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I imagine that we all have the same thoughts when it comes to redecorating. You could just be sitting there one day, looking around you and suddenly, you spot the yellowing paint on the skirting boards and door frames. The realization that this needs attention prompts you to consider redecorating, but then you remember everything it entails. Continue reading for our tips on how you can take the hassle out of what can be a mammoth task.

Plan Ahead

Planning ahead will really help make things a lot easier for you. Redecorating usually needs to be done every five years to ensure everything is kept looking fresh. Therefore, if you space out the rooms when you decorate, you then will have fewer rooms to do at a time. When faced with several areas which require a good lick of paint or even a complete overhaul, this can be overwhelming. Coming up with a schedule in advance can really take away those negative feelings and thus make the experience a whole lot less stressful and generally much simpler. Do take into account that some properties will require more regular maintenance if, for example, you are smokers and therefore the walls have nicotine staining. Also, homes with certain pets may find that the redecoration process needs to happen more often.

Declutter in Advance

Sometimes, the reason for redecorating being a complicated job can be because you simply have too much stuff, so decluttering can be superb. If you have fewer items within the house, this will speed the process up as there will be less to move around while you are doing the work. Furthermore, when it comes to the end goal of the job, there is no doubt that you will be searching for a different look anyway and your old belongings may not make the grade.

Get the Professionals In

If the thought of redecorating is overwhelming or perhaps you are concerned about your lack of expertise, consider hiring someone to do the job for you. If you are seeking Asheville painters, for example, always go for a reputable company with a great deal of experience. Make sure that you discuss all of your requirements in advance and get a comprehensive quote. Some professionals provide the materials for you; others expect you to source them to ensure it is the right shade paint. However, the best in the business will always use their own equipment as it will be top-quality and their preferred brands and types.

Avoid a Complete Overhaul

It can be really tempting to completely change a room by adding a feature wall, changing the wallpaper or even painting with a completely different shade. Although this certainly will have a big impact, it will also cause you more stress and take longer. Instead, why not opt for some simple, but effective changes once you have given the room a fresh lick of paint (in the same color!). Why not change the curtains for a quick change? Alternatively, swap around the wall art or add some new cushions. Even using a slipcover for your sofa can have a massive effect.

Here are some useful tips from Momma From Scratch on how to redecorate on a budget:

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