Best Christmas Indoor Tree Lights

Christmas Indoor Tree Lights

Decorating the Christmas tree is both fun and time-consuming and you kind of need all your batteries to do it all the way.

When it comes to the lights, you may very well go with a pre-lit Christmas tree, but even so you still may want to add a bit more sparkle for the festive holidays.

Whether you go for the battery operated type or the ones you have to plug in, the Christmas indoor tree lights put under the highlight your favorite ornaments for the holiday. In addition, in case you were running out of your creativity while decorating, the tree lights, placed well, may change for the good and even hide some flaws on your decorated Christmas tree.

Some tips when choosing

The options are various and you don’t need to pay the extra buck to get some reliable lights for the Christmas. You may get lights that have a timer so they don’t run when you’re not at home.

If you like a lot to play with the lights in your tree, you should definitely go with the lights that have various settings, allowing you to scroll through various modes.

You may want to go with white lights when you want the lights to be a bit more subtle. Don’t hesitate to go with the colorful lights though if your Christmas tree and décor have a rather playful and colorful theme this year.

Some may want the special glow of the traditional glass bulbs in their Christmas tree, whereas some care a bit more about the costs and decide to go with the cheaper, less consuming and more durable LED lights.

As you can see, there are plenty of various options out there and you only need to give it a thought on how much light you actually want in your Christmas tree. In addition, of course, how much you’re willing to pay for it.

Our favorites

Easy to use and to install, the Holiday Wonderland 100-Count Clear Christmas Light Set give a nice, bright light and come for a great price.

The lights have an 18” lead wire but also come with an extender plug that is easy to attach. They have a 3” end connector and may be used both indoor and outdoor.

The whole unit is 24.75 ft. and the light set has 100 count of white bulbs. The wire is green so it hides very well into your tree.

You may connect up to 5 sets of lights together. The set also comes with 2 flasher bulbs and various replacements.

The bright light is nice and the lights are taking the handling during the holiday rather well.

Cute and versatile, the Everglow 2980-22 100 Clear White Wire Light Set are fun to use not only for Christmas, but also on some other festive occasions all year round.

The miniature light set includes 100 lights that combine just perfect with the white wire. They look pretty and cute and give an elegant feel to your white Christmas tree.

The lights feature 3.5 lead from female plug end and 18lead from male plug. They are durable and may be a nice surprise for quite some time.

The total length is 20ft. and the lighted length is 18ft. they are made for both indoor and outdoor use.

Have yourself a white Christmas with the miniature, cute white lights.

Small and cute, the Globe String Light,Dailyart multi-color 40 LED Starry Light Fairy Light for Garden,Patio,Yard,Christmas Tree & Party(Battery,13feet) may be the little bright details that your Christmas tree really need it.

The lights are battery-operated, and both the lights and the battery pack are lightweight so they don’t weigh down your tree. They are low voltage so very safe to use on regular bases in your home.

The 40 white mini globes and the multi-color led string lights look pretty and cute, giving a nice, yet not too bright light. Every globe is 0.7in in diameter and the globes are 4in. apart from each other.

The battery box is waterproof and you need 3 AA batteries for the lights.

You may also have two different lighting modes for the lights: steady on or the flashing regularly.

Easy to use and so cute, the lights may be used both indoor and outdoor.

When you want to give more colors to your Christmas tree, a colorful and easy to use option would be the Brizled Faceted C9 LED Christmas Lights, 25 LED 16ft Fairy Decorative String Lights, 120V UL Certified for Indoor and Outdoor Decoration, Patio and Christmas Tree, Multi-Color.

The set of 25 Brizled C9 LED string lights use little energy and look so nice. You may connect end to end up to 90 sets (2,250 lights) so you may easily decorate your indoors and outdoors with the same theme.

The lights are very bright and the faceted multi-color LED lights give a nice, colorful light in your tree.

The bulbs are long lasting, presenting a 25,000hours of life and use the Eco-friendly LED light source. The risk for overheating is minor and the lights remain lit even if a bulb is loose, broken or missing. Additionally, the bulbs are long lasting and break resistant.

The lights are UL certified and you get replaceable fuse plug, along with some extra bulbs and fuse.

The wire is green so it’s easy for you to blend it in your Christmas tree.

Colorful, easy to use and energy saving, the lights are a sure buy for this year’s Christmas tree.

Bright and taking the use for a long time, the SurLight LED Ball String Lights with Slow Flashing 17ft 50 LEDs, Waterproof Color Changing Globe String Light for Holiday Christmas New Year Wedding Garden Lawn Patio Indoor & Outdoor Decoration (RGB) are a colorful and durable option for many.

