Not Sleeping Too Well? It Could Be Due to Bad Feng Shui In Your Bedroom

When it comes to a good night’s sleep, there are several factors that can contribute to it or detract from it. For example, a good workout can help you sleep better, meanwhile, eating a big cheeseburger right before bed can have you up all night with a bad stomach ache. Now, those outside factors all play a role in the quality of sleep you get at night but did you know that the environment you sleep in also plays a major role in your quality of sleep as well?

The environment you sleep in, also known as, your bedroom, can give you limitless sleeping potential if you design and set it up right. There are fundamentals with Feng Shui that can optimize the sleep you get just by how you arrange and set up certain things in your room.

What Is Feng Shui?

You might be wondering, what exactly is Feng Shui? Well, a basic Google search will tell you that Feng Shui is a pseudoscientific practice that originates from China. This practice emphasizes spatial arrangements in relation to the flow of energies to harmonize people with the environment surrounding them. It’s actually a practice that people use all the time in their homes.

For instance, people incorporate Feng Shui in the kitchen for creating nice meals and a happy cooking environment, so why wouldn’t you incorporate Feng Shui in your bedroom for a better sleeping environment? Think about it… If you’ve bought a top of the line mattress, sprayed your sheets in lavender, and have even gone to bed early but you’re still not getting enough sleep, then it’s time to try something else. What have you really got to lose? Surely not more sleep…

Understanding the Foundation of Feng Shui… Chi

Chi is the positive energy that you experience with Feng Shui. Other than work, your home is where you spend the majority of your time and your bedroom gets the majority of that time, especially if you get 6-8 hours of sleep.

It’s during your sleep when your body is able to absorb the energies from your sleeping environment, so if your bedroom is set up according to Feng Shui principles, you’ll wake up in a positive state. If your bedroom is unorganized and full of clutter, your body can absorb that energy and feel overwhelmed. So, once you properly Feng Shui your bedroom, the positive Chi will flow.

If you’re someone who’s not getting the most out of their sleep, then continue reading because Feng Shui might be just the thing your body needs to get better quality sleep. Take a look at some of these helpful tips on how to Feng Shui your bedroom for a better night’s sleep.

Feng Shui Tips to a Better Night’s Sleep

Tip 1. Opt For a Queen Size Bed

If you can, think back to when you slept in a twin sized bed… would you want to be sleeping in it still? Probably not. A queen size bed is actually more ideal for Feng Shui than a twin or king size bed and I’ll tell you why. A twin size bed can make you feel constricted and a king size bed can be too spacious and detract from intimacy in your bed.

A queen size bed is ideal because it promotes a good night’s sleep and allows Chi to flow beneath it properly. It’s the perfect size to promote intimacy, closeness, and togetherness with your partner. Most King size beds have split box springs which can ultimately create disharmony… Now, this is just a suggestion. If a queen would be too small, you definitely don’t want to get one and be cramped in bed… you have to do what best fits your sleeping situation.

Tip 2. Create the “Command Center” of Your Bedroom

The “command center” of your bedroom is essentially the placement of your bed in your bedroom. Placing your bed in a “commanding” position is making sure your bed isn’t out of your clear line of view of your door. You want to always make sure your bed is positioned where the door to your bedroom is in front of you. Positioning your bed like this will give you a “safe place” because you’ll be able to see who enters your room.

Another aspect to creating your command center is equal spacing on both sides of your bed. You want to make sure both people are able to get in on both sides of the bed, even it’s just one person getting in the bed. Doing so will create an equal balance of energy on both sides of the bed.

Tip 3. Incorporate Calming Colors in Your Bedroom

When it comes to getting a better night’s sleep, you want to go with earth tones such as blue, brown, and green. According to the National Sleep Foundation, when the receptors in the retina of your eye see the color blue, its been proven to lower your blood pressure and slow your heart rate, better preparing your for sleep. Also, if you like those colors, you will also enjoy adding other touches of color like peach or purple with different bedroom accents.

Tip 4. Be Wary of Electronics in Your Bedroom

All the things we love like TV, laptops, and smartphones can all disrupt sleep. A lot of people use their cellphones as their alarm clock… if you do, that’s fine, just make sure to keep it at least 10 feet away from your bed so that when it goes off, it forces you to have to get up. It’s truly best to not have electronics in your bedroom at all because it’s too tempting to use them. Whether it’s staying up all night binge watching your favorite TV show or scrolling the night away on Facebook or Instagram, it’s easy to get caught up in it and lose track of time of how long you’ve been on your electronic device.

Tip 5. Profit From Your Knowledge

Not too many people know the positives of Feng Shui and here you’ve become an expert in it from simply wanting a better night’s rest. You may not realize it but there is a real need for Feng Shui experts to help people in the home decor industry. You can actually capitalize on your knowledge of Feng Shui by providing home organizing services to people.

You can do this by way of setting up an online business, giving advice in an E-book, and setting up consultation appointments where you actually go visit people’s homes to see how exactly you can help them based on the setup and design of their home. Now, this is just something for you to think about and consider. You don’t have to make the decision today, but when you have a knack or calling for something, there’s nothing wrong with investing in it.

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