Best Christmas Ornaments for Newlyweds

Christmas Ornaments for Newlyweds

Christmas is a holiday about love and devotion just as if a new marriage is supposed to be. Starting a new road as a newlywed is both fun and expensive, as you need to buy more presents and…decorate your new house (this is the typical scenario, anyway).

Most of the newlyweds out there don’t really put much thought about Christmas when they get married, especially if their wedding isn’t in the winter season. Therefore, chances are that few gifts are going to be Christmas-related.

Some may not have a problem about combining their Christmas decoration and ornaments. Chances are though that most of the newlyweds out there are going to want to get brand new Christmas decoration. After all, for their first Christmas as husband and wife they’re going to love something they both like, to make it their own Christmas.

Which are the Christmas ornaments for the Newlyweds anyway?

There are many ideas out there to try for your first Christmas together. Some are very personal, as you may order Christmas ornaments customized, all decorated, as you want, with your names written on them.

Some are pretty general, still pretty effective and we talk about the ornaments with the meaningful words written. After all, everyone appreciates love, hope, peace and harmony.

If you’re the handy couple (or at least one of you is), you can always make your own Christmas decorations. You may have to start now as it’s going to take you a while until you’re done.

The market is full of nice and great ideas for your very first Christmas together and, in the end, many ornaments may work, as long as you buy them and like them together.

Here’s what we like most

Bring a smile on the faces of your beloved newlyweds with a cute Christmas ornament like the Just Married Wedding Car Ornament.

Made of resin, the ornament presents cute little details that show the attention of the manufacturer for all of his art. The white veil of the bride, the little cans and even the red lights from the back of the car are carefully made so everything about the ornament is good quality.

The 3.75” ornament looks nice and you may even write the name of the newlyweds, for personalization.

Made of glass, the Old World Christmas Togetherness Our First Christmas Ornament is one fun and colored ornament to offer to some newlyweds.

The ornament is glittered and lacquered, getting a nice glow under the Christmas lights. The ornament is named “togetherness” and features a happy, sweet animal couple. There are plenty of bright, fun colors on the three dimensional ornament presents also the couple’s feet coming out of the green wreath in back.

Adorable and fun, the S’mores ‘Our 1st Christmas’ Resin Christmas Ornament by Midwest-CBK is a cute ornament for the 1st Christmas together as newlyweds.

Made of good quality resin, the ornament is hand crafted and hand painted so all the details look nice. The snowman and snowwoman look pretty and they make a perfect couple. The little white veil, his black hat, the champagne glasses are cute and complete the ornament.

The ornament comes with a hanging ribbon so it’s ready to hang out of the box.

Love should be everlasting and the Old World Christmas Wedding Heart Glass Blown Ornament is one little reminder of that.

The delicate white ornament is made using the old techniques of molten glass mouth-blown in carved molds. The little white heart is beautifully hand painted with the everlasting symbols of love: a red heart, some pink roses and the golden rings. The rings are entwined and they send the message of the love that has no end, lasting forever and ever.

Delicate and elegant, the little white ornament is a great gift for a couple of newlyweds.

Pretty and subtle, the Kurt Adler Wedding Couple Christmas Ornament is a cute little gift that you can make for a couple of newlyweds.

The ornament is made of polyresin and it presents many little details. The bride is cutely kissing the elegant groom, whereas the little roses on her wedding dress are glittery, just like the pants of the groom are.

The metal bell charms increase the festive appearance and the pink heart may be personalized so that all newlyweds feel extra-special.

Classy yet fun, the Kurt Adler Noble Gems Just Married Wedding Glass Ornament (Wedding Car) brings a fun vibe to any Christmas tree.

Made of glass and beautifully painted, the white ornament presents golden glitter details, for a more elegant feel. The writing is also made with golden glitter, looking so special on the ornament.

The car is a classic one, which is why the ornament would fit perfectly on an elegant, yet fun, Christmas tree.

For the newlyweds that are fun and always ready to spend their holiday on the beach, a great gift for this Christmas would be the Wedding Couple on the Beach Personalized Tree Ornament.

