How to Choose the Perfect Murphy Bed for Your Space

There’s no denying that Murphy beds are ingenious pieces of furniture that transform any room into a multifunctional space! Afterall, having a Murphy bed means making the most of your space. Who wouldn’t want that?

However, some people find it difficult to choose the ideal Murphy bed for their home. While a wide selection of models provides you with more options, it also makes it harder for you to zero in on that perfect bed. We hope that the following tips will help you choose the Murphy bed of your dreams!

Decide Which Room You Want to Upgrade

The first step to choosing a Murphy bed is to decide where you plan on installing it. Which room do you want to transform into a multipurpose space?

Have you always dreamed of having a home gym, but need a spare bedroom to accommodate your guests? Do you need more space for a home office? Or perhaps a playroom for your children? Maybe you live in a studio or a small apartment and simply need a solution to open up your space during the day? With a Murphy bed, the choice is yours!

It’s easier than ever to have the best of both worlds thanks to a Murphy bed; it’s just a matter of choosing what kind of multipurpose room you want. It’s important to not just choose a room at random or you might one day wish you had upgraded a different room. If you’re hesitating between two rooms, try making a list of pros and cons to assess your needs.

If you need a little inspiration, why not look around online and see what others have done with their Murphy beds? Once you’ve decided which room you want to optimize, you can happily move on to the next step!

Ask Yourself If You Need Modular Components

Did you know that Murphy beds can come with a variety of modular components such as storage units, sofas, desks, and more? Well, now you do, and it is wise to take advantage of those options.

If you have decided to upgrade your living room into a dual bedroom/entertainment space then a unit with a sofa is the perfect way to combine comfortable seating and cozy sleeping quarters. You might also want a model with shelving units to store books or movies or to place decorative items.

If you have chosen to create a multifunctional home office then you might consider a Murphy bed with a desk. Bestar’s Lumina collection features models with foldable tables that can serve as desks while their Versatile collection includes units with free-standing desks to help you get to work.

If you think your upgraded space might serve as a bedroom more often than not, then you should look into models with storage units that include drawers, storage cubbies, or clothing rods. With these handy features, you can easily organize clothing and accessories.

Measure and Assess Your Space

You have now chosen which room to upgrade and which modular components are ideal for you. Before you purchase a Murphy bed, however, you must absolutely measure your room!

First, make sure your wall is wide enough to fit your bed and any additional storage units. Keep in mind that you want to be able to maneuver easily around your bed, and that is why we recommend assigning a clearance of 30”-36” around the open bed.

Second, check your ceiling height. Most Murphy beds require a minimum ceiling height between 86” and 91”, but some models feature crown moldings and may require additional height. It is always best to give yourself a couple of extra inches of free space to work with during the installation.

Third, determine what type of wall you have. Wood, metal, or masonry wall structures are ideal for self-installation. It is still possible to install a Murphy bed if you have a different wall structure, but we recommend you to seek the help of a professional in that case. Once you have carefully measured your space and made sure that everything can fit, it is time to finally choose your Murphy bed.

Choose a Model You Like

The most enjoyable part is obviously choosing a Murphy bed model that not only meets your requirements, but that also appeals to you. There are endless models of Murphy beds out in the world, and if you do not have any budget restrictions, then the possibilities are endless!

However, it is fully comprehensible that you probably do have a budget, and it is absolutely possible to find both a practical and aesthetically pleasing model that is budget-friendly.

Take the time to look at different Murphy bed designs. Consult the different colors available; do you prefer a single tone or a two-tone design? Do you want a model with moldings or with modern, clean lines? Are you interested in models that feature built in lights? These are elements that might draw you towards one model more than another.

If you’re not sure where to start then perhaps this article from apartment therapy that provides a list of Murphy beds appropriate for different budgets might help you make a choice. Don’t be afraid to explore different options. After all, you want to love your new Murphy bed!

Install and Enjoy

Once you’ve installed your new Murphy bed, it is finally time to make the most of it! You can sleep on your Murphy bed every night if you want to; they are designed to be used on a regular basis.

Take pleasure in how easy it is to have guests over, and how quick it is to fold down your bed rather than set up an inflatable mattress! Be happy with the open space you have when you fold your bed up. Take advantage of this extra space to do activities that make you happy! You chose your Murphy bed to improve your home, now is the time to enjoy it!

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