All you need to know about Super king duvet cover

What is a super king duvet cover?

The super-king duvet cover is the covering or clothing of the super king duvet. It has the dimensions of 260cm by 220cm. super king duvet covers fit only the super king duvets. They are an extractable duvet covering that can be replaced or swapped according to the needs. They also help to increase the functionality of the duvets like improving the thermal insulations, providing more warmth, increasing the lifespan of duvets, and protecting the duvets from dirt and dust. Moreover, if you are using multiple super king duvet covers for your super king duvet, you can replace them each time you put on a new bedding set and create a complementary look.

What are the benefits of the super king duvet cover?

Let us state again, super king duvet covers are meant for the super king duvets and there are a number of reasons for which people love to use them. We are describing a few of the major reasons below:

Protection of duvets

 This is the major reason for the popularity of duvets. Duvet covers cover the duvets and fit them tightly. They are filled with down, feathers, or other fillings/padding materials which act as a barrier between the duvet and the surrounding. They act as a barrier and protect the duvet from the dirt, germs, liquid spillage, and the stains and keep the duvets neat and tidy. It helps to increase the life of the duvets and save you money in the long run. They also reduce the need for replacing your duvets quite often.

No need to clean the duvets

 You are unlikely to wash your duvets when you are using the duvet covers. Duvets are often heavy and need dry cleaning which if thought wisely wastes quite a handsome amount of money. To facilitate the cleaning to save you the money, duvet covers are the helpers. They are easy to detach from the duvets and can be washed in the washing machine. You can wash the duvet covers as many times as you want at home improvement without investing money and this factor becomes useful when you have pets who keep on shedding the fur on the duvet.

You can also think it of this way that duvets require dry cleaning or professional laundry which becomes unlikely having covered them with a cover. Consequently, saving you the money that you are likely to spend on their maintenance.

Personalization of bedroom

It is not convenient to buy multiple duvets because they require a large amount of money and a large storage place. Moreover, when it comes to the duvets, they come in a few colors and designs only. In such cases, duvet covers surpass the duvets & help you choose from a wide range. Buying duvet covers is conventional and feasible than buying new duvets. You can swap the duvet covers every time you dress up your bed because they are available in infinite variety & allow you to personalize the look of your bedroom.

They allow you to enjoy the chic, sophisticated, and classy prints according to your choice. For instance when its  spring, you can add large floral or Paisley covers, to make your place look like an autumn place replace the covers with autumn leaf prints, similarly for winter warm and dark toned covers can be used to bring warmth, and in the summer light weight vibrant covers with light prints are the best. It means, you can create a joyous bedroom look with each changing season by dressing up your duvets accordingly.

Maintenance of temperature

The fabric material of the duvet covers provides additional benefits like absorbing the body fluids and keeping your body at a moderate temperature. Duvet covers accumulate the cooling and warming properties to your bedding according to the need of the hour & help you have a comfortable sleep. For instance, flannel, cotton, and linen fabric materials exhibit excellent cooling properties, they work by absorbing the heat and the sweat from your body and provide you with the cooling by allowing the air passage. Moreover, they prevent foul smell.

Easy storage

Duvet covers are easy to store, fold, and replace. You can easily fold and store them after washing or replacing. They do not require much space unlike the duvets. Duvets or other toppers usually require a large storing place unless you suck all the air and make them feel flat like the covers to save place. Storing them the way they are can take up quite a large space in your wardrobe. Unlike them, the covers provide you more freedom to them anywhere. Linen, cotton, Egyptian cotton, and satin made covers are easiest one to store.  Lightweight bedspread covers can be used as summer duvets if you are a warm sleeper or feel too pressurized sleeping under heavy ones. Those bedspreads can be protected with the duvet cover, as the body tends to sweat in the summer that can make the bedspread wick readily, top notch covers are easy to store and cover the bedspreads nicely.

How to put on the super king duvet cover?

Putting on the duvet covers is often a matter of worry if you are not the beginner. This becomes even challenging when you are putting on the super king duvet cover because of the large size of the super king duvets.  Here we are giving an easy and handy guide that will help you put on the super king duvet cover like a pro. Keep on reading…

  1. Turn the inside of the duvet cover out. Lay the duvet uniformly on the bed and spread the duvet cover on it.
  2. Put your hand inside the duvet cover and grab the corners of the duvet from the opposite open end. Holding both corners shake the duvet well so that duvet cover come all over the duvet.
  3. Zip up or button up the open end & there you go. It all set!


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