10 FAQs You Should Know about Christmas Laser Lights

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If you’re not into laser lights for your Christmas just yet and you need some convincing, maybe some interesting faqs about this lighting option is going to help you make a clearer image on the Christmas laser lights.

Faq no.1: Are Christmas lights safe?

This may be the most popular question when it comes to Christmas laser lights- are they safe?

No, you don’t need to worry at all when it comes to the safety of laser lights. Most of them are made to be used in and out of your house. this doesn’t mean that you should install them careless wherever you want.

Just to give you an example, a laser light projector like the Christmas Lights, Laser Lights, Christmas Projector Lights Landscape Spotlights Waterproof Outdoor Xmas Light comes with weather resistant construction and easy installation. Not only that it comes with RF wireless remote control and timer function, but it’s also able to cover up to 600sq.ft. surface. You only need to plug it a play, grounding its stake for positioning. It’s able to work in temperature ranging from -110F to 890F so no worries about safety on rain, snow or hot days.

Christmas laser lights are safe for your kids too, but you should keep an eye on the outlet when kids are around. we all know that kids are really curious and red and green light beam being projected from a light is one heck of a challenge for them. As long as they’re not staring straight and close into the laser beams, you shouldn’t stress much.

As for the Christmas laser lights being safe to use around pets, the answer is still “yes”. We all know how funny the pets are when hunting the laser! You should only worry about chewing the power cable so keep an eye on your puppy if he’s really into chewing.

Many are wondering if it’s safe to point the laser light projectors to the sky. You should know that most beams become powerless after 750ft. take a look at the manufacturer instructions and get informed if you’re closer than a mile of an airport. Some FAA guidelines may give you a hint when you’re not sure about using them or not.

Faq no.2: Can you use laser lights both indoor and outdoor?

There are many people out there asking themselves if laser lights can be used both indoor and outdoor. Even if technically speaking, you can use outdoor laser lights inside your house as well, the mounting system may be the only problem when trying to put them inside your house.

For instance, the TOFU Christmas Projector Lights, 2-in-1 LED Landscape Lights Waterproof, Snowflake Lights Moving Patterns with Ocean Wave Outdoor Indoor Xmas Party Yard Garden Decoration is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. It comes with two projection heads and you may plug it into the garden or screw it to a well. It’s 100% water resistant and you can definitely use it on a rainy day. The 16/4 ft. long power cable comes with a weather-resistant cap and the built-in automatic heating device takes the indoor use as well. Place it 10 to 15ft. from the projection surface for best results.

If you’re determined to use a laser light projector that is designed only for the indoor use, the LED Laser Party Lights Projector Zacfton Led Stage Lights Mini Auto Flash RGB Sound Activated for Disco DJ Party Home is a great choice to check. The laser light projector is sound activated and changes color or speed with the music. It only displays red or green lights, which makes it perfect for a Christmas party. The colors are vibrant and the projector has a small footprint and its tripod eliminates any worries for installation.

Long story short, the best way to know if your Christmas laser light is made for the indoor/outdoor or both, is the check the manufacturer’s product manual.

Faq no.3: Do you need to get permission when buying a projector?

Typically, if you’re planning to use a higher powered laser projector outside of your house, you do need to get permission from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. You may also find in the situation where you need a permit, a laser operator’s license or even have to register the laser projector.

FDA Laser Notice 51 mentions that anyone introducing into commerce a laser projector (Class 3B or Class 4), is going to need an approved variance from the FDA. Moreover, you’re not going to be able to get the laser projector before the variance is approved.

A variance is needed if there is some sort of commercial transaction included (if someone is going to pay for a drink or enjoy a concert where a laser projector is going to be used).

In the situation of “edge cases” when you don’t know if you can use a laser projector in your garden for a large-scale neighborhood Christmas display, it’s wiser to get a variance anyway. Should the authorities be going to ask any questions at all, you’re going to be able to provide them the documentation that you can use it under federal law.

Faq no. 4: How do laser lights projector work?

Laser light projectors are a great innovation and the closer you place the light, the better you’re going to enjoy the show. They’re a great option for pointing at surfaces when you want to highlight in the landscape. If you’re raising the distance between the projector and the target point, the cluster of lights is going to expand, but the intensity of the lights isn’t going to diminish. Play with the distance and angle of the projector to see it for yourself.

Laser projectors are made so that they give elegant and mesmerizing effect. No neighbor is going to complain about the excessive glare that any other traditional light may give.

The LSIKA-Z RGB Waterproof Laser Christmas Lights Outdoor Landscape Garden Laser Light Projector take both the indoor and outdoor use, but this isn’t their best asset. The laser projector includes more than 100 Red, green and blue lights points and covers 1000sq.ft. You may set the timer (2, 4, 6 or 8 hours) and the modes as well. The projector is adjustable so you may set the angle exactly how you need. It comes with a remote control so the operation is a breeze. The aluminum metal case has a waterproof IP65 and the long power cord gives amazing range flexibility as well.

