10 Trendy Metallic Home Décor Ideas 

Metallic inspirations are once again brought up in home interior trends this year 2020. From applications of copper accents, warm gold, cool chrome, stainless steel, nickel to brass, it seems like colorful and rustic metals are here to stay! 

This, however, doesn’t mean you should overhaul your house just to be on the mainstream. Little tweaks can make big changes already. For instance, applying golden hues in your interiors by simply using wallpapers can make a difference. In addition to that, we’ve rounded up ten metallic home ideas that you can employ in every inch of your home.

1. Apply Mirror Finishes 

Is there any furniture that you noticed at first glance, but you haven’t paid attention to it? Why? Because it lacks the sophistication that can convince you to look at it. This typically happens to many metallic furniture—they lack appeal. The light-reflective properties of mirrors can solve this. Plus, reflections create illusions of a bigger, airier and brighter space.

2. Adhere Metallic Wallpapers

In addition to reflections, try placing golden metallic wallpaper or fabric to make your wall eye-catching. They produce shiny treatments and molten finishes, making your interior shimmery and bright. Like mirrors, they also reflect lights, consequently making any space brighter and wider. 

3. Use Metal Art Gate

While it provides safety against any malicious intrusion, your gate is also the focal point of your property’s front exterior. The trend now is to utilize a unique design metal art garden gate

Typically, you have to consider using materials that could complement your home’s architectural design. But this metallic gate is multifaceted and would surely improve your home’s curb appeal, as well. 

4. Place Ornamental Metals Throughout Your Interior

Aside from your home’s outer appeal, ornamental metals are also in the spotlight of interior design. Without you realizing it, metal subtleties and finishes, from the indoor and outdoor hardware to cabinet door pulls, are already everywhere in your house. Still and all, these gorgeous metals are best used on the banisters and wrought ornamental iron railings. 

5. Match and Combine Metallics

Never mix metals—an old rule of thumb. But gone are those days when you have to stick to one material. At this time and age, experimenting with unusual color combos is now the new it. 

Metallic accents are all the rage at the moment and as a result, metallic home decor has become a hugely sought-after design trend. If you’re into vintage medieval decor you can easily attach swords and axes on your walls but if you have extra space and a dime to spare, it’s best to invest in a functional knight’s armor. Having a focal point is one of the most fundamental aspects in interior design and this is a perfect piece of medieval home decor that can be turned into an extraordinary statement piece for your living room or bedroom.

People aren’t only accepting but also embracing a mixture of silver and gold, as well as shine and tarnish. Try placing an artistic array of unique metallic décor on your shelves. 

6. Revive the Appeal of Corrugated Metal 

Opt for the corrugated metal in the corners of your cabinetries, ceilings, and walls if your decorative taste steers towards natural and rustic metallic finishes. This is especially recommended for male homeowners. 

Applying corrugated metals as creative accent walls in bathrooms and bedrooms doesn’t only show one’s fondness towards repurposed and recycled materials, but could also add more masculine vibes. 

7. Work with Lighting

You don’t have to purchase expensive chandeliers to make your living space elegant. Throwing warm lighting on to silvered finishes could play some tricks. The gold accents they produce are almost exactly the same as those of the hanging lights.

Opt for special foiled bulbs and lamps with gold-lined shades. Doing so will be not only an ideal combination of metals but also a cost-efficient means of making things versatile. Who knows, maybe you’ll get tired of metallics soon. 

8. Stick to One Accent Color

It’s always the design richness that’s behind the effectiveness of a palette. It’s best to stick to one accent color. For instance, use jewel tones for a maximalist look, subdued grey-tinged color for a chic ambiance, and a pastel but not a saccharine shade for a feminine vibe. 

9. Bring Back Those Gold and Brass Furniture

Almost every homeowner is now going for ready-to-assemble furniture. But they’re kind of dry and boring to look at, are they? Add some dramatic flair with any gold or brass furniture. Pendant lights, wall sconces, and other lighting fixtures can show off some golden hues. They add creative accents and glam to your dull wooden furniture.  

10. Opt for Plumbing Fixtures as Metal Glitz

Plumbing fixtures have been staples in our kitchens and bathrooms. But now we’re using them not for cooking nor showering, but in designing. You’d probably see pipes used as mirror frames, table feet, shoe racks, lighting holders, and even cabinets. This decorative metal way of designing blends the touch of industrial style and universal appeal for any gender.


This Metal craze in home improvement has been sneaking up on us not only today but for countless years already. Why not? Metals can be utilized in almost all ways, be it on your ceilings, walls, stairs, joinery, or textiles. What’s more, it doesn’t only showcase elegant and rustic designs but also enhance the temperateness, gloss, and brightness and of any space.

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