Best Christmas Yard Displays

Christmas Yard Displays

When you’re determined to really welcome Christmas into your home, you cannot really do it all the way, if you haven’t decorated your yard as well.

Some want a flowing feel so they’re matching the theme and colors from inside the house with the yard, whereas others like a bit of quirk and go entirely different when it comes to the yard decoration.

What are the options?

You may want to go for the big, fun and colorful inflatable decorations that make all kids (and not only them, we have to admit it) happy and ready to play a bit more. You may find small, big, lighted or not lit inflatable decorations and you simply need to make an idea about how it’s going to change for the good the looks of your yard.

If you’d rather go for the religious theme, you also have plenty of options to choose from. Whether you go with the nativity sets or the big messages signs, the market is full of decorations that are sparkly or plane, whichever suits your likings better.

Don’t hesitate to give an elegant, sparkly appearance to your yard either. You may install some subtle, pathways lights or go for the big, pre-lit, fiberglass decorations that give a whimsical feel to any yard.

As you can see, there’s only one big problem when you decide to decorate your yard: the theme and colors you’re going to use. That if we don’t mention the budget that should be quite generous if you’re going for the big game.

What we like the most

The Christmas Bobble Head Cats Garden Decor Yard Stake, Green Bowtie is a must have for any cat lover, for sure.

The Christmas cat not only has a realistic feel, but it’s also very pretty and nicely colored, looking amazing during the daytime also.

The cat wears an adorable Santa hat with lighted accents, which makes it so easy to notice during the night also. Let’s not forget the head that bobbles in the wind.

Made of thin iron, the cat is easy to install and is pretty durable.

You need two AA batteries for the LED lights.

Lightweight, yet not too sensitive, the cat looks cute and surprised in any cat lover’s yard.

If you’re a dog person instead, you’ll definitely going to find the Motion Sensor Pet Christmas Yard Decoration, Dog the cutest decoration that you could use for your yard.

The perky little dog wears a Santa-inspired costume so it’s colorful and merry. Its white fur has a real feel to it and the dog is the cutest way to welcome your friends this Christmas.

The pup is hand-painted and comes with a motion sensor, barking happily to anyone getting closer.

You may use it indoor and outdoor as the dog is made from durable resin.

The funny little dog needs 2 AA batteries for barking and makes the perfect item for all the pet lovers out there.

Just because your yard is rather small, doesn’t mean you don’t have any options to decorate it for Christmas. The Glittered Red Christmas Stake Lighted Christmas Outdoor Yard Decoration Joy or Peace (Joy) is a great way to tell your guests you’re all set for the winter holidays.

The word “Joy” is spelled with glittery letters, whereas an evergreen wreath in the middle forms the letter “O”. The letter “O” is solar-powered so you don’t have to place the decoration near a plug.

The decoration looks pretty during the day and the letter “O” is comes with beautiful red ornaments: red berries, a bow and 3 faux candlesticks that flicker when the daytime is gone.

The letter comes with 2 AA rechargeable batteries so talk about budget-friendly choices.

The 3-piece set has a good stability and it comes with iron stakes, making the installation a breeze.

When you want to make your yard look fun and playful, give it a go with the 18″ Pre-Lit Peanuts Soft Tinsel Santa Claus Woodstock Christmas Yard Art Decoration – Clear Lights.

The 3-D decoration is made with sparkling soft tinsel and it’s merry face puts a smile on everybody’s face.

The little figure is pre-lit and comes with 35 clear mini light and a 36” white lead cord. It’s made of three pieces that are fairly easy to put together. It comes with ground stakes and some spare bulbs for replacement when in need.

Not only it’s easy to assemble it, but also the decoration is also easy to store since it’s collapsible.

It comes with 1 plug with end connector so you may plug several lighted decorations together.

The decoration is UL listed so you may safely use it indoor and outdoor.

Made with metal, tinsel, wire, fabric and glass bulbs, Peanut is going to let everyone know you’re serious about the Christmas decoration this year also.

Cute and easy to use, the 4 Foot Tall Lighted Christmas Inflatable Snowman with Hat LED Yard Art Decoration helps your yard look Christmassy and fun altogether.

The snowman only needs a couple of seconds to self-inflate thanks to its built-in fan. It comes with stakes and tethers so the installation goes easy and fast.

The colorful decoration has a pretty and merry face and the colored details improve its appearance during daytime also. The black hat, the red&green striped scarf, the nose, the cute colorful mittens make him loveable and festive.

During the night, you may easily plug it into a standard electrical outlet for easy power access. Its internal lights spread a nice glow so the snowman is easy to notice in the night as well.

In order to extend its durability, it’s better not to install it in temperatures below 14F degree.

Spread a whimsical feel to your yard with the Set of 3 Pre-Lit Glittered Flying Reindeer with Sled Christmas Yard Art Decoration 19″.

The set includes two flying reindeers with a sled and aren’t that difficult to put together. The decoration is UL listed for safe use indoor and outdoor as well.

The sled is decorated with sparkling silver glitter and sequins, whereas the reindeers are very elegant with their red scarves.

The decoration is pre-lit with 60 clear lights and the mini bulbs give a bright, happy light.

