10 Stunning Black Quartz Countertops Design Ideas


Black quartz is one of the most timeless colors available. It conveys prestige, power, elegance, strength, and has countless redeeming qualities.

If you’re not a professional designer, you might have a hard time figuring out how to bring out the sheer brilliance of black countertops. It’ll be hectic just to choose the flooring elements, fixtures, or cabinet door colors.

We heard your cry and came up with 10 stunning quartz countertop ideas. Spend some time going through this list to get a sense of what works well with black quartz.

 1. A Small and Cozy Space

Which tidbits can you take away from this inspirational cozy kitchen snapshot? First, to keep your kitchen bright, go with light-brown flooring. They used red plastic chairs to create an inviting space, and also to enhance the kitchen’s mid-century style.  If you’re craving the same shell lounge plastic chairs, there are cheap, affordable and available with wood or metal legs.

The globe pendant lights are hot trendy additions. Their white light will bring out the veining of a Vanilla Noir or the white sparkles in a Jet Black quartz countertop.


Another note of inspiration is the backless metal counter stools. The metal color blends in with the black countertop. Lastly, for an easy centerpiece, you can incorporate a white vase with fresh flowers.

 2. Gorgeous Waterfall Countertop


Looking to equip a long kitchen island with a quartz marble top? Black quartz can command a large space quite well. Other colors might have been subdued by the scale of this kitchen. It also creates a remarkable waterfall island counter.

 3. Stainless Steel & White Cabinetry


This inspirational kitchen presents us with numerous lessons on black kitchen countertops.
First, the flooring is a lighter shade of brown. Dark flooring would only dampen the otherwise bright kitchen. You can explore options such as engineered wood flooring or vinyl flooring with colors such as Rosewood, Driftwood, Alexandria Oak, etc.

A recurring theme is the use of white cabinets with black quartz. And they no doubt create a sharp contrast. Suspended above the kitchen island are white traditional pendant lights that blend in with the cabinetry.
Stainless steel has long replaced white as the preferred color for appliances. And we can see it clearly in this kitchen. Stainless steel items include the exhaust hood, built-in microwave, fridge, cooker, sink, and faucets.

 4. Checkerboard Floor


Checkerboard floors are common in bars aiming for a chic and retro feel. Most checked floors are crafted from marble, but painted concrete floors work just as well. In this piece, the black and white colors of the floor are the same colors you find in the Vanilla Noir quartz from Caesarstone.

There is the use of brass/copper that pair wells with the countertop. We have the leather bar chairs with brass stands.
Light has been used to illuminate the white veining of the stone thanks to the use of industrial task table lights. Each antique bronze lamp is matched up to a globe pendant light hanging above.

 5. Lush & Exotic

There are numerous design inspirations to draw from this room. The Vanilla Noir countertop is our first take, and is the darkest item and offers the foundation of other pieces.


The statement piece has to be the antique gold-frame mirror, which explains the choice of carpeting and wallpaper.

The gold animal motif wallpaper features tigers and leaves as repeated elements to depict a jungle setting. It also pairs well with the planter pot by the window.

You can also spot an antique matte black faucet, which blends in with the black quartz countertop. Also complementing the countertop is the black wall lamp by the window. Vintage cage wall lamps or sconce lights would also fit in perfectly in this room.

 6. Green on Black


Green plants can bring an otherwise plain quartz countertop to life.  You might get away with using artificial plants. The color of the decorative pot has been made to resemble the black quartz, so attention remains on the thriving plant and soil.

 7. Chair & Chandelier Inspiration from The Bear & Star


You’ll find this beautiful room at the Fess Parker Wine Country Inn. And it’s a remarkable feast for the eyes. Purple chairs have been chosen to add luxury and elegance to the room. Plain chairs may not cut it if you’re looking to dine like royalty. But chairs upholstered by button tufting will.

Another design inspiration to take away from this piece is the contemporary rectangular crystal chandelier. Its matte black iron frame complements the black quartz. Rectangular chandeliers have close to ten bulbs and are perfect for kitchen islands.

 8. Durable Quartz Worktops


Fitted at the boutique Sunset Marquis Hotel are worktops made of Vanilla Noir. Black quartz in this application creates a feeling of posh hospitality. Its glossy surface reflects the surrounding light beautifully and makes the room fancy.

The white veining of the marble is on full display, and it compliments the white border around the Harley Davidson photograph meant as a statement piece. Feel free to match your Vanilla Noir countertop with some photographs, art pieces, sculptures, and other home décor items.

 9. Jet Black Bathroom Inspiration


This shower enclosure features clear glass doors letting our eyes wander in. The recessed shower shelf bears our soaps, shampoos, and other supplies. They are set against the backdrop of gorgeous black quartz.

Strong contrast is achieved thanks to the white walls, which create a feeling of cleanliness. You’ll have the choice of porcelain tiles or ceramic tiles in your bathroom.

People are currently favoring porcelain, and the tiles have to be big. At least 8 X 10 wall tiles. Last and not least is the jet-black slab. It’s durable, waterproof, strong, and there is no grout required to keep it in tip-top shape in this wet environment.

 10. Black Quartz Inspired Furniture


Besides birthing remarkable countertops, Vanilla Noir quartz has inspired this unique coffee table with architectonic-style legs.

Moving to the outdoors we have this inspirational patio industrial-style table. In this piece, the quartz blends seamlessly with bronze.

Don’t settle for non-black

Black kitchen countertops are not limiting. Rather, they allow you to experiment with a wide range of flooring, fixtures, and cabinetry options.  Most of all, ensure you are using a high-quality quartz slab for your creations.

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