Different Styles of Windows

Though it is weird to try to imagine the look of a house without vessels for light and air, the function of windows extends beyond completing a building’s aesthetic. Windows are also responsible for allowing regulated levels of light into a building as well as maintaining some control over the quality of air delivered to occupants. There are many different styles of windows used around the world. This article, however, focuses on the most common types that exist.

Casement Windows

This are windows that are held to their frame by hinges located either at the sides or at the top of the assembly. They are opened and closed using a crank or lever. The way they open provides both great ventilation and lighting.

Hung Windows

There are two styles of windows that fall under this heading. These are double-hung windows and single-hung windows,. The difference between the two is sash mobility. Both models have two sashes, but a single-hung window only has a movable lower sash. Both sashes in a double-hung window can move.

Picture Windows

Pictures windows serve an aesthetic purpose and do not open. The idea is to provide a nice view in addition to sunlight. These windows are usually large and occupy a central wall area.

Slider Windows

Slider windows, as the name suggests, open via a sliding motion to the side. Their architecture is not complicated as the only mechanical piece is usually a lock. They are typically used in low areas such as basements and are known for being inexpensive.

Bay Windows

The frames of these windows have separators and are built in a way to allow light to enter a building at different angles simultaneously. These are mostly used in family kitchens.

Awning Windows

These windows have a crank mechanism that is used to open the windows. They open by emerging from the top of the window sash. They are typically for use away from traffic as the way the windows open can impede traffic.

These are the six most popular styles of windows and you should consider how each can benefit your home before choosing one or more of them.

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