Easy Guidelines for Using Decorative Items for Homes

It is surprising to see how small decorative items can beautify the home. Expert decors know the influence that lighting, art, throw pillow, rugs and other decorative items can have in space. Based on their skills, they know how to make use of these items effectively.

Mind you, these small items/decor or accessories can also break a space. Small decorative items for home are affordable ways of giving a room the desired new look. But if the decor pro is not careful, the items may turn out to overtake the room.

These easy guidelines for selecting, combining, and arranging the items can help you set your room like a professional decorator. It can also help to avoid many common mistakes that some individuals make with their decor.

Select Quality Over Quantity

Mass-produced accessories are affordable and can be seen at the local home goods store. But first, ask yourself if that is what you want to fill your home with. Note that your home is your life. A certain unique piece can stand out better than loads of small knick-knacks without value.

Select Items That Are the Accurate Proportion

You must have seen different homes where the owners have ignorantly chosen a postage stamp rug and pay in a coliseum sized room. Also, a small wall that is stuffed with oversized pieces of art. Before you select any item, study your space, and know what will best fit it. Using scale and proportion techniques will help you determine the perfect affordable item for your home.

Mix Colors and Textures

Many decors have discovered that neutrals are amazing especially in big furnishings and as fixtures. However, inexpensive items are perfect to stand out with different colors and varieties of textures. Improve your visual interest with accessories. Within your budget, accessories can be changed, rearranged to different styles, and could be seasonal.

Consider A Symmetrical Arrangements

Most times, mantles are decorated by using lovely arts in the center which may be flanked by a vase by each side. Note that this kind of symmetrical balancing can create a snooze in your room. Always try as much to balance items while arranging them. You can arrange odd numbered items like 3s or 5s.

Add Items in Layers

Accessories are like decorations on a lovely cake. Large items should be placed first and with good spacing. Medium and smaller items should be used to complement bigger items appropriately. Various small items can create the feel of a large one when perfectly grouped. Calculate your spacing to give some breathing space within these items. You don’t have to fill all your space with decor.

Home Items Ideas

Listed below are some samples of decor accessories or items that can be managed to create a beautiful home decoration for you. Bear in mind to mix colors, textures, and layers by selecting items that vary in widths, heights, and styles. Mix vintage for additional contrast with new items. If you don’t love it that way you may leave it standing alone. 

  • Lighting
  • Baskets and bins
  • Books and magazines
  • Vases and other glass or ceramic wares
  • Candles and candle vase
  • Natural items such as flowers, twigs, pinecones, and seashells
  • Photos, Mirrors, and art
  • Doormats and rugs
  • Pillows, cushions, and throws
  • Themed and specialty collections
  • Birdcages
  • Hanging decors

Tips for Decorating a Small Room

Whether you have a small home, studio apartment, or tiny room in your home that you want to beautify, there are some standard basic rules or guidelines that will help you to manage your accessories at its best.


The biggest mistake committed when decorating a room is to fill the room with large furnishings. Smaller homes and rooms need more lightly scaled or smaller furniture. If you may want to use any large or heavy piece of furniture that is fantastic. However, consider using it as the main piece and then scale it downwards to other smaller pieces.

It is essential not to feel box up even if you are living in a small space. Give your eyes a place to roam even if the space is small. Make use of pieces with clean lines. Balance your room with vertical pieces like artwork or narrow floor vase with long reeds or flowers.

Sofas without arms are cool for small spaces. They are lightweight and look open. Furnishings having exposed legs help to add space to a small room and this is obvious.

Make use of smaller versions of the needed furnishings such as loveseats instead of using a sofa. Make use of a full-sized bed instead of a queen. Or choose pieces of furniture that can be easily tucked away when not in use. Examples are folding chairs, extendable dining tables, and other kinds of furnishings.

Define spaces even in a small room. Make use of furniture placement and rugs to arrange a conversational style and definitive sections in your main space.

Incorporate open shelving when decorating small rooms. Closed storage and shelving styles will push the walls forward and cause the room to look smaller.

In small spaces, multipurpose items work perfectly. Furniture with multi-purpose usage can serve many functions in a lovely way to streamline the room. For instance, an ottoman integrated with storage offers a place to keep blankets and books, yet also serves as a compact footrest.


To create an impression or illusion of height and depth, hang curtains from ceilings and not top of the window frame. If you want to make use of blinds, install them within window frames and not the top

Make use of decorative items made from mirrors, glass, or other transparent or reflective surfaces to reflect light and give a weightless illusion in your space. Remember that things can build up easily in a small space. Try to make every item count when decorating small spaces.

In conclusion, good lighting is important in any space you find yourself. However, in a small room light becomes vital. Windows and natural light adds a feeling of space and lightness to a room, therefore let the light in. Arrange your interior lighting for the best effect.

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