The lights have one slow flashing color changing mode, so they make your tree look colorful and glowing.

The 17ft. long plastic lighting wire is black so it’s not that difficult to hide it between the branches. There’s a LED every 4 inch and there are 50 slow flashing color changing LEDs altogether.

The wire is soft and easy to bend, but takes the creative handling that you may want to try for Christmas.

The lights have good build and are waterproof, so you may safely use them both indoor and outdoor.

The high brightness and the low costs are to matter as well. The lights have low radiation and are energy efficient, becoming a good investment for the winter holidays.

Bright and soft, the colorful lights look so magical in any Christmas tree.

If you’re looking for an old-fashioned lighting in your Christmas tree, get the real deal with the Holiday Wonderland 2924-88 Christmas Lights Set Multi-Color Ceramic 25-Count C9.

The 25 multi-colored lights give a vintage, special feel to your tree and their light isn’t the brightest, but it’s real and everlasting. You may connect up to 2 sets and the lights are 25’ long.

The lights give a beautiful natural light and they are highly durable. The colors are vibrant and the lights feel so sturdy. Additionally, if one bulb is burn, the other ones are still lit and you only have to change the bulb.

The lights present a 12in. spacing, giving 24’ lighted length for you to use in your Christmas tree.

Well-made and durable, the lights also handle the outdoor use.

Versatile and highly adjustable, the 33ft 100 LED String Lights Dimmable with Remote Control are great to use indoor and outdoor as well.

The LED string lights come with a remote controller with short-circuit protection, giving you the chance to choose from 10 levels of brightness and three operating modes. The lights present adjustable flash/smooth/strobe mode that help you get the dynamic or the relaxed atmosphere.

The remote controller is user-friendly and easy to use. It’s responsive and works well.

The weatherproof build of the light makes them safe for the outdoor use. The copper wire is insulated so the lights don’t overheat. You may touch them even after hours of use.

The mini Leds give a warm, white yellow light and are highly versatile. The copper wire is durable and easy to mold, into any shape you want. You can’t connect together or extend the lights, though.

The lights come with a low profile adapter that is easy to hide between the branches of your Christmas tree. The 5 ft. adapter cord and the 33ft. of lighting wire with no less the 100 individual LEDs is what you get to use for your Christmas tree this year.

Long and build to take the heavy use, the Extra Long 52foot 300led Starry String Lights Warm White on a Flexible Copper Wire, 52foot Starry Lights for Indoor, Outdoor, Decorative , Patio, Wedding, Garden, Room includes micro LEDs that give a soft, warm white light.

The LED lights aren’t just safe to use around children, but also made to take the indoor and the outdoor use.

The string lights include 300LED bulbs that have a 2” space between them. The rich color bulbs and the density of LED lights make them look nice and bright.

The copper wire string is easy to bend for a secure hold, but doesn’t tear easily. It’s very thin and 52ft. long. It presents a lacquer coating so the entire string is water resistant. Play it on the safe side though and don’t soak them into water.

The LED string is in fact IP-65 graded and it’s dust resistant as well. It’s made with environmentally-friendly materials and have a durability feel.

Pretty and bendable, the lights look nice in any Christmas tree.

When you want to give your Christmas tree a nice, golden glow, the HaMi 66ft 200 LED String Lights,Waterproof Christmas Lights Fairy Lights with UL Certified, Decorative Copper Wire Lights for Bedroom,Patio,Wedding,Party – Warm White is definitely a go from so many points of view.

The starry string lights include 200 LED lights that are very bright. The lights are 66ft. long and their copper wire is very flexible and easy to bend, for the best setup of the light. The copper wire is also enameled so the risk for overheating is minor. The lights may run for a long time, without getting too hot.

There is a 4in. distance between each LED bulbs so they look nice, but not too crowded.

The lights come with a smart remote controller that allows you to choose between the 10 brightness levels and the 3 different modes: smooth/flash and strobe. The remote controller presents also a short-circuit protection so the lights are safe to use.

The build of the lights is great and they’re also weatherproof, presenting an IP65 waterproof rate. You may immerse into water the copper wire, but keep in mind that the power adapter and the connecter are not waterproof.

Durable, bright and adjustable, the lights are a great buy for your Christmas tree.

Go over the top this year with the lighting on your tree with the Excelvan Safe 24V 500 LEDs 100M/328FT Dimmable Lights String Fairy Lights DC Transformer with Green String 8 Modes for Bedroom Patio Garden Gate Yard Party Wedding Decoration(Cool White).

The 24V 500 LED string fairy lights give an amazing twinkle and the blue hues on the light create a magical, everlasting feel on your tree.

