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How You Can Divide Office Space

Planning is essential when it comes to organizing for a sitting. Mostly, your colleagues and clients come to meet you. It would be best if you create a special ambience in it that represents your reputation. When choosing the right solution for the separation of large spaces, it is not very easy to combine maximum functionality, comfort and aesthetic appearance. It will help if you use office room dividers to add value. The best methods for making partition are mentioned in this article. 

Short description of partition system 

Office partition systems occupy a different market segment and represent a comprehensive construction solution. It does not imply the laying of special requirements for the project. It is perhaps the main advantage of glass and another frame for office partitions. They can be equally well mounted in various types of rooms. At the same time, the partitions are easy to dismantle and arranged in a modular system. This strategy allows the partition to be used again and even freely changes the configuration of the walls. 

Office partitions: how to divide office space 

Nevertheless, this technology has a somewhat limited scope. Therefore, it is vital to understand operation practicality. In almost all the offices, it is necessary to equip the office premises. Hence, the management uses a stationary fence or partitions according to their need and awareness. For example, printed, designed, and thin partitions have relatively low isolation from airborne noise. Inevitably, they are inferior in terms of this parameter to isolate walls. However, confidently sales managers would argue the opposite. 

Office partitions

For this reason, the room is centralized by departments. Walls are constructed for their separation and the arrangement of service rooms, and only then the operation is carried out on workplaces. So, if you would combine thin partitions with main walls, this optimal solution would work with both functionally and in terms of saving on expensive special fittings. When it comes to costly fittings for the partition, standard wooden doors and fittings would cost you 2-3 times cheaper than branded ones.

Varieties of frames

Most used office partition system consists of plastic, aluminium or stainless steel frame. It does not only give the structure the required strength, but seals are also placed in the grooves of the profile. This adjustment achieves a sound insulation level comparable to the panel’s own parameters.

Partition specification

In shape and configuration, the profiles are similar to plastic windows. However, instead of soldering, a mechanical connection is used with bolts and self-tapping screws. The installation technique is very similar to assembling the frame of traditional partitions. Only the elements are not connected directly but by means of steel corners.

Unlike the window, the profile of the partitions is complete and composite. It is formed from mouldings of various shapes, interconnected by latches or self-tapping screws. The best performance is characterized by profiles with the least possible number of components due to its simpler and more reliable device. At the same time, profiles of a conventional form do not have a sufficiently dense vestibule. It means that they are poorly insulated from sound.

In practice, the optimal specifications of the partitions set are as follows: 

  • Fixing the shoulder strap of the main profile with mounting holes and grooves for snapping additional elements.
  • Corner pad – inner platband with a remote side, the width of which depends on the thickness of the filler panel. 
  • Flat overlay, it is also a glazing bead and platband on the outer side of the partition. 
  • Four main types of uprights: simple, a set of an arbitrary angle, a right angle post and a T-junction post. 

Glass partitions

For all-glass partitions, the kit is even more modest. This system contains universal point holders of the glass panel and decorative side overlays, plus several straight and corner connectors. More complex and diverse fittings distinguish such partitions. Only the doors can move to and fro, sliding and classic swing, with a door frame.

Filling Options 

Almost any sheet materials can fill the cells between the partition frames. The life of these materials is durable compared to profile sealing. The pads mentioned above do hide not only technical details of the structure but also fix flat panel inside the cell. The profile is designed in a way that, during installation, only flat plates between them, the fastening shoulder strap and a groove of a common format is formed. You can insert either a 16-mm chipboard sheet or the same thickness gypsum board with factory decorative trim. Thus, the partition may have a two-sided cladding and filling of soundproofing material.


If the partition is sheathed on one side, the filler is often a sheet of stained glass. Choosing an angular strip with different shelf widths can vary the internal clearance. It depends on the thickness of the insertion point. To install single glass, rubber seals with different sizes of the groove are used. The glass is clamped securely after clicking on the external profile elements. In all-glass and frame partitions with high safety requirements, tempered glass sheets 8–14 mm thick are installed in exactly the same way. 

The standard sizes of sheet materials for filling may vary widely. In the concept of frame partitions, filling helps to adjust the height and width of the sections, so they can be adjusted freely. However, you should know the type of aggregate and its exact dimensions to determine the number and placement of imposts. 

Accessories for partitions 

A wide range of auxiliary devices and mechanisms is provided for the partitioning. First of all, this applies to partition doors, which are of the highest structural complexity. 

Classic doors in frame partitions are installed on the opening side. They are not much different from PVC systems, but there are no mechanisms for the narthex around the perimeter. The lock bases for such doors are quite ordinary, and the hinges are mounted at an arbitrary height with steel screws. 

Pendulum and sliding doors are more complicated. They use special sets of fittings to install. The fastening of its elements directly with the glass is carried out by adjustable point clamps. On the other hand, factory-made holes are used for insertion. Otherwise, the set of accessories for all-glass doors is as complete as for ordinary ones: closers, handles, locks and strike plates. 


It is important to know the blind system of frame partitions when you intend to purchase partition for your office or home. Due to the presence of cavities inside the rack profile, it becomes possible to lay part of the mechanism inside it. The main strip of the blinds is mounted inside the window section to the side racks, while the Bowden cable drives the actuator. Moreover, instead of a swing rod, a convenient handle is used. It is often located next to the lock handle in-frame doors. Blinds are preferably used in partitions with double-glazed windows. Inside the sealed chamber, they will not accumulate dust; at the same time, they will remain accessible for repair and convenient to operate.

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