Best Christmas Costumes

Best Christmas Costumes

Christmas costumes are a fun and merry option to go for a Christmas or Halloween party, especially if you have kids. What better way to get in the spirit of joyful winter holidays but to put on an Elf costume or, even better, dress up as Santa himself?

What can you find out there?

The options are plenty and it all depends on how much you’re willing to pay. The more features and details you want on your Christmas costumes, the more you have to pay for it.

Some costumes look pretty and bright, buy may not be very breathable or easy to put on/take off.

If you want to step up your game, you can totally do it with some sophisticated costumes or get the same costumes for the entire family.

The more accurate your Christmas costume is, the more bucks you need to take out of your wallet, so keep this in mind when shopping.

Fun, sophisticated or simple, the Christmas costumes come in a nice variety of themes and prices, giving you the chance to give it a thought when choosing.

Our selection

If you want to get in the festive Christmas mood, but don’t really feel like dressing up a whole costume, give it a try with some accessories that work pretty well. Bring a fun vibe into any Christmas party with the Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat Adult Accessory Kit by elope.

The kit includes the iconic red and white stripped hat, the three-fingered white gloves and the oversized red bow tie. One size fit all and the kit is a great choice for ages 14 and up.

The accessories look fun and merry and are great for cosplay, costuming and gifts all year round. They’re all made with 100% polyester and you should play it safe by hand washing them when in need.

Let’s not forget the kit is officially licensed by Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat. It’s a high quality magical and fun kit that may work amazing on a Christmas party.

Bright and fun, the Christmas Gift Box Adult Costume really sets you up in the Christmas mood, helping you better fit into any Christmas party.

The costume is made with 100% polyester and has an EVA lining. It’s well made and takes the use for a good amount of time.

You get a gift box shape foam pullover tunic that is a bright red colored and has a vivid red bow on it.

It folds very small and doesn’t take much space for storage once the Christmas party is over.

For extending its life span, it’s better to hand wash it whenever in need.

Fun and bright, the costume has a cute appearance and a festive vibe.

One size fits most, up to 6’/200lbs.

Even if Buddy from the everlasting “Elf” movies isn’t your favorite character for Christmas, you can still dress up as him to better match the Christmas party. If you’re running short on money, you can confidently try the Elf Movie Buddy The Elf Costume, Green, Standard Size.

The costume consists of green knee-length jacket that features gold accents. The white faux fur trim on the collar and cuffs looks nice and combines very well with the black belt. Even though some think it’s a tad long, the belt looks good and easy to alter. Its gold buckle improves its appearance, anyway.

You also get yellow-footed tights and the unforgettable green and yellow elf hat with the famous red feather.

The items fit well and the costume is comfortable and easy to wear. It comes with good Velcro so it stays in place and easy to take off.

Fun and colorful, the costume turns you into the most loved elf ever, Buddy.

If you’re determined to win your office’s costume contest this year, put your trust and faith into the Rubie’s Costume Co Men’s Christmas Tree Jumper with Present Boot Tops, Multi, Large.

The hilarious Christmas tree turns you literally into a jolly, bright Christmas tree. The pull-over costume with cut-out for face is easy to put/ take off.

It comes with gift decorated boot tops/shoe covers that are different and funny; one is bright red and the other one is gold.

The costumes has a good design as one size fits most with chest no bigger than 46 inches.

The fabric takes the intense use and doesn’t tear out easily. The stains are easy to take out and the costume is easy to wash.

The ornaments and garland have nice, vivid colors and the golden star on top completes the outfit.

Funny and festive, this costume may win you the 1st prize this year.

For this year’s office Christmas party, get an elegant, yet playful look with the OUGES Women’s Sleeveless Fit and Flare Party Cocktail Dress(Floral-12,L)

This isn’t for sure the typical Christmas costume but its Christmassy fabric sure matches perfectly the winter holidays.