For more stability, the decoration comes with ground stakes and ties.

Made with polyester, metal and featuring glass bulbs, the set looks magical at night and shines thanks to its glitter and sequins as well.

Bright and whimsical, the National Tree DF-064002 Ice Crystal Star with LED Lights, 42″ is a pretty option to light up your yard.

The star is 42” high and is ore-lit with 64 UL listed white LED lights. You may use it indoor and outdoor as well.

The decoration comes with ground stakes so it’s easy to display. It’s also easy to pack as it comes in a reusable storage carton.

Made with acrylic material that is strong and long lasting, the pre-lit star has two light functions: “steady on” and “bursting” (lights radiate from center out to tips).

Versatile and bright, the star makes any yard look more magical.

Put some bright colors on your yard with the 6 Foot Long Christmas Inflatable Gift Boxes Yard Decoration.

The decoration is made of polyester and is very easy to set it up. It self inflates within seconds and looks amazing when the night is coming.

The decoration consists of 7 gift boxes, variously sized and wearing different colors. They look good together and leave a merry feel around your yard.

You get everything you need for the decoration: inflator fan, tethers and ground stakes.

Even though the decoration is made for the outdoor use, it’s better not to install it in temperatures below 14F degree, nor on strong winds or during storms. Keep in mind to protect fan and power cord from water as well,

Colorful and catchy, the decoration brings a bit of color on any yard.

When you want to create a religious and artistic theme on your yard, a beautiful and durable display would be the Teak Isle Printed Nativity Angel 2 Piece Set.

The nativity angel set is made with marine grade plastic and takes the cold weather and the rain as well. It’s made to last for a long time without needing to be painted.

The two angels are 27.75” tall and they are mirrored, which creates a nice set on any yard. They come with stakes and mounting brackets so you don’t have to worry about their stability.

The set is hand crafted in our USA by American workers and the attention to details is amazing. They are easy to put together.

If you think it’s not enough for your yard, it’s good to know that match with the standard nativity set.

Magical and bright, the 48″ LED Lighted White Glitter Angel Christmas Yard Art Decoration – Warm White Lights turns any yard into a fairy tale décor.

The 48” angel is pre-lit and has glitter accents, without being over the top. It’s easy to assemble and to collapse it for storage when Christmas is gone.

The elegant angel has a good build and it’s made with a white metal body. The construction is durable and the angle is rust resistant. The sparkly finish makes it glow even more.

The 70 lights are pre-lit and the angel comes with 40” white lead cord. It’s UL-listed so it may be installed outdoor and indoors.

Artistic and elegant, the angel may be the only thing you need in your yard this Christmas.

Give your yard a fairy tale look with the 3D Lighted Candy Cane Christmas Decoration – 4 Feet Tall! (4)

The merry 3D Lighted Candy Cane is 4’ tall and it’s made with long glittery tinsel, a material with crystal beads.

Each candy cane features 100 incandescent mini lights and you may put them together in one place or in a row, to light up your driveway.

They all come with a stake and you may find the installation a bit tricky.

You may use the candy canes indoor and outdoor, but they look at best when night is coming and they light up your yard so nicely.

If you have a big yard and want to fill it as much as you can, don’t hesitate to try the Christmas Inflatable Giant 20′ Santa Train.

The Santa Train is 20’ long, but it’s quite low to the ground so it doesn’t feel like a giant on your yard.

The display is internally lighted so it looks great especially at night. It has bright, vibrant colors so it doesn’t look bad during daytime either.

The train comes with external fan motor, tether ropes and yard stakes. It’s easy to install as it self inflates. You only need to plug it into any 110AC outlet.

The display takes a windy day and is a great option for any yard, especially if you have kids around. Santa runs the gift trains along with some cute little friends: a few penguins, a Snowman. They are all merry and happy to share around all the big, colorful gifts they prepared.

Go big or go home, some say. If this fits you perfectly, the 20 Foot Tall Inflatable Christmas Tree with Star is the thing you need for your yard this Christmas.

The 236inch tall huge Christmas tree definitely lets the entire neighborhood know that you’re anxiously waiting for Santa to come.

The tree self inflates within seconds and it doesn’t take it long either to deflate back down, for an easier storage.

The inflatable tree is made for indoor and outdoor use, but it’s better not to inflate it during storms or strong winds. You should also protect fan and power cord from any water.

The handy access zipper is a great detail and the tree looks impressive and does make a statement on any yard.

Made of long lasting polyresin, the Nativity Scene Three Wiseman Set with Light makes it like a nice, durable display for your yard when you go with a religious theme.

Each figure comes with one A bulb and a 4ft. power cord, giving a nice, warm light.

You may use the display indoor and outdoor, but the nativity scene is weather resistant, taking the difficult weather.

The display includes the standing Wise Man (36in. tall), the Kneeling Wise Man (28in. tall) and one Sitting Wise Man( 25in. tall). They are all well-made, with pretty details that are nicely painted.

The pearlized white finish gives a nice glow during the day, whereas the painted details look nice under the sunlight. At night, they all light up so the magical effect is there.

Made in our USA, the setup is a durable option for many.

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