The ornament is well made, from high quality porcelain. The little details (black hat of the groom, a red crab, the palm tree) have vivid colors and look nice.

You may personalize the ornament by writing the newlyweds names using a permanent marker.

The ornament comes ready to hang out of the box and in a nice gift box as well.

Make a cute little surprise to the newlyweds who just got married with the Old World Christmas Bridal Couple Glass Blown Ornament.

The ornament is handcrafted in age-old tradition with techniques born in the 1800’s. The molten glass is mouth-blown in specially carved molds, only for Old World Christmas.

The ornament represents a blonde bride and a nice groom, embracing together. The details are hand painted carefully and the colors are bright. The glitter is subtle and the ornament makes a pretty piece for their first Christmas together.

The Bridal couple ornament is a great gift for a wedding keepsake and anyone is going to love it.

Sturdy and well made, the Our First Christmas as Mr & Mrs Ornament is a great gift for some newlyweds and looks very pretty in any tree.

Handmade, the ornaments comes beautifully wrapped, saving you the extra-effort. The ornament is made with fine white porcelain (ceramic) and presents an impeccable glossy glaze finish. It uses no decals or stickers and each ornament is permanently fused so the art is build-in the ornaments.

The ornament looks exactly as pictured and it’s a 3” flat circle type with beautifully painted details and a red ribbon for hanging. The colors are nice and the ornament is subtle, yet effective.

Well-made and lightweight, the ornament is one great option to have in mind for your first Christmas together.

What better way to celebrate your wedding into a little chapel but a Christmas ornament that is a beautiful reminder of the chapel where you just got married? The Newlyweds Ornament 2017, Chapel Happily Ever After Ornament is a pretty ornament that celebrates the place where you got married a while ago.

The 3”flat ornament is handmade with fine white porcelain (ceramic) and its amazing glaze finish has just a bit of sparkle. The ornament is permanently fused so all the details are part of the ornament in the end. It doesn’t include any stickers or decals. The pretty picture is made in black, very artistic (just like doodling) and the gold ribbon for hanging gives an elegance vibe to the ornament. The ornament looks even better in reality.

This is going to make a pretty wedding gift also as it comes ready for gifting.

For the fun, traditional newlyweds that are going to love a colorful ornament, a nice option would be the Our First Christmas as Mr & Mrs Ornament 2017, Wreath 1st Married Christmas Ornament.

The ornament represents a pretty Christmas wreath, beautifully colored in green and red. The flat round piece has in the middle written very nicely “Our first Christmas as Mr. and MRs” and the year 2017. The font is elegant and the whole ornament looks very artistically made.

The fine white porcelain travels well and is durable, whereas the subtle glossy finish looks well in the Christmas tree.

The ornament comes ready for gifting, so one worry less for you. Delicate and colorful the ornament is high quality and is going to bring a smile for many newlyweds.

Bringing a magical feel to any Christmas tree, the 2017 Wedding Wishes Glass Globe Keepsake Ornament. Real Dandelion Seeds and Wish charm is a special Christmas ornament that any couple of newlyweds is going to appreciate.

The wonderful globe ornament is made of glass, which is always going to look amazing in the Christmas lights. The classy feel of glass puts the whole concept of the ornament under a better light.

Individual dandelion seeds have been placed inside the ornament and a decorative hanger, with a silver wish charm are the beautiful little details on the ornament. The globe is handmade and the attention to the details is simply impressive.

The ornament comes in a gift box and a Wedding card that reads “May your love continue to grow each and every day”.

Magical and well-priced, the ornament becomes a great choice for any newltweds.

The impressive craftsmanship of the Personalized First Christmas Ornament 2017 (or any other year) from Solid Mahogany or Red Maple Wood is one thing to like on the ornaments, but there are plenty of other details that count.

The ornament is made from solid Mahogany or red maple wood. This is why it doesn’t just look nice, but it’s also long lasting. You simply enter the year you want to appear on the ornament when placing the order.

The laser cut wood gives its amazing finish and perfect looks. You may also enter the name you want at checkout for a complete customization of the ornament.