The dress is made with polyester (63% Navy, 34% Rayon, nylon 3% and spandex) and gives a stretchy fit. It’s very comfortable to wear and hangs very nice. It doesn’t have a cheap and doesn’t wrinkle very easy.

The design is very feminine and fits many body shapes. The dress has a knee length and it’s sleeveless. The belt is cute and easy to remover.

The colors of the fabric are bright and the merry red Santa looks cute.

You may hand wash the dress or machine-wash it as well, on low temperature though.

Cute and festive, the dress is an elegant option this Christmas.

Cute and well made, the California Costumes Christmas Elf Adult, Green/Red, X-Large is one popular costume to try on Christmas and you simply can’t go wrong with it.

Made of 100% polyester, the costume includes a tunic, a hat, nice shoe cover and a belt. You also get the tights so you don’t need to look for anymore items.

The pieces are easy to put on/take off and the costume lays very well. Even though it’s not made with the highest quality material, the costume doesn’t tear out easily and is quite durable.

The costume has a unisex design and gives a good fit for many. The belt and shoes are made with a foam material and the costume is very comfortable to wear.

Colored in vivid red and green, with some white accents, the costume is cute and a sure go for many.

If you want to look festive and elegant at the same time, don’t be afraid to try a fun costume like the OppoSuits Men’s The Rudolpoh Party Costume Suit, Blue/White/Red, 38.

Made of 100% polyester, the costume is stylish and has a good quality fabric. The pattern is nicely colored and it’s going to help you stand out from the crowd for sure.

You may choose from various patterns, so you can go the subtle way, or the flashy way, with gifts, Snowmen and all the “whistles” on the side. The choice is yours.

The costume has a slim fit and looks nice. It has real suit pockets, inside and outside, with real buttons, bell loops and so on.

The costume is made with long lasting fabric that takes the wear for a long time. You may machine-wash the costume when in need.

Nice, bright and well made, the costume is the choice of the customer who wants to look fun, yet elegant for the Christmas party.

If you like to dress up or you’re thinking about promoting your business during the most wonderful time of the year, don’t hesitate to give it a go with the Forum Novelties Men’s Plush Snowman Mascot Costume, White, One Size.

The costume includes a snowman’s headpiece that you may easily tuck into your suit for a nice, full neck coverage, and plush jumpsuit that is easy to put on/take off thanks to its backside zipper closure. You also get a scarf that is removable so you may wear it as it fits you the best.

The mesh eye openings provide you good visibility, whereas the elastic bands hold the mittens and the boot covers tight over your hands/shoes.

The attached mittens have plush on one side and open on the other. This way, the look is more real, but you may still move and use your hands as you want.

A standard size fits a slim to average body. Just to give you a clue, the jumpsuit is 58in. from back to ankle, fitting up to a 42 chest.

Lightweight and comfortable, the costume helps you mingle so nicely into a Christmas party.

Make a great entrance and bring a smile on everyone’s faces with the Christmas Piggyback Ride On Tipsy Elf Costume (Plus).

The costume gives the illusion of an elf giving you a piggyback ride. It’s a creative and funny option that is going to make everyone to laugh, for sure.

You may use the costume on a Christmas party or a cosplay, whatever fits you the most.

Despite its design, the costume is rather easy to put on and to take off. It’s easy to wear it thanks to its drawstring waist.

The costume is well made and fits great. It’s well thought out and definitely makes a great impression on many.

It’s a unisex costume and lightweight for a comfortable wear. The elf is brightly colored, with red and white stripes and really looks like he’s making an effort to carry you 🙂

You can’t call it a Christmas if you’re not having at least one gingerbread during the winter holidays. Therefore, it’s not quite a Christmas party unless a Gingerbread Man is in it. Be the loveable character this year’s Christmas with the Deluxe Gingy Costume – Large.

The costume looks amazing and includes a jumpsuit and a headpiece. It’s an officially licensed Shrek forever after product.

