7 Trending Design Ideas For Children Rooms

Most designers while doing the children rooms tend to use bright colors and for a good reason too.  The young ones are more attracted to the bring shades, and it helps bring on a better mood most of the time. However, it is wrong to assume that the design work to a children room is limited to putting on a bright set of colors on the walls, it involves some rather innovative approaches to the way the furniture are used and the way the young ones are kept occupied most of the time.

Design Ideas For Children Rooms

The secret to the excellent interior designers in Mumbai is the attention paid to the minutest of details. Children themes are not lacking in depth to prevent the addition of depth to the subject matter. However, at the same time, the cuteness element must not be lost sight of right through the whole process.

1. Using toys

There would not be many children who do not have the favorite toy, and this can be used to good effect while doing up a child’s room.  The present trend to have a range of toys and not just a single piece item; works to the advantage of those designing out the rooms too. It is possible to apply themes to the furnishing items and designs that are being used.

2. Adding the fun with colors

When the children’s rooms are being painted out, the tendency is to use the lighter and more pastel shades as far as possible. Often when more than a single child gets to use the room and more so if it is a mix of boy and girl, there is the practice of using neutral shades that can relate to both the sexes. However, it is possible to match the supportive furniture to the colors of the rooms and in an excellent presentable manner too.

3. The Zoo theme

Few of the children would come from a visit to the Zoo without being in awe of the inhabitants there. This is a suitable theme to use for the children’s room most of the time. It can be applied to as many cases as necessary without introducing any ennui to it. The use of the Zoo theme need not be restricted to just the stuffed animal figures but more to the manner in which the furniture is rendered and made out to be.

4. Regional themes

Most children do travel a fair bit these days.  International travel does make a good part of holiday trips, and this is just the opportune time to introduce the themes of the places that had been on the visit itinerary. A trip to Disney land could be matched out by having fun figures of the location put around the room and in case a more exotic location is chosen, like say Mexico; then a few well-placed sombreros would bring the child’s room alive.

5. Using the right photographs

Any child would have its favorite grownup and for some good reasons too.  The grandparents are of particular interest to any toddler.  Thus it would be a good idea to have items in a room that would remind the children of their grandparents.  In case the elders are staying at a different location, it is best to use images of their places to remind them.  Some areas do have some characteristic art forms and figurines to boot. These could be convenient props to use in each case.

6. Taking a step backward

Even the little children do have younger days to remember.  It would be a good thing to use items that could remind the toddlers of the early days too. Often there could be items of use or even old toys that could be used to good effect in this case. Some of the old items could have scents which could have some specific impact on the little ones.

A past fishing trip could be a good point of remembrance and retaining an old fishing rod would not only do the trick, but it would also draw the little ones to more physical activities.

7. Bells and chimes

The use of sounds and chimes can be, but it can be done without having to spend a vast sum of money either. Sometimes a lonely child can be made comfortable by the low dull sounds from a set of chimes. Moreover, a set of hung chimes or bells would be just the right attraction to keep hold of the attention.

Interior designers in Mumbai have been known to render some of the most memorable designs of children’s’ rooms. There is just the right kind of talent for every need and occasion too.

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