Faq no.5: What kind of functions can the remote controller provide?

Many laser light projectors come with remote controllers so that the use is even easier than before. The operational range sure depends on the model and the brand and here are some of the most common functions that you can control with the remote:

  • The operating modes- many come with strobe, flash on/off modes
  • The color selection- you can go with 1/2/3 colors in any combination that you like
  • The color switch- you may easily switch between colors
  • The power on/off- you may turn it on/on with just a click of a button
  • The display mode- many come with various themes so you may select between Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s day and many more

A very good example for this one is the Water Wave Christmas Light Projector, LED Halloween Light Projector which comes with a multi-functional remote control that comes with 50ft. range. You can select the water wave, slides projection mode or both of them. You can also select from the colors or the speed of the water ripple light. You don’t need to worry about energy loss as you can also set the timer for lights, just the way it pleases you.

The laser light projector is easy to install and you may go with ground or wall installation. You can use it both inside and outside your house and it does present a waterproof design.

Faq no.6: How to get the most impressive effect out of the laser light projector?

It’s obviously that a dark outdoor area is going be the best choice for getting the best results from your laser lights. You’re not going to worry about any bulb missing and ruining the effects either. Many patented laser light projectors are going to include a holographic chamber that is going to create impressive light points from just one device.

The ambient light may reduce the mesmerizing effect so take that under consideration when installing them.

If you’re willing to try something new for your garden this Christmas, you should give it a try with the Christmas Laser Lights, Projector for Outdoor Garden Decorations. You only need to install it so that you can enjoy the blinking red and green star lights which may cover up to 2150sq.ft. the laser light is going to turn off automatically after 2, 4, 6 or 8 hours. You may easily use the remote control for selecting the light colors, the timer setting, the moving speed or the flashing mode. It comes with an aluminum IP65 waterproof body and a long power cord that takes the cold temperatures.

Faq no. 7: Can you find white laser light projectors too?

This may sound unbelievable, but you can actually find white laser light projectors. From a historical point of view, white laser lights were used only for the theme parks and concert venues as they used to be too expensive for the regular customers. Truth be told, the white laser beam has a special elegant and classical feel to it and you should use it if that’s the feel you’re trying to create for your home this year.

Take a look at the Laser Christmas Lights 7 In 1 Colour Outdoor Star Projector with RF Remote Control as it’s going to be such a great investment for this year’s Christmas decorations. it uses holographic technology, projecting astonishing stars onto all surfaces. You can go with white or any of the other 6 colors for creating a fairy land feel in your garden.

The projector is able to cover more than 800 sq.ft., projecting up to 100 yards away. It’s easy to install and to use and gives best results when used in the dark. It comes with stake for outdoor installation and base for the indoor use. It has a weather resistant build, taking snow, rain and sun light too.

Faq no.8: Can you do something for preventing theft of your laser light projector?

Even if nobody can provide you a 100% theft proof method, there are some ways that can definitely reduce the risk for your laser light projector being theft.

Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Clamps: use the metal clamp for mounting your laser light projectors off the ground and out of anyone’s reach
  • Plants: you may hide your laser light projectors in some bushes or trees, keeping the intruders away from them
  • Mounting flange: you may mount it with screws to a solid surface, attaching the laser projector

You can also add a cable attached to the metal stake and place it into the ground for making the intruders a hard life when trying to steal your laser light projector.

Faq no.9: Should you go with red laser lights too?

Every color presents a various wavelength intensity in the color spectrum. Having said that, keep in mind that red wavelengths don’t actually have the same energy as green or blue, rendering into a less bright appearance.

This doesn’t mean you cannot create an impressive Christmas atmosphere when using red laser lights. For instance, the Minetom Christmas Projector Lights, Outdoor Waterproof Landscape Spotlight Red and Green Star Show is going to produce a lovely holiday feel with red and green star shows. It includes also starry pattern, Christmas tree, Jingling bell, snowflake and Santa Claus. The laser projector comes with a remote control and timer function so you can customize the switch, timing function, speed and flash according to your needs. You may also set the light brightness and the rotation speed. It’s a waterproof outdoor projector light and its rotating light covers a wide area. It’s made with high-quality aluminum allow housing and it’s both waterproof and dust proof. You may use it both indoor and outdoor.

Faq. No 10: How many laser lights are you going to need?

If you’re going to combine various types, movement, colors or patterns- you can never have too many laser lights. The rule of thumb for the outdoor use is that you need to place one at least 20 to 40 ft. along the area you’re going to view. The principle is a bit different in the case of indoor use.

You should go with at least one laser light projector for a big house, spaced every 40ft. the best way to find out is to simply try it.


Chances are we didn’t cover all the questions you need to ask about the laser lights for Christmas. Nevertheless, we simply tried to give you some useful info about this type of solution for your Christmas. When are you going shopping?


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