Best Christmas Home Decorations

Christmas Home Decorations

There are many ideas out there that may work for your home this Christmas and the easiest way to get to come to a conclusion is to take the best out of many as you can.

Some hints are useful and you never go through too many advices when it comes to your home decoration for the Christmas time.

Some useful tips

Once your mind is set up on a theme, try to stick to it and get the decorations that give a nice flow to the entire house.

Even though gold may not be flowing your boat, try to subtly insert some gold details around the house. It’s going to give a luxurious and elegant vibe, if you don’t overdo it.

Don’t hesitate to add a bit of quirk when decorating for Christmas. No matter how you put it, a Christmas décor always works better if it has a touch of your personality. It needs to be your own, in order to look nice in your home.

Some like to setup a Holiday shelf, but it can very well be a small area in your home entirely created and filled with Christmas items. From the glass ornaments, to the colorful ones, this Holiday corner may become the centerpiece of your entire home decoration.

Don’t forget about the scent that may become a Christmas element on its own. After all, ginger, pine or some freshly baked cookies are always going to remind us of the most wonderful time of the year.

Get creative and use also natural decorations around the house. There’s no better way for your home to smell as fresh pine like actually using some natural pine wreaths.

A living runner is always a great idea and it’s not just a decorative piece, but also a fun item for the kids who get so anxious near all the hanging stockings.

No matter what your ideas are in the end, it’s essential to make the Christmas decorating a fun and joyful experience, every single time.

Our ideas for this Christmas

Decorate the Christmas table with the .Collections Etc Santa Suit Christmas Silverware Holder Pockets Red, 6PCS.

The set includes 6 fun and colorful detailed pockets that hold so nicely your silverware on the Christmas dinner. You get 3 jackets and 3 pairs of pants that are large enough to fit a fork, a knife, and a spoon.

The gold buckle, the little black belts are well made and the holders are carefully handmade, as a matter of fact. They have a durability feel and are colorful,

Made of polyester, the set looks cute and brings a merry, colorful feel to any table during the jolly season. If they’re too small for your silverware, you may always hang them in the Christmas tree anyway.

When you’re determined to do it all the way, when it comes to Christmas decoration, it means you think about all the little details. In this case, the Carnation Home Fashions Santa Claus Ceramic Resin Shower Curtain Hooks-set of 12 really mean you’re dedicated and a truly Christmas fan.

The decorative resin hooks are made of ceramic and look very festive. They are hand painted so they are nicely colored and well made.

The hooks present a long lasting design and the shower curtains are easy to hang with them. Their design fits many bathroom decors so the hooks are quite versatile.

Colorful and festive, the hooks are as pictured and are a great little detail in any bathroom.

Bring a smile on everyone visiting your home this Christmas with the OliaDesign Christmas Decorations Happy Santa Toilet Seat Cover and Rug Set.

The set is a fun and cute option to decorate your toilet seat and tank, whereas the colorful contour rug is the final piece of the set.

The pieces are made of good felt and may serve you well for more than one year. The rug comes with skid-resistant rubber back and stays in place, whereas the seat and tank cover remain in place thanks to the elastic that ensures a snug fit. As for the tissue box cover, it’s just simply cute and colorful.

The set is made of 100% polyester and is easy to machine wash when in need.

Colorful and merry, the set is a cheap way to decorate a bit your bathroom this Christmas.

If you’re aiming for the fairy tale feel this Christmas, don’t hesitate to use also the Metal Holiday Tin Soldier Wall Decoration, 45″H.

The old-fashioned tin soldier is hand painted and the metal sculpture presents all the details that the typical toys have.

The deep red color of the jacket looks nice and you may get two for the best décor on your fireplace or door.

The keyhole back allows the soldier to hang flush against the wall. The soldier is 45” tall and 7 ½ “ wide.

The sculpture doesn’t have the best stability, but its looks makes out for it.

Easy to set it up, made of metal, the soldier is a true story teller for any home this Christmas.

Don’t forget about your fridge when decorating your home this Christmas. The Snowman Kitchen Appliance Handle Covers – Set of 3 – Christmas Decoration Idea are an easy way to create a fun Christmas feel in your kitchen.

