How Can You Transform Your Bedroom Into Your Peaceful Sanctuary

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Your bedroom should be your peaceful sanctuary, where you unwind every day after a busy, exhausting day. And if you want to have the best time in your bedroom, then the appearance and aura of that room need to be inviting and comforting. The best place to relax in your home is not usually that beautiful room that you can show off to everyone. Instead for your bedroom to be the cozy haven, it ought to be it should be private.

Moreover, you need to invest in some good sleep if you want your quality of life to improve; and your bedroom is at the centre of it all. Here are some tips on how you could turn your bedroom into a peaceful, comfortable sanctuary for yourself.

  1. Investing in a quality mattress

good mattress in bedroom
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You can never invest too much money into a high-quality mattress. It isn’t very easy to appreciate having a good mattress until you experience sleeping on one. Surprisingly most times, people also don’t replace their mattresses. When shopping for your mattress, you should not decide to settle, for a discounted mattress or cheaper mattress that will do. If you want your bed to be a place where you can comfortably lay your head and drain away from your day’s troubles; then you need to have a very cosy comfortable mattress.

You can read and watch reviews mattresses, and pick the mattress that best serves your needs. When you know you have a good quality mattress in your room, you will always look forward to going into your bedroom to rest. Try to test out the mattress at the store for comfortability, before taking it home.

  1. Leave work out of your bedroom

It is near impossible to completely forget about work and the work stress once you step out of your office. However, you can at least try to avoid bringing work into your bedroom. Don’t turn your bedroom into a makeshift office, by bringing a desk and chair into your bedroom. When such things are brought into your bedroom, they take away from the relaxing atmosphere. Detaching from work for a while will help you relax. You could maybe even take up a hobby that you are passionate about and so it while in your room such as crocheting. Finally, a workstation should not be in the picture at all.

  1. Go with simple colours

simple colors in bedroom

The colours in your bedroom play a significant role, in making it the sanctuary that you will always have a good time in. By following a few colour rules, you can make your room polished and posh. When you pick your colour, you may want to ensure that these colours are used at least thrice in a subtle fashion. That way, these colours will blend, forming a beautiful palette, and your room will have a harmonious look. You don’t need to use the same colour for everything. However, you can use different hints of one colour in various areas of your bedroom. If, say, for instance, your colour of choice is brown; you can use camels, tans and creams for your throws, walls and pillows. Mixing different shades will also give your sanctuary an attractive interior rather than just dull solid colours. You could also incorporate patterns bearing these same colours. A beautiful harmonious blend of colours and patterns makes for an elegant and stylish sanctuary.

  1. Go with natural fibres

natural fibers in bedroom

After spending time working, walking around, or just going about your chores, you are bound to get overheated and exhausted. When you go into your bedroom however you want the atmosphere to be relaxed and comfortable enough for you to get good quality sleep. To achieve this, you could use natural fibres in your room. Using cotton,linen, silk and such breathable fabrics will make your room much airier. When your beddings are breathing, you will not get uncomfortable, too hot or sweaty. Moreover, when you layer your natural beddings, you will get good sleep and not have to worry about getting scratchy and uncomfortable in your bed.

For a deluxe feel for your sleep, use silk pillowcases and sheets. After the long day’s work that you’re putting in, you deserve to rest comfortably, so why settle for less? Use product selection guides such as the one from Kiss Silk to get a good idea of what is available.

  1. Keep your bedroom organized

When your bedroom is very chaotic, it is very unlikely that you feel any peace while unwinding there. Having documents, clothes, and food lying about is not becoming of a place that you need to act as your sanctuary. To solve this, ensure that you do your best to keep everything stored up in their rightful places. It does not matter if your living space and bedroom are small.

You can put in place an efficient storage system, and also get rid of everything that you no longer use or need. Once everything is in place, you will have maximized your free space, which will make your sanctuary more welcoming and attractive.

  1. Use soft dim lighting 

dimly lit bedroom

A meaningful way to turn your bedroom into a peaceful, cozy space, is to use the right form of lighting. Adjusting from bright lights to dimmer light will give your room a new stylish look. Dimmer lights also have a luxurious feel, and they are inexpensive. Even when your light fixtures are dimmer, you will feel more calm and relaxed, helping you have an easier time getting some sleep.

  1. Get the scents going

People love it when they get into a room which has a beautiful scent, and you are probably not different. Beautiful scents in your space, such as essential oils and incense, make your room smell welcoming, and they also help to calm your nerves, especially after you have become stressed out throughout the day. Soothing oils such as lavender bring a sense of peace into your space. When your body can relax and become calm, you could then have an easier time falling asleep. You can even spray your room with air mists to make it smell good. It is not expensive to get the right scents for your room.

