How to Become an Interior Designer

Starting something new comes with a lot of challenges. One of them is doubt. People often doubt themselves or their capability when they try to start something new. Only a few end up breaking out of their shell of self-doubt to take a bold step forward. Surely, once you have a conviction in your mind or a passion for a thing, never hold yourself back.

Are you passionate about design? Are you keen on interior decoration? Do you have a taste for colors? Then, you should read further. In this article, I would like to show you how you can become an interior decorator hassle-free. You do not need prior experience to understand the process as I would like to show you in simple and understanding steps achieving your dream is a home or office decorator. Follow me as I walk you through how to become an interior decorator. If you need to have a quick look, here are also job opportunities for the work from home interior designer.

Be Passionate About Design

Without passion, you will never do anything worthwhile. Passion is the fuel that drives us towards any goal until it becomes a reality.

Similarly, passion is essential to becoming an interior designer. The first thing you need to ask yourself is – Am I passionate about designs, or do I want to do it for the money?

You see, your passion will make you love what you do, irrespective of the money. Therefore, let passion be your driving force into the design craft, and the sky will only be your take off-board.

Take Your Focus off the Salary

Why do you want to be an interior designer? Is it for the money? Do you think it is your fast route to wealth? Let me quickly show you a shocking analysis. An average interior designer in the US earns about $42,000 yearly, and that depends on factors like education, experience, and expertise. I think you will have to re-think your intention of becoming an interior designer if your focus is only on monetary gain.

Develop the Skills

Amazingly, becoming an interior decorator is a craft that does not have to be inborn. You can learn it and become an expert at it. So, now, before you launch out into the vast pools of interior decorator, first focus on developing your skills.

The 21st century has made skill development easy for anyone, so you can learn a skill from scratch and become professional within a very short period. Interestingly, there are blogs, YouTube channels, webinars, and online classrooms on becoming an interior decorator. Harness these opportunities to hone your skills.

Practice Your Skills

What is the need for a skill you do not put into use? It is more like wasting time and resources. Start to put your skills into work in your little way. You can start with your room and invite friends to show what you do. Of course, you do not have to be perfect on your first trial, but subsequent practice makes you become better and grow your skills.

It will interest you to know that through practice, you can land your first decorating job either as an intern or working for an agency. Progressively, you will work, learn, and earn. Therefore, keep practicing and be open to opportunities.

Get a Certificate

Regardless of how much you do interior design, not having a degree will put you in the rear seat among other designers. However, if you do not plan to take your interior designing to another level of professionalism, you might not necessarily need a certificate. But if you have intentions of becoming a professional interior designer, it will be a great benefit if you can enroll for a degree in art or interior design school.

An interior design degree will distinguish you among others, and set you apart for the job. Many organizations need designers for their offices, who are not only skillful but also have a portfolio in design and creativity.

Become a Specialist

Interior design is a really vast field. Choose the path that interests you the most and specialize in it. Are you passionate about fabrics or titles? Do you want to be a home decorator with an interest in timber and fabrics? Or do you like the aspect of lightning?

So, it is important to choose a specialty as you move up the ladder of becoming an interior designer.

Learn New Trends in Interior Design

Interestingly, interior design has moved from conventional to virtual design. Yes! Virtual. Only a few know that you can employ the service of a designer from anywhere in the world and still get the best design you desire, even more. The advent of technology has made designing a whole lot more easy and efficient.

There are free online design tools like Planner 5D, Roomstyler 3D home planner, Ikea Kitchen Planner, and a lot more. These tools allow you to create, draw, and make a beautiful design for yourself or a client design. These are the latest trends in interior design you should keep abreast of if you want to become an excellent interior designer.

Knowledge About Design Materials

Beyond creativity, interior design also entails putting the right things where they ought to be, and this can only be made possible through knowledge. Anyone into interior design needs to understand the properties of the materials for their designs and use them effectively.

Now that you have all it takes to become an interior designer, do not hesitate to take action in the direction of your passion. I believe with consistent practice and learning, and you will surely improve in the interior design profession. Cheers to your success!

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