The Gingerbread Man has a fun and adorable appearance and so popular amongst the little ones. It has foam on the inside and the Velcro on the back holds it well, no matter how much you’re moving.

You may hand wash the costumes and hang it for drying, whenever in need.

8” high and 12” wide, the costume is a great choice for this Christmas.

When you’re looking for an elegant, yet traditional outfit for the Christmas party, take a leap of faith with the California Costumes Women’s Mrs. Claus Deluxe Adult, Red/White, Large.

The costume is made with 100% polyester and it’s not stretchy, but gives a very good fit. It includes a coat dress and a hooded capelette. The hat and the belt complete the look, whereas the gold accents on the trim give the costume a festive vibe.

The white fur is good quality and doesn’t shed much.

The fabric has a velvety texture and has a soft touch feel. The costume is elegant and looks expensive.

The zipper on the back makes the coatdress easy to put on and the whole costume feels very comfortable to wear.

Pretty, colored with a vivid red, the costume really turns you in an elegant Mrs. Claus. You just need to find Santa, now J.

Nothing says better “Christmas” than a Santa Claus costume and the ADOMI Santa Suit 10pc. Plush Adult Costume Red L comes with everything you need for a Christmas party.

The Deluxe Ultra Velvet Santa suit includes 10 items that are well made and easy to use for a complete look.

The red plush Santa zipper coat is easy to use, matching just right with the pants with pockets. The fabric is thick and heavy weight, yet it feels soft and comfortable.

The costume also includes the popular Santa hat, the gloves, glass, a white wig and a nice white beard. You’re definitely going to like the belt with the big buckle, the boot tops with the matching white plush cuffs and the gold gift bag to carry all the presents you have to offer.

The costumes comes very well packaged in a reusable bag and everything about it says high quality.

Well-made and complete, you may want to use this costume for many years to go.

If you’re a Grinch fan and want to really stand out this year on the Halloween party, put your money at stake with the elope Dr. Seuss Santa Grinch Costume Deluxe with Mask, Green, XX-Large.

Made of 100% polyester, the costume is very well sewn, taking the intense use.

You get the Deluxe Grinch Santa costume, which includes a completely latex mask, hat, the Santa Style costume tunic, the hat and the faux fur gloves. Keep in mind you don’t get the tights.

The costume is a very accurate replica of the famous character from the How the Grinch Stole Christmas, by Dr. Seuss.

Nicely colored with red and green, the costume has a professional feel to it and it’s worth every single penny.

In order to extend its life span, it’s better to only hand wash it. The costume’s pieces are made with latex, faux fur, cotton lining and green fabric.

Every elegant Santa needs his elegant and pretty Mrs. Santa. The SANTA DRESS LONG 16 TO 18 is a remarkable choice and everything about it says high quality.

Made with velvet, the dress has a luxurious feel to it and it’s not only the fabric to “blame”it for. The costume has a deep red color (almost crimson) that gives the royal feel.

You get a dree, the white apron and the cute little hat. The lace has an elegant vibe, whereas the white faux fur details looks so thick and fool. The apron is a glossy white and the costume looks amazing.

The costume runs true to size and is a great choice when you decided to go traditional.

If you’re ready to step up your game and pay the extra buck, go with the Fun World Costumes Men’s Plus-Size Super Deluxe Santa Suit, Red/White, XX-Large

The costume is made with 100% polyester and looks amazing. It may even convince everyone in the room that you’re the true Santa.

You get the jacket, the pants, the belt and the popular one-of-a-kind hat. You can’t be Santa without the gloves and the boot tops.

The white faux fur details on the trims are thick and full, giving a luxurious feel to the whole outfit. The fabric has a velvety texture and it’s thick, yet very comfortable to wear. It has a vivid red color and an amazing soft touch feel.

Easy to put on/take off as it has a zipper on front, the costume is very easy to use. The pant pockets are functional and the buttons look so nice.

Beautiful and high quality, the costume is the winner for this year’s Christmas. Especially if you’re playing Santa for some kids.

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