What Is A Quiet Shop-Vac, And Why You Need One?

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A shop vac is a type of vacuum mostly used in construction woodworking shops, hence the name. It is made up of a suction unit and a high powered motor. The shop vac also consists of a big hose, a canister for holding the debris, and it is very useful when it comes to cleaning large surfaces. 

The wet/dry shop vac can even suck water or any wetness from a surface. A shop vac differs from the normal household vacuum in that it can suck larger debris, screws nails, small metal pieces, or chunks of wood.

Some shop vacs are very noisy since the suction is mainly based on the power to create a low- pressure space in the canister. Most shop vacs produce a lot of noise that why it’s wise to be keen when purchasing in the market to go for the quieter ones. Sources of the sound are mainly the motor, a dirty filter, or a broken fan. 

The price of a shop vac depends on some factors like the bucket capacity, whether it is wet vac or not, its suction power, portability, materials it is made of, among others. The prices will also differ from one brand to another, so go for the one that suits your needs.

Why you need a Quiet shop vac?

According to Soundproof Nation, quiet shop vacs differ from the regular household vacuums in how they work. They have tougher and bigger hoses to handle bigger particles, while normal vacuum can only suck little pieces like dust and some dirt. They are also bigger and bulkier than home vacuums.

A shop vac can also be used to clean wet messes. At home, it is mainly used to clean verandas, garage, porch, or the driveway. In constructions, they are used to clean when the spaces become messy to work on. Shop vacs clean at a faster rate than the normal vacuums.

Why Is Your Vacuum Cleaner Noisy?

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There are several reasons why vacuum cleaners are so noisy. The first thing to ask how strong should a vacuum be? 

You can measure the noise in decibels with an average vacuum cleaner that produces about 80 dB of sound. If you think your vacuum cleaner sounds louder, there may be a problem with the vacuum cleaner motor. Below are some of the reasons why vacuum cleaners are so loud:

The change in air pressure through the fan and vacuum suction.

When the vacuum fan rotates at a very high speed and collects dust, the air escapes and is then sucked into the vacuum cup. This fan air flow and vacuum suction create noise. Boring, the better the suction power of your vacuum cleaner, the stronger it will be.

The motor

The motor can be one of the main reasons why the vacuum cleaner is so loud. The motor rotates around the inside of the vacuum cleaner, which moves the belt, consumes electricity, but also generates loud noises. AC or AC motors are the loudest. Avoid them and a DC motor if you want a quieter vacuum.

The body of the vacuum cleaner vibrates

When air moves and meets different things, such as other parts of a vacuum cleaner, noise vibrations are created that you can hear. Since many vacuum cleaners are manufactured with a plastic housing, even more noise is produced when the plastic vibrates.

What are the Benefits of  a Quiet Shop Vac

Shop vacs simplify the cleaning process, which might have cost you more time and energy. They are useful when it comes to cleaning large spaces, which would be tiresome to clean manually. They are bigger and tougher thus can suck large debris from a surface. It is also more powerful than a regular household vacuum.

They have flexible and longer hoses to simplify the cleaning. Some have wheels to help you move it around when cleaning. Their suction rate is also faster and has more power compared to the normal home vacuum. Some shop vacs are designed to clean up wet messes from surfaces.

Some shop vacs are quieter and produce less noise when in use. This type of shop vacs is designed in a way that they block airflow, thus produce less noise. They do not easily clog due to their big hoses, where larger debris can pass through without blocking the passage.

They have to be lifted and flipped to empty them after the suction, while for the ordinary household vacuums, you have to remove the bag and the filter compartment to drain. They are commonly used in workshops and construction where there is usually a lot of mess.

How to Make a Vacuum Cleaner Quiet


There are different ways to make a vacuum cleaner quiet as illustrated below.

Step 1 – Pull out the Vacuum Cleaner

Before cleaning the vacuum cleaner, make sure to unplug it to avoid electric shock.

Step 2 – Check the Bag

Check the bag regularly and change it as soon as you feel the need.

Step 3 – Remove the Screws, Nuts and Bolts

Screws, nuts and bolts can damage the motor of your vacuum cleaner. So make sure your remove these items every time you are done vacuuming.

Step 4 – Empty the Container

If you have a bagless vacuum cleaner, you will need to empty the basket after use.

Step 5 – Clean the brush roller

Also known as a mixer bar, it is the brush that rotates under the vacuum cleaner and removes dirt from carpets. Replacing the bag or cleaning the container is not enough. You should also clean the brush roller as dirt or debris such as human and animal hair can stick.

Step 6 – Clean and Grease the Brush Roller Bearing

If your vacuum cleaner is supplied with a brush roller, it is important to lubricate the bearings so that the accumulated residue is not so difficult to remove the next time you use it.

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