How can sleep make you healthy?

The world has advanced to its core, but still, there is no substitute for sleep. Sleep is one of the most important pillars of health without which you can no longer remain happy. Enough sleep plays a vital role in the progress of any person. Insufficient sleep can result in numerous diseases into a human body and make the same mentally and physically ill. It affects the productivity at all levels and make one an absolutely dull fellow. Someone with lack of sleep is simple unable to do any work whatsoever and he would not be able to achieve his goals.


To understand this fact, we need to understand in detail how sleep is an essential factor in our lives. Inefficient sleep can be a hurdle in the process of socialization, and it can damage the cognitive ability to interpret emotions. 

According to research, people who do not sleep on time could not judge the feelings of other people. Such people cannot even socialize properly. To be a social and active person is one of the most desirable skill in the today’s time where we are connected with the work twenty four hours a day. However, many people don’t realize as to how lack of sleep can be the biggest stumbling block in becoming a socially active person. A shortage of sleep will make you self-centered, cold to the feeling of others and give you a volatile mood. Since the time immemorial, the human species has survived and developed on the premises of getting enough sleep to remain healthy and face the dangers outside. As a food gather, it was of prime importance for the man to remain healthy and strong. Any lack of sleep resulting into poor health was a sign of certain death in ancient time. Though time has changed, this essential requirement of having a proper sleep is still very much there. 


Not just this, but insufficient sleep can be a cause of cell damage and inflammation in the body, like inflammation of the bowel and digestive tract. Moreover, poor sleep can affect the weaker immune system that will result in increased health problems as well as complications. The research was performed to answer these questions, and one of their findings was that the majority of people with inadequate sleep patterns caught the flu earlier than those who take proper sleep at night.


Sleeping on an unsuitable mattress also contributes to a sleep-deprived night. As our whole body rests on the bed during sleep, any underlying discomfort in the mattress may get transferred to the body and give rise to pain. As such, buying a comfortable mattress can boost the overall quality of sleep. Many brands offer discount coupons for their customers like nectar mattress coupon code, which can make their purchase smooth and sweet. However, it is always better to keep some important points in mind before deciding the most suitable brand for you.


Sleep and depression are both inter-linked. Around ninety percent of people who were suffering from depression confessed they had sleep problems. It is the proof enough that lack of sleep adds to mental problems.  When a person is unable to get enough sleep, he feels as if he is helpless and has no control whatsoever on his body. Since each and every cell of body has a genuine need for proper rest, any lack of the same would lead to disruption in the metabolism process and will start damaging the cells at the molecular level. These changes though very subtle in the start can play havoc to the body. The deterioration in the health will lead to loss of control on the body and arrival of a general condition of helplessness that will eventually lead to depression. 


 Lack of sleep can also induce Type 2 Diabetes and blood sugar related issues inside the body. Besides, it also makes people prone to heart attacks and strokes, including other chronic diseases. Sports performances also improve with the help of sufficient sleep; this is why the players before the game are advised to have a good sleep. This point was proven when basketball players who had a good sleep showed improvement in the areas of accuracy, improved reaction times, speed, and mental well being. Proper sleep boosts concentration levels, cognition, performance, and productivity.


In contrast to the harm of lack of sleep, a good and sound sleep helps people in staying healthy, fit, and active. The better sleep you have, the fewer calories you would want to eat. It happens because disturbed sleeping patterns fluctuate appetite hormones whereas the regular sleeping patterns stabilize them. This is why the majority of people who sleep less tend to be fat because their appetite pattern is not uniform and they tend to eat in the spur of the moment without having any actual need for the food. On the other hand, those who sleeps for proper hours every night have lesser tendency to gain weight because of their relatively better control over sleep. 


It is scientifically proven that enough sleep supports emotional, physical, and mental stability. Many types of research have been conducted on this topic. All these researches resulted in favour of sleep. It is said that children who sleep early at night tend to perform better in studies and other activities of life.


It is good to work hard in life, but it should not be at the cost of compromising your rest hours. You should have a safe and sound sleep when it is time. It is rightly said that health is wealth. People who work hard but compromise on sleep and diet can have their goals achieved, but their health, be it physical, mental or emotional, is ruined to the point that they long for the time to come where they could have enough sleep and healthy food.


In conclusion, is you want to enjoy a perfect health, then apart from following a regular fitness regime, you must include a habit of sleeping for at least 8 hours daily to ensure a physically and mentally fit body. 



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