How to Organize a Small Bedroom

A Small Bedroom

Not everyone has the luxury of having a master bedroom where you can have as much space as possible to get creative with. A small bedroom can easily get cluttered and crowded. The space constraints make it hard to utilize the whole room the way you want to. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative with it. It just means you have to brainstorm a little more to think of creative ideas to utilize the space in an organized way. All you have to do is think from a minimalist’s perspective and keep your room clutter-free.

Store everything in an organized closet system

Installing a closet system not only helps to store your clothes, but it also racks up your shoes and hangs your bags as well. Having shoes lying on the floor, all stacked up can make the room appear quite small and shabby. Take advantage of the extra space in your closet and add shelves or boxes to store your bags and shoes. This storage solution will make your room appear so much brighter and bigger. Not only is this budget-friendly, but you will utilize every inch of space and that is the goal!

Filter out what you don’t need

Sometimes, your room is crowded with stuff you don’t even use. Like your seasonal clothing, your old handbags, your stack of old jewelry, books you don’t read and shoes you don’t wear anymore. Un cluttering and instead of giving or storing away those things you don’t need anymore does make a huge difference. Utilize the space under your bed, store those things in baskets or boxes and hide them away. Having unnecessary stuff just lying around creates a lot of mess instantly and can contribute to insomnia and anxiety.

Utilize the space under your bed

This hack is probably one of the most common hacks to make your small room appear spacious. You can use baskets and storage boxes to store stuff you want and place it under the bed. You can always find storage containers of different shapes and sizes under a budget. This way you can utilize more space in an organized manner. This storage idea is a great way to unclutter your room.

Install shelves on the walls

This is the easiest way to gain a lot of organized space. A really good idea would be to replace tables with shelves. Instead of using one big dressing table, you can install 2-3 shelves and organize your items on those shelves. This way you’re gaining a lot of space and your room will appear more organized and spacious.

Less is more

With a single nightstand, it’s easy to just pile up all your clothes and bags onto it while you move around. This can appear messy and also make it look disorganized. Clear your nightstand often and only hang clothing or bags you need for daily use. You can also replace your side lamps with a single floor lampstand. Less is more. This will also limit the use of 2 separate lamps and 2 separate tables to a single lamp which will help the room become more organized.


Installing dividers into your dressing table drawers will help you organize stuff accordingly. You’ll be able to find what you want quickly. This is a budget-friendly yet very organized way of utilizing space.

Bedside organizer

If you don’t have space for a side table, you can add a bedside organizer to hold all your important stuff whenever you need, from your remote controls or tablets to your books or magazines. It’s a small hack to stay more organized.

Bookcase bed frame

Installing 2 single bookcases to each side of your bed and attaching a wooden board at the top makes it look like the frame of the bed. This way you limit the number of side tables that would be flooring the room. These shelves come in different colors and sizes and the best part is that it’s a very budget-friendly way to organize your stuff whether your room is big or small. It works for everyone!

Utilize the space at the back of your door

Even if your room is super crowded, you can always see potential in reclaiming the space at the back of your door. Instead of just piling up your nightstand, you can shift some of the things at the back of your door. It’s the perfect space for your ‘extra stuff’ since its pretty much invisible to everyone when you leave the door open. You can also install a friendly back door organizer where you can hang your bags and scarves easily in an organized way. This makes it look very neat and proper and also makes the room appear spacious.

Wall-mounted desk

If you need a desk for studying or need an office area but have no space, there’s no need to worry as you can always create your own area and space. You can have a wall-mounted desk where you can place your table lamp and stationery easily. It’s a great hack as you don’t need to spend on another table which takes up the flooring space. You can even create one with cubical shelves and wooden boards.

Install a pegboard organizer

Creating a pegboard and mounting it to the wall is one of the most popular bedroom storage hacks. You can make one easily with a pegboard and some paint and shed tools. You can hang them almost anywhere in your room and hang your jewelry or bags on it. This saves up a lot of space and is a super creative way to be more organized!

If you don’t have a closet, you can build one

Installing a clothing rack to hang your clothes from is a quite sleek way to organize your clothing. You can also have a portable clothing rack in an empty corner.

The important thing to remember while implementing these ideas is to utilize every inch of space when possible in an organized manner.

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