How To Decorate A Bedroom For Children

childrens bedroom white with blue tree on wall and blue pillows and ornage plush foxes

Figuring out the best way to decorate a bedroom for your child can be a challenge. Parents know that children aren’t just picky, they’re also prone to switching favorites pretty quickly, so last week’s favorite colors may not be the same as the next. If you’re struggling to learn how to get started, you aren’t alone.

Mastering the basics of children’s bedroom furniture will help make creative decision making that much easier. Whether it’s the best mattress for your growing mini-me, or figuring out how to make sure there’s enough room for all their stuffed toys, here’s what to keep in mind:

#1 Keep the purpose of the bedroom in mind

While colors and themes are a really fun aspect of bedroom furniture for a child, it’s important to start brainstorming bedroom decor ideas with the purpose of the room in mind. Children require even more sleep than adults, and building a practice of healthy sleep hygiene can make a really strong positive impact on their lives.

When it comes to the best mattress possible for your child, mattress sizes, materials, and bed frames all need to be taken into account. Memory foam mattresses are an obvious choice for growing children, who require both comfort and also support. Look out for memory foam mattresses that come with a wider variety of sizes.

If your little one is accident-prone or particularly sensitive, you may also wish to pick stain-resistant and hypoallergenic memory foam mattresses. This is going to save time and money in the future when it comes to mattress maintenance, not to mention protects your child from fine dust particles and other creepy-crawlies prone to getting trapped in their mattress.

Your child’s bed frame plays an equally important role in their comfort while resting. An adjustable bed frame might be particularly useful for growing kids. Bed frames with adjustable heights don’t just cater to a child’s growth, but can also double as useful for smaller spaces that require additional opportunities for storage.

#2 Make use of the space available to you

When your brainstorming bedroom decor ideas, it’s nice to imagine your child’s bedroom furniture in their ideal state – clean, everything in place, and calm. Most parents know that this is far from the reality of what the room will actually end up looking like, so it’s smart to plan for the messy scenario.

Making sure there’s enough storage space is a fail-safe way of ensuring your child’s bedroom furniture stays well maintained and can be tidied up easily. A small nightstand beside their snazzy new memory foam mattress may be one way to do this – some adjustable bed frames allow enough space for you to store things underneath the bed. This might be a really easy way to teach your kids about the importance of clean up.

#3 Bedroom decor ideas that are functional and fun

When thinking about bedroom decor ideas for your child, it can be easy to get bogged down in some of the finer details of what makes a space look good. Playing around with texture, color, and light can all help bring a room together. Most importantly, get your child to help brainstorm bedroom decor ideas as part of the process.

Feeling invested in the design of their room creates a sense of responsibility to look after it. While your child may never understand the importance of a top-rated memory foam mattress or an adjustable bed frame (that’s for you to know), they can definitely learn to appreciate the effort and energy that’s gone in to choose the right bedroom furniture for them.


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