Working from home: creating the perfect environment

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Working from home can be an incredibly refreshing experience. Just picture it: no need to fake smiles to colleagues at an unearthly hour in the morning, no long drive in, no need to even properly get showered or dressed prior to embarking on your working day. Sound appealing? We thought so. However, to get the most from your experience, it is important to create the perfect environment in which to work. Continue reading for our guide to doing just that.

Dedicated Space

Sitting in the living room with your laptop on your knee in front of the television might seem like a good idea to begin with. However, your productivity will be less than if you work in a dedicated space. Perhaps you are able to invest a little time and effort to overhaul your spare room into a home office. Alternatively, if you have suitable finances, a garden room can be a fantastic place from which to work. It would also be possible to choose exactly what you want in terms of size, features and style. If you do have young children, be sure to set firm boundaries to ensure they know they are not allowed to use your office as a play room.


Investing in suitable furniture is a must when it comes to creating the perfect working environment. Many more people are choosing to purchase desks which rise and fall, allowing for work at a computer standing up or sitting down. Whichever is your preferred option, you will still need to shop around for a good quality chair to suit your needs. Consider also what storage you will have within your office. A filing cabinet is the norm to lock away personal details of your customers, potential or existing. Many people also have book cases or shelves on which to store important books to refer to as well as folders you use frequently. It is also worth spending time thinking about where bulking electrical equipment such as printers will be placed.


Dark walls are a definite no when it comes to offices especially if the space in which you work is fairly small. Choose a fresh colour such as white or even a pale green or yellow. This does not mean that your room needs to be bland. A burst of colour can be added through wall art of even the shade of your furniture. Your choice of décor will differ depending on the purpose of your home office. If it is a fairly large space in which you could hold meetings, you need to be mindful about other people visiting and therefore it being appropriate and tasteful. Limiting the number of personal items within the room will make it seem more professional, so one photo of your family is great, an abundance of them is excessive and unnecessary. If, however, your home office is simply a space in which you will carry out your work, you can choose exactly what you want.

In closing, a few home office design ideas from Sean Cannell:

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