The 3 Reasons You Should Be Sharpening Your Own Knives

Reasons You Should Be Sharpening Your Own Knives

We have a number of kitchen appliances that we take good care of. One tool that is hardly ever thought about is the kitchen knife. It is rarely ever sharpened and their care is usually ignored. That should change since it is the most important tool we have in the …

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Best Dish Drying Rack in 2022

Dish Drying Rack Reviews

Words have been said about what’s the best way to wash your dishes; families got separated for always fighting about what’s the best way to dry the dishes…Some said the compact dish rack works the best, some argued that there is no better dish drying rack than the steel frame …

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Best Cutting Boards in 2022

No matter if you are the type of person who likes to cook a lot or only once a week, we all know that there’s no cooking without a cutting board. And, as the cutting board, so is the cooking, right? Do you like to cut your veggies perfectly sized, …

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Best Ceramic Cookware Sets to Buy in 2022

the best ceramic cookware

Updated on August 24th, 2018 There is a certain stage in everyone’s lives when it comes down to buying new kitchen crockery. Whether you plan to replace the old ones or furnish your kitchen with new sets, it is indeed a hassle to settle on which cookware sets to buy. …

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Instant Pot Review 2021

instant pot review

An instant pot makes the process of preparing meals effortless. You can make your delicious dish with minimum effort, and it also saves you a lot of time. The challenge is picking one among the many options available online. With a competitive market, there are lots of cheap options available. …

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Sharp as a Knife: What Blades and Knives You’d Need In The Kitchen

knives you need in kitchen

Image Source A kitchen isn’t complete without the utensil that every “chef” needs, right? It could be from slicing a thick cut of pork to just dicing an onion. As long as you know how to properly handle your knives, then you will always do a great job in the …

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5 Items your Kitchen Should Not be Without

quality kitchenware

If you enjoy cooking, then you should love your kitchen. Like anything you care about, your kitchen deserves investment. This doesn’t always mean monetary investment. Taking the time to keep your kitchen clean, stock and organized is very important. That being said, there is something worth paying money for and, …

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10 Best American Made Ceramic Cookware Brands


Ceramic cookware is one of the most popular options among cooks and chefs and it is liked among amateur home cooks and bakers. After all, the ceramic is known for its good quality and sturdy construction. If you really want to choose reputable companies with trusted quality, the ones made …

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Why should you use a Nakiri knife

nakiri knife with cut vegetables

Your kitchen may remain incomplete without a nakiri knife. For chopping all kinds of vegetables, you just need nothing but a nakiri knife which has a straight blade edge and squared off tips. You do not need to push or pull it horizontally. On your cutting board, it plays seamlessly. …

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8 Kitchen Must-Haves For the Budding Chef

most inmportant tools for beginning chef

Do you have a friend or family member who just loves being in the kitchen? Are you battling to find an appropriate gift for them? Read our 8 recommendations for kitchen-lovers, we cover the basics as well as some surprising must-haves you may not have considered before. You may just …

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