Small Room Ideas and Small Space Design

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Are you wondering how to decorate your small space? While you may find it challenging, you can be creative and decorate your small space and turn it into a cozy home.

If you are looking forward to building your home in a small space, you can always consult professionals such as Goldcon Construction. This is a contractor who builds custom homes to meet your needs no matter the size.

There are many great small room ideas that can help you to make your small room seem bigger and maximize every space.

 Use Neutral Light Hues

Neutral light colors can make a small space look larger.

For instance, paint the walls light colors and buy light-colored furniture. For the best effect, pair the wall paint with the color of furnishings and that of the floor. You can pair a dark floor with light-colored furniture and walls to make your space feel spacious.

Use neutral colors in different textures to keep the space interesting.

Hang them

Now that you have little floor space, hang items on the wall. Hang the plants and use sconces for lighting instead of lamps.

Use Shelves

Shelves add extra space that can be used to store items such as books, kitchen items, toys, and bathroom essentials. You can add shelves in the bathroom, on the space under the stairs, in the kitchen, and on the spaces between floors.

Create tall vertical shelves up to the ceiling to free up the floor space.

Use Mirrors

Mirrors provide the oldest trick of creating space. They help to open up space by reflecting natural light and providing depth to walls. Add a full-size mirror to your small space and watch as your room appears larger.

Place the mirror adjacent to a window or within a gallery wall.

Use Smaller Furniture

Get furniture that does not take up a lot of space. Use furniture that has legs instead of the ones that sit on the floor to create an illusion of more space.

Go for functionality when choosing furniture and get the ones that use the least space. For instance, get a small dining table instead of a large one. Use a desk with a side chair instead of using an end bench.

Utilize All Spaces

Whether it is the space under the stairs or between the closets, you can make it useful. For instance, you can use the extra space under the stairs to create storage shelves. You can create a home office in the space between closets.

Enhanced Window Treatments

Windows take up space that you can use to make a room appear spacious. You can make the wall with windows seem larger by using floor to ceiling window treatments. Despite the floor plan being small, the wall will feel larger.

Think Dual Use

Have multipurpose items so that you can save on space. For example, you can store items in an ottoman or use a day bed which can double up as a sofa by day and guest bed by night. Your bed could also have storage so that you won’t need a dresser.

Get a table that can serve both as a dining table and a desk or cubes that can serve both as guest seats and a coffee table.

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