The appliance handle covers look nice and are easy to attach and remove. Each snowman handle cover comes with a top to bottom Velcro so it stays in place, no matter how often you’re opening/closing the fridge. The Velcro is good and the snowman remains in place.

You get two vertical snowman handle covers that go great for the two-door refrigerator, but you may use them for the microwave and the door refrigerator.

The horizontal handle cover presents 4 cute snowman faces and you may use it for the oven handle, for instance.

You may want to better secure the snowmen heads with some ribbons.

Colorful and merry, the handle covers are a great way to give your kitchen a festive feel.

Bring a merry vibe into your living room with a cute and happy display of the Christmas Decorations-BLUETTEK Santa Series Cotton Linen Throw Pillow Case 18 Inch by 18 Inch, (Set of 6).

The pillow cases are very nicely colored and they are all different. The prints are beautiful and the cases look nice.

The fabric is 100% grade cotton linen that is durable and feels nice against the skin. The pillowcases have a hidden zipper design and are easy to machine wash when in need. Keep in mind though to always washing them under 35C degree water. As for the hidden zipper, it does glide nice and smooth every time and it’s not difficult to insert/remove the pillow inserts.

The pattern is only on front side and the pillowcases make a nice change in any room.

Cute, easy to use and nicely colored, the pillowcases are a great way to lift up the Christmas spirit around your home.

Subtle and elegant, The Original MantleClip Stocking Holder with Removable Holiday Icons, Gold 4-pack (Assorted Icons) are a great detail to use for the stockings.

The set includes 4 metal Mantle clips with 4 silver plastic icons. The icons have nice details and look great over the chimney. They are easy to attach to the front of the Original Mantle Clip.

Even though the icons are made of plastic, the actual holders are made with tough metal that gives them stability and a good hold to your stockings.

The clips extend up to 3 inches for fit perfectly most mantels out there.

The plastic icons are different from one another: 1 snowman, 1 reindeer, 1 snowflake and 1 tree.

You may use the holders for stockings, but they’re tough enough to hold some lights, garland or other Christmas decorations.

The holders are well made and their protective pads minimize risk for scratching, extending their durability.

For the traditional Christmas dinner, your table has to look festive and Christmassy and you may give this looks with the Benson Mills Christmas Ribbons Engineered Printed Fabric Tablecloth, 60-Inch-by-120 Inch.

The tablecloth is shiny in a subtle way and comes with beautiful Christmas patterns that set a warm, merry vibe on every dinner.

The fabric is made with 55% cotton and 45% polyester so it takes well the intense use, but it’s also very easy to clean, by machine washing.

The tablecloth features an engineered print of Christmas Ribbons, leaving an elegant feel to your dinner.

There are 5 sizes to choose from, for a better fit to your dinner table. You may also choose from other patterns that keep the festive and elegant feel.

The material has a good weight and hangs nice. The colors are vivid and the tablecloth welcomes anyone at the dinner table.

Looking great under the Christmas tree and giving a nice glow throughout the entire holidays, the Lighted Gift Box Decor (Red & Green) are a colorful option to decorate your home.

The set includes three gift boxes, differently sized, but with the same decorations. The red and gold fabric on the boxes mixes so nicely with the red striped ribbons, leaving a traditional and everlasting Christmas feel.

The boxes are UL-listed and are made with rattan, burlap and metal. The light inside each box gives a warm, beautiful effect when it’s on.

The gradually sized boxes make a nice display on your porch or under the Christmas tree, when the gifts are all gone. They give a nice glow and have a durability feel.

The door is the first thing your guests see when they enter your home so it needs a nice decoration during the winter holidays. The National Tree 24 Inch Crestwood Spruce Christmas Wreath with Silver Bristle, Cones, Red Berries and 50 Clear Lights (CW7-306-24W-1) is a well-priced and nice looking wreath that makes your door look ready for Christmas.

The wreath is pre-lit and has a 24” diameter, which is ok for most doors out there. It includes 50 clear lights that give a nice light when plugged in.

