12 Way to Clean Your Panerai Watches at Home

Watches are regularly used every day and rapidly lose their polish to dust and oils as of the skin, lotions, then further products. Most of the Panerai is continuously a danger of destructive it while trying to clean or reparation on your own at home base. The need to care for your Panerai is to retain their proper function and appropriate appearance. You also need to know that the Panerai style remains faithful to the original Italian designs of the early 20th century. Below are the ways you can clean your Panerai watch from the comfort of your home. 

Use a Moist Cotton Sphere

Once you have to wear your Panerai watch, then you need to stretch it an actual mild cleaning by a barely dampened cotton sphere or the lenient cotton fabric. You then require to damp the cotton besides polish it wisely over your band, although it is essential to be keen while cleaning not to wet inside the watch since you can damage or destroy your watch.

Use Your Soap Dish 

Look up how to clean the Panerai watch, and you will find a confusing brain dump of the information. You can practice mild dish soap and kind sure you don’t put too much in there. Dish soap is made to eat grease and also is light on the alcohol. It was advisable not to apply bleach or any sort of chemical substance on your Panerai watch.  Take care and see how your watch responds to the treatment. 

Clean with Toothpaste 

This is another gentle enough for your teeth, toothpaste is gentle enough for the metal watch. You can carefully rub toothpaste over the spot gently firm cleaning on your Panerai watch. It will directly dirty areas around your watch. Since toothpaste is soft to clean, it will not damage your watch and is the easiest way you can apply if you are in a hurry to leave Home. Make sure you remove all the toothpaste since if you left them, it could cause corrosion. Often, the stain will assemble in gaps in the posse about the watch face; therefore, if that is the situation, usage the dry toothbrush to spread the astronomical and remove dirt.

Use Ammonia for Severe Cases

The Panerai watch band is filthy all over, and you are in the Home, you can soak it in the ammonia solution. Ammonia is also the best way you can apply to your Panerai watch and will not damage. Once you are done, remove it from the ammonia mixture and let it dry first. 

Apply Glass Cleaner to the Cloth 

You can use your glass cleaner to rub all the sides of the Panerai watch face thoroughly. Another thing you can use the plain white household vinegar. You can make deep the glass cleaner and the brand removable, and pour glass cleaner into a cup. You can leave your watch for almost 15 minutes and then eradicate the watch band then scrub with the encounter. Finally, you need to rinse that watch with water to let the watch expression in case the band silent devoted, and not waterproof. 

Clean and Dry Paranei Watch

You need to make sure to keep your watch clean and dry. To clean it properly, turn off the watch and remove it from your charge. If the Panerai has the band leather, then remove it then distribute the watch clean with your free cloth. If it is possible, you can lightly dampen the cloth with the freshwater. Dry the Panerai watch with a nonabrasive, including the surface of the black crystal. This will ensure the watch maintains and functions appropriately. 

Use Toothpick 

For you to get your Panerai to watch clean as fast, you might use the toothpick to find the dirt or any of the material in your watch. You can remove any particle that remains in your leather brand. 

Use Watch Winder 

This is another way to keep your Panerai watch clean, automatically watch need to be would manually, since they use natural movement. The importance of having a watch winder keeps your watch always clean from the dust. The watch will always perform best and will help you prolonged the life of the timepiece. 

Dip Watch in Warm Soapy Water 

So, to clean your Panerai watch, stop up a basin or clean ball by the water. You can allow the water to penetrate the watch itself and damage the delicate of the components inside. You can enhance the drop of the antiseptic dish shampoo to the liquid. In case your watch is not that of the water-resistance, be cautious to hollow lone the strap in the water. The temperature of the fluctuations can cause the gaskets that keep out the extend or contract of the watch. 

Watch Face

To fresh Panerai watch face, fill a dish with warm water and a bit of the mild detergent. You need to dip a chamois cloth or the soft bristle toothbrush into the soapy water. If your watch face is making the crystal work and roll it around the watch. Don’t remove the Panerai that attempts to clean the dial as it is required. 

Wipe it Down 

You can start wiping your Panerai watch down the watch with a soft cloth initial layer of the dust. You can similarly use your towel paper for the microfiber that is recommended. Clean the watch to remove the grime of the finer, and soft cloth. 

Purchase Jewellery Cleanser 

The uncertainty you are stressed to usage toothpaste, then its strength be period to equal the official jewelry detergent. It is crucial to have in your zone since it helps to clean your watch in the fastest way. You need to select a detergent that is clear as innocent for the golden plate and usage it giving to the set direction. This process is alike to the toothpaste way is only pretty to clean. 


The above details will be essential to follow when you are cleaning the Panerai watch. Try to follow each of them, and you will get to understand all clearly. 

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