers to get to you. The frame features snowflakes of various sizes.

The frames have a good build and look well in any décor. You may display on desk or hung the small ones as ornaments.

Elegant and nice, the set is going to be a beautiful surprise this Christmas.

Sturdy and pretty, the Santa and Reindeer Pewter Picture Frame has a fun vibe to it and every memory is going to look a lot merrier when displayed.

The photo frame fits a 4”x6” or a 5”x7” photo and you may need to remove the green mat when displaying the 5”x7” photo.

Made with zinc alloy and colorful enamel inlays, the picture frame looks nice and has a durability feel to it.

The design shows us Santa and his sleigh with reindeer and the picture is completed by all the ornaments, presents, bells and snowflakes.

The frame is silver with green and red accents and it’s beautifully detailed.

For the pet lovers out there, a cute and merry picture frame to keep their beloved pet even closer is the Light Up Dog & Cat Christmas Picture Frame.

The picture frame fits a 5”x7” photo and its design is both fun and funny. It includes two pretty dogs and one happy cat (that’s a thing to be seen!), surrounded by colorful presents and very nicely decorated Christmas tree. A Christmas wreath and the decorative colorful garland complete the design. They all sit under a bit of snow so the picture frame is definitely for Christmas time.

On top of everything else, the picture frame features LED lights throughout the frame. The lights change color when activated. You need 2 AA batteries for the frame to light it up.

Made out of resin, the frame is hand painted and looks so nice.

You may also use the frame as a present as it comes in a full color gift box.

Pretty and fun, the frames is a happy choice to keep in mind when in need.

Celebrate with your loved one your first Christmas together with the 2016 Inlaid Snowflake Ornament – Our First Christmas Engraved Natural Wood Picture Frame (4″ x 6″ Vertical)

The picture frame is made with high quality natural wood. It has a good build that is going to take the use for a long time. It’s an engraved, not printed frame.

You may use the frame for 5”x7” or 7 ½”x9 ½” photo, but the orientation is vertical (portrait).

The design of the picture is special and the curved beveled edges combine so nicely with the glass front. The back stand easel lets you display the frame on your desk. The picture frame comes also with wall-hanging clips in case you’re going with a wall mounting instead. It’s quite versatile, therefore.

The picture frame is handcrafted by artisans in California. The inlaid snowflakes depict the current year so you’re going always to know which year was made.

On top of everything else, you also get a silver ornament engraved inlaid snowflake.

For a bohemian touch to your Christmas décor, a lovely and durable option would be the Mud Pie White Washed Distressed Christmas 2017 Picture Frame Tartan Bow 4″ x 6″.

The whitewashed frame is made with distressed wood and looks very nice. It has printed Christmas 2017 on it and the lettering is very artistic and flowing. The large tartan red bow is a nice accent and mixes so nice with the red letters.

The picture frame fits a 4”x6” photo that you may insert through the back. The dowel easel is great if you want to display the frame on a table. You may very well hang the frame with saw tooth hardware, though.

Beautiful and artistic, the picture frame has the vintage feel that you may have been looking for until now.

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