Well-made and made to last for more than one generation, the ornament may be the perfect gift for some newlyweds and it comes also in a gift box.

For the couple that likes to stay young at heart, the Precious Moments, Christmas Gifts, “Just Married” is going to be a cute little surprise on their wedding.

The newlywed couple drives off, hurrying to start a brand new, happy life, together forever and ever. The ornament is hand crafted of high quality bisque porcelain and the details are beautifully hand painted.

The ornament is 3” tall and looks cute in any Christmas tree. Glittery and white, the ornament gives the image of a very young (childish looking) couple that is so innocent and pure. Her white veil, her pink roses bouquet and his protective look are going to bring a happy vibe in any Christmas tree.

Don’t hesitate to make a lovely surprise to the gay couple who just got married with the December Diamonds Happy Together Grooms Merman Christmas Ornament Gay Wedding.

Made of resin, the 5” tall ornaments represents grooms merman that are cutely hugging. The white ornament has a nice subtle shine and the green details look pretty.

The grooms are different and the ornament looks pretty in any Christmas tree.

Make a very special gift to a very special couple with the very special Gorgeous Wedding Christmas Holiday Personalized Hand Stamped Tree Ornament.

The ornament is impressive and it’s made with stainless steel, with a pair of wedding rings that you may customize with the initials of the newlyweds. You may also add the year of the marriage.

The ornament also includes a Swarovski clear bicone and a Swarovski pearl. The gift becomes not only elegant and nicely sparkling under the Christmas lights, but also elegant and so precious.

Part of the Waterford 2017 collection, the 3.25” Waterford Crystal 2017 Our First Christmas Ornament is a classy and elegant ornament to hang on an exquisite Christmas tree.

The crystal ornament comes with a jeweled 3” hanger and a 2017 hang tang that is easy to remove. It features two amazing swans cut into pristine Waterford crystal. They are together forming a heart shape in the middle of the crystal ornament.

The ornament gets a nice glow under the Christmas lights and looks so elegant and special in any Christmas tree.

Part pf the Kurt Adler’s Noble Gems collection, the Kurt Adler 2.75″-4″ Noble Gems Wedding Ornament Set of 12 is an elegant gift for any newlyweds.

The glass ornaments are beautifully detailed and look special in any Christmas tree. The set includes various ornaments, sized from 2.5” to 4”. Here’s what you can find in the box: a pinecone, an angel, a fruit basket, a fish, a rabbit, a teapot, Santa Claus, a flower, a fruit basket, a bird, a house, and a bouquet.

Pretty and elegant, the ornaments come in a nicely wrapped, white box with a beautiful white satin ribbon.

When you’re going for the sophisticated and special wedding gift, play your card with the Old World Christmas Bride’s Collection Ornament Box Set.

The set includes 12 beautiful ornaments, each of them hand painted and decorated with bright and nice colors. The glitter is subtle, yet it gives a pretty sparkle to the ornaments.

The high quality ornaments are made with glass, in an age-old tradition with techniques that come all the way back in the 1800’s. The molten glass is mouth-blown into delicately carved molds, especially made for Old World Christmas.

The set includes rose, rabbit, pinecone, flower bouquet, fruit basket, fish, heart, teapot, house, angel and Santa. The ornaments come in a Premium Satin Lines Gift Box and makes a very extra special elegant gift for any newlyweds.

Handmade in Germany, the Bride’s Tree Ornaments Set of 12 By Inge-Glas, Hand Made in Germany is an exquisite option to surprise some newlyweds, impressing by its quality and appearance.

The ornaments are made using the mouth-blowing techniques and they are also hand painted. The 3”-4” ornaments are various and includes representations of important symbols for everyone.

The nice wooden box includes angel, generosity flower basket, Christ’s blessing fruit basket, good wishes heart, pine cone, motherhood and fruitfulness rabbit, affection Santa, goodwill Teapot. They are all beautifully hand painted, with nice colors.

The ornaments come in a beautiful wooden gift box so you don’t have to worry about packaging either.

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