7 Tips to Design a Senior Citizen Friendly Bedroom

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Not every bedroom or home is perfect for senior citizens. Usually, younger members of the family are primarily considered when designing a home. As a result, it becomes more difficult to move in and out of the house for senior citizens as they age. 

Senior citizens are always neglected and it is quite natural as aged people are retired and their health does not allow them to work. This natural hurdle makes life absolutely difficult for older people.

The reason for making specially designed rooms for aged persons is necessary because they cannot use the same home accessories and facilities now, there are new machines and setups which can make their lives easy. The most common thing is having Alexa for older people.     

It can be a challenge for some to go around their house due to an injury or disease. Therefore, many aspects should be considered when designing rooms in your home for senior citizens. To get started, here are some tips that will help you make a comfortable and safe bedroom for your grandparents:

1. Consider the Cleanliness and Firmness of the Bed

Hygiene should be your topmost priority if you either buy a new bed mattress or use the current mattress you have at home in redecorating the bedroom. You wouldn’t want your grandparents to rest on a dusty, moldy, or bedbug-infested mattress which may worsen an underlying illness. So, if it’s been a while since you last cleaned your house, here’s a look to find trusted cleaners near you.

After ensuring that the mattress is perfectly clean, you can pick out a secured bed frame.  If you want extra protection, you can cover the fresh bed sheets with a mattress protector that is water-resistant. The firmness of the mattress is another thing you need to consider. In addition to the preferences of the senior citizens in your home, it is also better to ask their physician as to what bed is fit for them. 

For instance, if your grandfather has chronic back ailments, his physician may advise you to purchase a mattress topper that can fully support the back and body. Never risk letting your senior lie on a busted and old mattress. You can either use it on your DIY projects or simply throw it away. 

2. Control Noise

Installing additional insulation in the ceiling, flooring, and walls of the bedroom can greatly help lessen the noise made by children and help senior citizens in your home relax. You can decorate and insulate the room by putting embossed drop-ceiling panels. To add a vintage feel, you can also opt to hang a quilt to minimize noise from the outside.

Noise can be very annoying for elderly people, for their mental health and you cannot ignore the importance of calmness for them as they need more rest. So, equipment and walls can absorb noise while making their place more comfortable.    

3. Provide Enough Lighting and Control the Temperature


Since bad eyesight is a common problem among senior citizens due to aging, having more lighting inside their room is beneficial for them. If your seniors still have good eyesight, they can still benefit from proper lighting since they can easily see small items they drop and obstacles that are easy to miss. 

A well-functioning heater, electric fan, or air conditioner is also a must depending on where you live. You have to keep in mind that senior citizens are more sensitive to cold. 

4. Reduce Clutter 

Although having clutter in a room is quite normal, this shouldn’t be the case for a senior citizen’s bedroom. It can cause serious accidents and falls. Bedroom necessities such as the dresser, medicine cabinet, or mattress ought to be more accessible for them. This can prevent the need for them to walk over possible clutter. Clean the floors as much as possible to avoid slipping. Their bedroom is much safer if it’s simpler and cleaner.

5. Choose the Right Location of the Bathroom


Having their own bathroom inside or having it located next to their bedroom is ideal for senior citizens. This is because there are lesser chances of them getting any kind of injury since they don’t have to move as much. If this is not possible, just make sure that the way to the closest bathroom is free of clutter all the time. As mentioned, unnecessary objects can cause accidents. Moreover, the tools and showers in the bathroom also need to be in place. 

You can also install grab bars close to the toilet so that your seniors can move without difficulty. You can also install an elevated toilet if you have an extra budget. Anti-slip pads can be used to patch the floors. Like in the bedroom, installing more lighting is also advised. These simple changes can make any part of your house safe for the elderly.

6. Get Exercising Equipment 

An exercising area in their bedroom is recommended if the room has extra space apart from the dresser and bed. “There are a lot of exercises senior citizens can do depending on their health condition. They can do a single-foot stand and wall push-ups among many others inside their room. If your senior has mobility issues, these make them prone to injuries. Bands for resistance training or an elliptical trainer are good to use for low-impact exercises and prevent unwanted accidents,”says Scott M,an expert trainer who blogs at irunnerblog.


7. Give Them Means of Communication

A phone near their bed and inside the bathroom can give senior citizens peace of mind. A retro-design telephone is recommended because it is functional and decorative. Aside from a telephone, a home intercom gives them convenience in case they need help or assistance. You can also provide them with a doorbell inside the bedroom and bedside drawer for easier accessibility. 


By taking these tips into account, you will be able to make your household safe and convenient for the elderly members of your family.

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