Creative Ideas For Kids Bedrooms

Many of us have been through the situation where we want to design or renovate our house and it becomes difficult to incorporate the different requirements and preferences of different family members in the interior design. And when it comes to the kids bedroom, you can expect a whole new array of specifications and demands! Of course, it may not be possible to adopt all of those ideas and designs in the kids bedroom and you are left with angry children who just don’t want to talk to you!

It can become very difficult to please kids when it comes to their bedroom design and interior. For this reason, we have come up with a few creative design ideas and tips that you can take inspiration from and incorporate them into your kid’s bedrooms. These design ideas are sure to make any kid happy and you will become the best parent ever!

So without any further ado, let’s get to the fun part!

Bunk Beds In A Boys Room

In case of multiple kids sharing a room, space can be an issue since you would need separate beds for each of them but the room might not be big enough to accommodate all the beds without making the space a bit cramped. Not an issue if you act wisely! By adding bunk beds in the room, you can not only create a cool and fun layout for the kids, but it will also save you a lot of space which you can utilize in some other way.

kids bedroom with bunk bed

Consider the following image of a really creative kids bedroom designed by Swiss Interior. Even in a small room, there are three beds placed in the form of 1 platform bed and two platform bunk beds. Each bed has its own storage shelf where the kids can place their small items. A sleek wooden shelf serves as a study table with another shelf overhead that can be used to display decorative items or used to store books and stationary. The designers have even added a basketball net to provide the kids with just about everything they need from functionality to fun to sports.

A similar room has also been created for the girls. The overall layout is the same with a different color theme to cater to the girls’ aesthetics. A beautiful combo of gray and pink has been adopted with a few hints of girly stuff such as flowers and a pink ladder.

Cool And Trendy Beds

kids bedroom

Another idea that is quite trending these days is to get customized beds made for the kids according to their preferences and choices. It could be in their favorite movie character theme, in a particular color of their choice, or in a unique and different shape. In the following kids bedroom, a car bed has been added which immediately creates a fun outlook for the room. You can even choose matching bed sheets as has been done below. Coordinating blue color has been used for two of the walls whereas the others are kept neutral. A race track rug is placed in line with the overall theme of the room. A small tent and shelves help to complete the look of this creative yet functional kids room. Notice how the fan has also been painted in fun colors. The main idea is to add all kinds of functionality in the room but make them fun by adding colors or other fun-filled decoration so that the kids can be pleased with it.

Add Some Color To A Pastel Bedroom

For kids a little older, you cannot add movie character beds or rugs to please them; as they mature, they tend to shift towards a more neutral and pastel bedroom. However, that does not mean that they need to let go of a few of their favorite toys or that they cannot incorporate colors in their room. A beautiful example from where you can take inspiration from is the following kids bedroom. It is predominantly neutral and pastel with the walls, carpentry, floor, and bed adorned in shades of beige and brown. The sofa is also kept neutral in a light gray color. But then the colorful elements come in! Sitting on the sofa are two colorful stuffed toys that immediately elevate the room’s appearance. The walls have also been adorned with creative art pieces. A sleek study table and shelves are installed with the wall that helps to keep the room functional. You can take ideas from this design and make your own changes to make the perfect fun-filled yet functional bedroom for your kids!

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