Save Money Using These 6 Budget DIY Bedroom Decoration Ideas

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The bedroom is your sanctuary. It deserves to be treated as a special area in the house. This is your space for relaxing and soaking up all of that “me time.”

To make your bedroom special, you need to put time and effort into decorating it just the way you like. In an ideal setting, we’d be able to decorate our bedroom one time and then never have to redecorate again. However, things change over time.

Our taste in decor changes, trends change, and more. This is why you need a few DIY bedroom decorating ideas on a budget! When times are hard or when you simply don’t want to drop a huge chunk of cash into something you might want to change in a few years, you’ll want to continue reading below.

You don’t need to hire a decorator! Here’s everything you need to know about decorating your bedroom while sticking to a budget.

Sticking to a Budget

When you have a budget that you must stick to, you might feel a bit limited on how much you can decorate. You’d be surprised, however, how many awesome things you can do right at home! You don’t have to purchase expensive items off the shelf to create the bedroom of your dreams.

All you need is a few DIY ideas and motivation to create unique and functional bedroom decor! Save your money by focusing on DIY projects and only consider taking out a loan or advance when there’s a must-have item in the stores that you can’t live without. When going this route, be sure to complete a blank pay stubs template to help prove income to your loan provider.

Other than that one must-have piece, the rest of your bedroom decor should be budget-friendly DIY projects that lead everyone to ask where you got them from!

1. Removable Wallpaper or Stickers

All wallpaper is removable, technically. Removing traditional wallpaper, however, is not the easiest task in the world. It takes a good amount of time and effort to remove it once you want to try something new.

Removable wallpaper is much easier to remove and replace when desired. It’s a temporary wallpaper, but you’d never know. Slap it on the wall to create a stunning design or pattern not achievable by paint.

natural fibers in bedroom

When you’re ready to try something new, simply remove it. The same is true for wall stickers. They’re fairly inexpensive, but give you an endless amount of creative designs, patterns, and images to choose from.

2. Benches and Reading Chairs

Benches and reading chairs are a great addition to bedrooms of those who enjoy a good book here and there. You can place a bench at the end of the bed and place a reading chair in one of the bedroom corners.

Neither items need to be purchased from the expensive decor section of the store. If you have a small bench or accent chair already in your home, try introducing them to your bedroom. You can always repaint these items to help them fit your bedroom’s theme better.

If needed, check out online market places for people selling these items for a discounted price. Clean them up, repaint if needed, and they’ll be brand new!

3. Mirrors and Lights

If you’re trying to revamp your bedroom, don’t forget to include great lighting and at least one mirror. Mirrors are a good way to take a small room and make it look much larger than what it really is for an inexpensive cost. Try placing a floor mirror against one of the walls or above your bed’s headboard.

simple colors in bedroom

Great lighting is another way to make the room seem larger than what it is. Place an unused lighting fixture from another room into your bedroom instead. Take a walk around your home and you’ll be surprised to find different lamps or lights that you never use.

4. Accent Wall

Painting the entire bedroom a dark color will cause it to look smaller than what it is. You want your bedroom to feel intimate, but not confined. To add a hint of intimacy without making the room feel tight, consider painting an accent wall.

A great thing about this is that you won’t need to purchase a bunch of paint to get the job done either. Choose a color that offers relaxing vibes and choose one wall in your bedroom to paint with it. This can then be the start of your color scheme.

5. Select a Color Theme

If you can select a color scheme and stick to it, you’ll create a space that any professional decorator would be proud of. Choose two colors to use as your color scheme and then focus on neutrals.

For example, you can choose yellow and orange as your two main colors. Use these colors for the accent wall, the throw pillows, and other accent items. The rest of your stuff should remain neutral such as white or beige.

6. Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are another easy DIY project that you’ll love for a lifetime. Gather some of your favorite photos and place them all in their own picture frames of different sizes and shapes. You can consider printing your photos in black and white, but you don’t have to.

Hang them all on one wall but in random order. It’s unique and meaningful.

Try These DIY Bedroom Decorating Ideas on a Budget for Yourself!

These DIY bedroom decorating ideas on a budget are perfect for someone who is either tight on money or plans to switch things around constantly. Be sure to try these ideas out for yourself. You’re sure to love them!

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