The Christmas wreath isn’t simple at all and comes with pinecones, red berried and glitter, so you don’t really need to add more decorations. If you like it more festive, you may add a few more details, though.

You need an electrical outlet for the wreath that is fire-resistant and safe for the allergic customer, as it’s non-allergenic.

You may use the wreath indoor and outdoor as well, on a door, window or even on a wall. It looks nice and sends you in the Christmas mood, for sure.

Give your home a vintage feel this Christmas with the Vintage Santa Wooden Advent Calendar with Doors from Primitives by Kathy.


The decoration has a beautiful vintage design as the advent calendar is painted with red finish. You may safely and easily wall mount the calendar since it comes with small hooks on the back. It has a rugged build though and it may very well stand on its own.

The calendar is made with wood so it’s natural and looks nice, not to mention long lasting.

All kids are going to love the individual compartments with doors that are actually big enough to hold a candy or other small ornament.

Elegant and natural looking, the GKI/Bethlehem Lighting Green River Spruce Battery Operated LED Garland with 3-Function Controller, 6′ is a great piece of decoration that you may use for your living runner or to warm up the stairs.

The garland is made with PE/PVC mixed foliage, it features natural pinecones, and fragile magnolia leaves. The cedar tips have a real fell and the garland has no artificial vibe.

The LED lights on the garland give a warm, white light and the garland comes with a control box. Even though it’s quite large, the control box isn’t difficult to operate.

The garland is well made, doesn’t shed and can handle some pets as well. It gives a subtle light and may be used as it is or decorated with few more colorful ornaments. Either way, it’s a great item to get when decorating your home.

The white Penn 58-397W-066 Best Seasonal Decoration Product has a nice, artistic feel to it and leaves a dreamy feel all around it.

The angle has a white metal body and some may find it a bi tricky to put it together. It has a nice glow thanks to the sparkling silver glitter flakes.

The attention to the details is amazing and the trumpet and wings have subtle, yet beautiful gold glitter flakes for a better contrast.

The angel is pre-lit with 70 clear lights and has a 5 ft. white lead cord and 1 plug with end connector. Therefore, you may stack several lighted decorations together.

The angel is easy to collapse for storage when Christmas is over. It comes with lawn stakes, but it may be used both indoor and outdoor as it’s UL listed. You also get some spare bulbs for the emergencies.

Giving a whimsical, warm light at night, but looking rather well during the day also, the angel is a great option to pin it when decorating your home.

Give your home a fairy tale feel with the Large Handmade Swedish Tomte, Gnome Door Stopper- Holiday Home Decoration Christmas Gifts 2.5 foot Inch Red.

The gnome is hand crafted and artist designed so the attention to details and craftsmanship are impressive.

The gnome is tall and looks great with its red costume and hat. The soft felt is easy to clean with a damp cloth, whereas its nose is made of wool. The long white beard is made with fiber fur and the wire going through its tall hat is easy to bend for the perfect and fun look.

The gnome has a good stability, standing on his own as it has a weighted bottom.

Cute, whimsical and well made, the gnome changes for the good wherever you’d display him.

The Kurt Adler Santa Workshop Musical Advent Calendar, 12-Inch may easily become the centerpiece of your home decoration, as it’s so beautiful and fun to have around the house.

The musical advent calendar has a playful, everlasting vibe to it and plays “Santa Claus is coming to town”.

Not only the advent calendar looks nice as it’s beautifully painted with vibrant colors, but it’s also durable and elegant.

The one-of-a-kind octagon shape brings a festive feel to any holiday décor. The red painted doors feature nice little gold knobs, whereas the white numbered font is all around the octagon calendar.

The front and center of the calendar presents a snowed house, under the night sky. A Santa figure is placed over the calendar and we can see him at work at this green desk. He’s actually handcrafting the toys as we speak 🙂 .

All around Santa, we notice several miniature toys that vary from dolls, to nutcrackers, drums, building blocks and some snowmen.

The 24 little elves give Santa a help so the musical advent calendar is completed.

Well crafted, colorful and fun, the advent calendar is a great decoration over the chimney.

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