The lights are versatile and adjustable and you may go through 8 modes, for more diversity on your tree’s appearance. Here’s what you can choose from: sequential, combination, slow fade, twinkle/flash, chasing/flash, slogs low, waves and steady on.

The transparent string makes the lights versatile and highly blend able in the Christmas tree. The copper inside is easy to bend so you may get creative while decorating your tree.

Even though the lights present an IP44 waterproof grade, it’s better to protect the transformer from the rain. You may definitely use the lights outdoor, though.

Easy to control with just one button, the lights are great and give your tree the blue glow that you’re looking for.

Easy to use and never tangling, the Star Shower Tree Dazzler 31 Pattern LED Light Show by BulbHead may be the best lights you ever used for your tree, especially considering the price.

The vertical bulb strand is easy to use and minimizes risk for tangling, so you don’t have to stress out when Christmas is over.

The lights come with 64 energy-efficient LED bulbs that use a little unde 5mW so the costs are fairly low as well.

You may set the lights in various modes, from still to shimmer or show, for a bigger diversity of your tree’s look.

There are 8 strands, each with 8 bright LED bulbs that are build-in and made to last for a good amount of time. You may stack multiple units for an impressive Christmas tree light show.

The lights work best in a 7.5ft. tree.

The wonderful colors, the nice variety of settings and the ease of use recommend the lights for any fun, vibrant Christmas tree.

Give your Christmas tree a whimsical feel with the Fairy Star String Lights, 39ft Extra Long LED Copper Wire Lights, 6v DC Plug In & BONUS Battery Adapter, Indoor Outdoor Lighting, Mini Flexible Twinkle Decor + Remote Control by Frux Home and Yard.

The lights are very long and chances are that the 39ft. of light string are going to be enough for your Christmas tree. The feet is 8ft. long so you get in fact 47ft. of string lights to use for your festive tree.

The lights come with a remote control so you may choose the right level of light for a specific situation. The copper wire is very easy to bend so you may get very creative with the lights while decorating the tree.

The lights come with a free battery adapter and a wall plug. They have weather resistant build so may also be used outdoor.

The UL Certification on the lights makes them safe to use, whereas the IP65 waterproof grade means they can take a splash when used outside.

The nice, warm light is magical and the lights are so easy to use.

Colorful and durable, the Celebrations 47736-71 Indoor/Outdoor C9 LED Multi-Color Light Bulbs On A Reel, 49′, 75 Bulbs are going to look so nice in any Christmas tree that has a slight feel of fun and merry.

You get 75 multi-color C9 bulbs that give a nice, colorful light that isn’t the brightest out there, but it’s certainly one of the warmest.

The lights have 6” lead in and 6” lead out and are connectable. Using the reusable reel Connect up, you may connect 17 strings of the same set, which is quite impressive.

There’s an 8” spacing between bulbs so they’re not very crowded, creating a nice lighting effect in your tree.

The green wire makes them easy to blend in the tree and the lights are around 49ft. long. They use little power and are easy to install.

Well-made and presenting a sturdy build, the lights look nice and add the color you wanted in your Christmas tree.

If you’re looking for a vintage, never-out-of-style feel on your Christmas tree, put your money at stake with the Vickerman 7 Light Mu Light Colored Bubble Set with Green Wire 20-Inch, Spacing UL End Connector.

The lights add an old-fashioned look to your tree and the set of 7 bubble lights looks elegant and luxurious in any tree.

The bulbs are made of glass, which makes the light so nice and real. On the other hand, you do need to handle them with care, as they do break rather easy. They come with small clips so they remain sturdy on the branches.

The wire is green so it’s easy to blend it in your tree. The spacing is just right and the lights don’t overwhelm the tree.

The bulbs are variously colored: red, green and yellow.

The light come with a connector so you may connect up to 3 sets end to end.

Elegant and nice, the lights fit a sophisticated Christmas tree.

Give your Christmas tree a fairy-tale vibe with the 50 Warm White LED Flameless Christmas Candle Indoor String Lights with Tree Clips.

The 50 white LEDs give a warm light and the lights are 48ft. long, with a lead cable 10ft. long. The candles sit vertically and the clips keeps them sturdy on the branches.

The lights have a static light effect and they look amazing during day light too.

The subtle green cable blends well with foliage, whereas the ivory candlelight present a beautiful dripping wax effect. Each candles is 3” tall and it’s mounted on a dark green peg so that you may fasten it easy and quick every time.

The lights also come with a low voltage transformer and they remain cool even after several hours of use. The 10ft. lead cable is great to have around when the socket is placed far away.

Romantic and fairy, the candle lights may be the elegant lighting option for many.

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