By incorporating these few essentials pieces and things, you can transform the most basic bedroom into space where you can always unwind after a long day of work and boring routines.

Questions and Answers to Help You Transform Your Bedroom Into Your Peaceful Sanctuary

Q: Why is it essential to have a calming bedroom?

A: The bedroom is the space where we should let go off of our problems and find our inner peace. It’s where nobody should disturb us so that we can focus on our thoughts and feelings. It’s the most intimate space for anyone, and it should protect us from everything altering our serenity.

Q: Does cleaning the bedroom help?

A: No bedroom can be relaxing unless it is clean. You need to mop, dust, vacuum, and wipe down the windows so that everything is pristinely clean. Never skip cleaning if you want your bedroom to be calming. The more you try to clean the bedroom, the deeper the connection with your space will be. When you’re cleaning, you’re showing respect for the area you live in.

Q: Is de-cluttering also needed?

A: Cleaning the bedroom isn’t enough, and you should also take out the trash bag, getting rid of everything unnecessary in shelves or corners. Throw away sizing tags, broken pen, crumpled pens, or empty bottles inside your bedroom. There’s no reason whatsoever for you not to throw them away. Declutter is excellent for calming you.

Q: Do you need all of those things in your bedroom?

A: Frankly, you don’t need all the things you have in the bedroom. For instance, the movie collection on the shelf could very well be stored in a box under the bed. The club chair may only hold the clothes that are on the way to be washed. Spend some time and give a good thought to the things you have in the bedroom. Can you store them elsewhere? If you didn’t use them for the last couple of months, storing or throwing them away is the solution.

Q: How many colors should you have in the bedroom?

A: Some colors are soothing, whereas others are stressful and energizing. Grey and blue, for example, can be calming, whereas orange, green or red are somewhat stimulating. No matter your final decision, the colors should be coded and warm, if you want to relax and not prepare for the Olympics when in the bedroom.

Q: Do you still need a system in your room?

A: It’s not ideal, but if you also have the desk in the bedroom, you should at least work at it. Don’t forget to organize the drawers for the best functionality. If you also have a nightstand, you should have some books and candles for calming before going to sleep. Any piece of furniture in your bedroom should have functioned so that you don’t end up cluttering the space.

Q: Does white noise help?

A: It’s called white noise, but it’s, in fact, really efficient for creating a relaxing environment. White noise is a continuous and low sound that the brain doesn’t notice, and ears don’t quite hear. It’s similar to a low hum of a fan, or the soothing bubbling sound from the aquarium’s air pump. Some white noise machines play calming sounds such as ocean waves crashing gently or crickets chirping. Water running through a creek can also be soothing.

White noise is also high for masking sounds such as dogs barking outside or TV. Many people like white noise as it helps them fall asleep while covering the sounds of the outside world too.

Q: Have you considered installing black-out curtains?

A: When it comes to the soothing bedroom, the black-out curtains are a must. A dark room is always inviting to a sound sleep. Black-out curtains keep the morning sunlight away but also block the unwanted light during the night. They’re also great for a nap throughout the day. No matter the time, good black-out curtains will create a quiet, dark, and cave-like atmosphere, keeping the outside world away from your bedroom.

Most black-out curtains come ready-made, but you can also purchase black-out liners for your bedroom curtains.

Q: Have you ever tried aromatherapy?

A: Pleasing and calming fragrances can also set a pleasant mood in your bedroom. Plenty of scientific studies revealed that some scents, such as jasmine or lavender, can create a relaxing and soothing atmosphere. It doesn’t make any sense to use a fragrance that you don’t like, though. Light a scented candle while you’re reading a book or spritz a bit of home fragrance onto the pillowcase. Don’t forget to apply luxuriously fragranced hand cream before you go to sleep.

If you’re using candles, make sure you put the candles out before going to sleep. You can use electric oil warmers instead. Some like the reed diffusers, but they’re quite messy when spilled.

Q: Do you like soft music?

A: Music is a miracle worker for many things, relaxing included. You want to create a serene and calming mood in your bedroom, so stay away from disco club music. Classical, soft jazz, new age, and contemporary music can help you relax while in the bedroom. Make sure that the volume isn’t high, though. Even soft music becomes annoying and not soothing when it’s too loud. You can also set the music to shut off automatically after some time. If it’s good music, it’s going to make you fall asleep and wake you up in the middle of the night.

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